10 Best Skyrim Songs From The OST

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There is something magical about a medieval village setting.

Maybe I’m a little biased because I am deep into the depths of the new Fire Emblem at the moment, but there is always something epic about these dramatic tunes that take you to a land of castles and dragons.

Among some of the more popular games of this genre, Skyrim has become an iconic title that is recognized worldwide.

One of the most notable features of the series is the universe(duh!).

The breathtaking graphics and emotional pieces make it a title that is hard to forget. It has become one of the more popular games that remains relevant even though it came out quite a while ago. Today I’m going to explore some of the most memorable tracks in the OST and see just how much they tie into this amazing fantasy landscape.

10. Journey’s End

This whimsical song is a perfect way to set out on wildlife RPG.

It’s rather slow, especially compared to some of the more emotional contenders among this list.

At points I would even compare it to some type of funeral music.

All in the theme, this remains especially relevant to the whole concept of a journey coming to an end. Still while its simplicity is charming, it’s lacking that bit of oomph needed for a higher spot. It is very classic Elder Scrolls, though.

9. Silence Unbroken

I know it’s a reach, but this song reminds me of a shortened version to the track they put onto the rainbow cloud world of Pokémon Snap.

It creates the same vibe of mystery and curiosity.

It goes without saying that Skyrim missions tend to be a little bit more… intense than an exhibition to snap a picture of mew in the galaxy. But that’s exactly what makes game music so interesting when it’s applied to different environments.

This slow song really gets you in the mood for something to jump behind the corner without being too abrasive.

8. Unbound

What I like about Unbound is that, without context, I would have never placed this on a video game OST.

It is pretty song and definitely deserving of an opera or orchestra.

It’s whimsical in a way that remains delicate, but still has an air of mystery that keeps listeners on the tip of their toes. Really nice work by the composer and the musicians here.

7. The City Gates

This gorgeous song is a great way to start a quest.

The epic track fills you with energy and as you begin preparing for the battles ahead.

Video game soundtracks are incredibly important, but especially so with adventure games and RPGs.

They lay the field for the whole game and have the power to create an experience or destroy a mood. Certainly this is a song that checks all those boxes.

6. Unbroken Road

Now here’s a nice song that really builds up over time to add to the dramatic effect.

The stunning, yet ominous, tune creates the exact atmosphere one would expect from the series.

The ebb and flow of the intensity of the song really gives you the impression of a journey you just aren’t too sure about.

Some argue that it is rather underused considering how good it is and that it really deserves to have more screen time.

5. Sovngarde

Now this is a powerful war song.

There’s something about a harsh and disastrous beat gets you prepared for the ultimate battle.

For me, it makes me feel as though I am awaiting an imitate battle surrounding by a lot of uncomfortable chanting.

It’s fast and rough, the perfect beginning to an epic battle that is about to bring bloodshed and a whole lot of awesome action.

This is a fantastic example of how much effort developers put into really delivering an objectively good song. Not many titles actually incorporate songs with people singing and I’m glad to see this more in modern video games.

4. Solitude

Want the perfect track for staring out the mountains into nothing? This is the song for you.

It’s beautiful and elegant right from the start.

Really makes you feel like you’re journeying out into the horizon just looking at the bigger picture.

There is something comforting in a humbling stare out into a giant landscape. Although I may seem a bit dramatic over some games and pixels on the screen, really test the experience for yourself.

3. Around the Fire

This is a fun and upbeat song which greatly contrasts with a lot of the more dramatic tracks on this list.

It’s fun and happy, and it almost belongs in a cartoon with a goofy sidekick.

This is the one song that really makes me feel like I am smack-dab in the middle of a rundown little pub, just hanging with a group of pals and sharing a few drinks.

It’s probably the only song that really makes you feel like the middle ages were not just a constant journey of escaping death and destruction. Which, by the look of any Skyrim gameplay, is pretty much the feeling of the game.

2. Before the Storm

This song is another must-have in any fantasy medieval game.

While it is short and closely resembles a lot of other games which go about creating a similar mood, this is still a beautiful piece that deserves recognition.

It has a level of quality that separates you from the game, yet feels immersive while you’re playing.

It’s the exact kind of thing you expect moments before you walk headfirst into battle and you know you need to win this one.

1. Dragonborn

This iconic song speaks for itself.

The entire rhythm and atmosphere the track creates is nothing short than epic.

If there was one piece that really represented the general theme of the game, it would be Dragonborn.

It is rushed, harsh, and mysterious. The chants really get you hyped for battle, and the higher notes (which I imagine to be a women singing) never fails to give me goosebumps.

The harmonies are absolutely perfect and this is a must have song to have in the background of literally any journey.

It turns a trip to the grocery store into a quest where someone’s about to die. It really perfected the whole medieval church battle vibe.

On top of all of this there is a particular detail to be noted.

You can make out the words, but you won’t recognize them from just anywhere. They use the game’s exclusive language. Developers literally got 30 talented individuals to sing an epic chorus in a completely made up language.

You have to give props to the creator as it takes a special title to be able to just make up a language which comes off both elegant and non-cringy. Dragonborn is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece and it fits wonderfully in the atmosphere of Skyrim.

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