20 Best Songs In The Final Fantasy X OST

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FFX was a turning point in the lives of many gamers. Other than the amazing visual achievements and possibly the best story on the PS2 during its era, a lot of what made this game special is its music.

It was the first time Nobuo Uematsu shared the work of composing a Final Fantasy game with other artists: in this case Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano.

These guys brought a new style and a lot of contrasting flavors to the mix.

To see how important its music was for many gamers, it’s enough to look at the divide that surged in the community after the 2013’s HD remake which rearranged many of the most iconic songs.

Many players can hear the improvement, but others remain emotionally attached to the original compositions; even choosing to play the remake with the unaltered score. Call that dedication!

Whether you love the original or the remake, join me as I take a look at some of the most memorable and celebrated songs from Final Fantasy X. Come and reminisce with me about a game that has shaped the JRPG industry as we know it.

20. People of the Far North

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The sacred heights of mount Gagazet welcome you!

This is the song of the Ronso people, to which the Guardian Kimahri used to belong. It’s a song of strength and solitude, but also hardship and cold.

One can only imagine what it must feel like for the hornless Ronso to have been cast aside by his people, and some of those feelings bleed through the song.


19. Auron’s Theme

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With Auron being such a mysterious character and a man of few words, it’s a bit surprising that his theme is so upbeat.

It feels as if the song accompanies the image someone else, like Tidus, might have of the wandering swordsman.

He’s cool, strong, and comes with a slick fashion sense. Not to mention confidence galore.

He’s the one you want coming to your rescue in a dire situation.


18. Macalania Woods

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Macalania Woods is an ethereal zone with low lighting and a feeling of peace that’s almost sacred.

The music to accompany this area seems to reflect just that, with a soothing melody that loops as if reciting a mantra.

The song takes on a romantic feeling for many, who only remember the woods as the place where Yuna finally opened up about the hardships of her quest to Tidus before they shared a meaningful kiss.

I also think this makes a great looping track since it works really well in extended form.


17. Rikku’s Theme

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Rikku has a more positive theme than most other characters, which is no surprise considering she’s a bright girl who would surely prefer a resort and Piña Coladas rather than touring the world to fulfill some magical destiny.

That’s exactly what I get from this relaxing laid-back tune.


16. To the End of the Abyss

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If you’re a hardcore player then chances are you’ve had this song imprinted on your brain after hearing it so much while grinding in the Omega Ruins.

It’s a moving song, full of intrigue and passion. But also a bit of excitement and mystery about what’s to come.

The rearranged version for the HD remaster of the game is a bit more subtle and sophisticated, to the point it also feels like an entirely different song at times.


15. Ending Theme

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Video game ending themes have a special role to play. These should close off the experience and help you digest everything with accomplishment.

This one accompanies one of the most moving emotional moments in Final Fantasy history: the separation of Yuna and Tidus.

There’s no way anyone could have gotten through the scene in one piece. At least not on the first playthrough.


14. Hymn of Fayth – Spira

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If you’re a lover of Gregorian chanting and those kinds of vocals, you’re sure to love this song.

It’s essentially a heavenly choir arrangement of the Song of Prayer, including an incredible range of voices that will echo in your mind for a while.

If you give yourself to the music here then you’re in for a spiritual experience.


13. The Truth Revealed

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Only a few moments in video game history are as heart-wrenching as the scene where Tidus finds out about the true nature of Yuna’s pilgrimage, and the end it has in store for her.

This song helps you get into Tidus’ shoes in such a situation which augments the drama.

Eventually it develops into a moving rearrangement of the game’s leitmotif, as realization dawns upon us that nothing is as it seems.


12. Fight With Seymour

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether I like a song because it’s good, or because of how much I heard it while trying to defeat a frustrating boss.

The theme for the fight against Seymour begins delicate with sounds reminiscent of crystals, of a calm about to break.

Then an action-packed boss fight song that’d feel right at home at a rave kicks in with a lot of old-school videogame charm.

Despite new technologies I’d say these older video game composers never let go of their old tricks. The HD remake version doubles down on the techno and sounds almost like a MegaMan X boss battle theme.


11. Lulu’s Theme

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Despite being namely Lulu’s Theme, this haunting track is used to set a certain mood in many scenes throughout the main story.

The sorrowful tune brings to mind that people on Spira, just like Lulu, lead lives full of sorrow and regret.

Lulu herself has known loss at the hands of Sin more than once. And it’s hard to imagine how she must feel as Yuna’s Guardian, escorting her to her ultimate sacrifice.


10. Otherworld

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This aggressive song that just screams “badass” is the perfect backdrop for the fight against Jecht.

I remember seeing his Final Aeon form rise during the last confrontation, with this heavy metal tune playing in the background.

It got my blood burning and adrenaline pumping as if I was right there, sword in hand, facing an abomination.

It’s a very different track when compared to the rest of the soundtrack which was a masterpiece on the part of the game designers. But this managed to really set this fight apart from the rest.


9. Yuna’s Theme

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Like a song to go with an autumn afternoon, this nostalgic tune tells the story of a girl who was willing to give it all for her people.

It captures Yuna’s delicate resolve, her gentle nature, and even a tad of her sad resignation to her fate and the sacrifice she’d have to make.

She lives, loves, and makes the most of the time she has, despite knowing it’ll all come to an end.

Ironically enough, this meaningful tune also plays during the infamous “laughing scene” and thus has become a part of meme history forever.


8. The Calm Before the Storm

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This is probably the song with the most “Final Fantasy” feel to it in the entire soundtrack.

It’s reminiscent of a magical sacred space, enclosed in time and protected from what lurks outside.

The new arrangement for the HD remake has even more of that special fairy-like feel.

It was nice to see the composers including some of the classic Final Fantasy charm into so many songs in FFX, when so many other things had been changing in the franchise ever since FFVII.


7. Wandering Flame

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This song, which is a sort of second theme for Auron, is both soothing and profoundly melancholic.

I remember listening to it a lot shortly after playing the game.

It’s like the aftermath of a battle, the corpses still fresh on the shore. A melancholic peace won after sacrificing a lot.

I was still a bit shaken up by the game’s story, and this song managed to bring it all back every time.


6. Path of Repentance (Via Purifico)

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Despair, loss, and emptiness.

Were those the feelings projected into this song or just a consequence of audio limitations?

This beautiful piano, reminiscent of Trauma Center’s stellar OST, is something I’d enjoy at first but would want to avoid hearing for too long.

It does an amazing job of conveying the feeling of helplessness after so much of what the characters thought they knew about the world comes crashing down. It also goes perfectly with the somber nature of a prison, like Via Purifico.

The HD remake version is a lot less dark with more of a “melancholic journey” feel to it that makes it less psychologically-threatening to listen to.


5. Besaid Island

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I recently recalled this song as I was playing Stardew Valley, which features an incredibly calming soundtrack and has a few that remind me of this island.

And it makes sense.

This beautiful composition feels like coming home from a long journey. After all, for many of us Besaid really does feel like home.

It perfectly transmits what Besaid means for several members of your party: a resting place where they can truly feel like they belong. I’m sure many players feel the same way.


4. The Sight of Spira

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Another one of the game’s remarkably relaxing songs is this chill guitar arrangement of the game’s leitmotif.

It’s careless, laidback, and even has a slight sense of tropical warmth to it.

The warm and comfortable feeling it evokes is probably one of the reasons why it has so many guitar covers on YouTube.


3. Isn’t it Wonderful? / Suteki da ne?

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Most of the time, you can forget about the heavy Japanese influence these games have if you’re not familiar with their culture.

That said, Final Fantasy X’s main vocal theme(performed by famous Japanese folk singer Ritsuki Nakano) is just oozing with Japanese musical staples.

It’s also great for learning the language thanks to the slow melody, common words, and simple grammar.

It’s amazing how video games have helped the last couple of generations engage with other cultures, and series like Final Fantasy have played a big role in Japan’s cultural growth.


2. To Zanarkand

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FFX is one of those games that tricks the inexperienced player.

You go in thinking you’re about to start an adventure full of action, magic, and exotic lands.

However once you boot up the game, you’re hit with this deeply melancholic tune that sets the tone for a game that’s bittersweet from the beginning to the very end. Especially once you reach Zanarkand in the storyline.

Listening to it always makes me want to go back to Zanarkand, especially because it has become a bit of a meme among YouTubers to use it as stock “sad music”.


1. The Splendid Performance

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A little bit happy, a little sad, a little exciting and mysterious all at once. This is definitely an underrated track that deserves a lot more attention.

It’s played during periods of the Blitzball tournament so it’s often forgotten quickly as you play through the game. Yet this is really an exciting song that sets a certain tune that I really enjoy throwing on in the background while browsing the web.

It’s a happy and optimistic tune, much like Tidus’ outlook through most of the game. Even though we know the end is not going to look so great we have to look forward.

This might be one of the best tracks to illustrate this feeling. Underrated but certainly not under appreciated.

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