Top 20 Best Sonic Forces Mods To Download

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Coming from the excellent Sonic Generations, fans of the blue hedgehog expected Sonic Forces to build upon its predecessor’s best features to become the ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog experience.

While Sonic Forces did built on some of Generations’ features, the end results weren’t exactly the best.

This is not to say that Sonic Forces is a bad game. Far from it!

It’s just that we have to look past some issues and strange design choices to appreciate its beauty.

Something that makes this a lot easier is the help of mods: when you’ve got mods that attempt to fix the physics and improve level design, what else could you ask for?


20. Classic Sonic Goalpost Texture Fix

Classic Sonic Goalpost Texture Fix mod

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Sonic got through Act 1! But why does he look a little off?

The Classic Sonic Goalpost Texture Fix is a small fix that improves the Classic Sonic Goalpost with a new texture that looks like Sonic Forces’ rendition of the character.

Some might say this is nitpicking, since the changes are very small.

But we’re hardcore Sonic fans. And we want things right!


19. Metal Sonic Partner

Metal Sonic Partner mod screenshot

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Metal Sonic has always been a massive nuisance for Sonic and his friends.

But it seems like he’s understood the error of his ways now.

The Metal Sonic Partner mod lets you change your partner into Metal Sonic.

While it doesn’t really change how Sonic Forces plays in any way… imagine how frightened your enemies will be, seeing that you’ve managed to tame one of your lifelong rivals!


18. Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog mod for Sonic Forces

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Silver the Hedgehog is, frankly, the only good thing that ever came out of Sonic ’06.

Now he can finally star in a better game.

With this mod, you’ll be able to change your character into Silver the Hedgehog. And possibly forget that character’s horrible debut.

Sonic Forces is not the best modern Sonic game ever released, I’ll admit it. But can you really say it’s worse that one of the worst Sonic games ever made?


17. Klonoa

Klonoa Sonic Forces mod screenshot

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Time to open the Door to Phantomile and enter the Moonlight Museum to take part in the Dream Champ Tournament!

If this doesn’t make much sense, then you must have not played Klonoa.

But if you did, well this mod is just perfect for you. It’ll get you acquainted with the original character, his cutesy design, and it’ll make sure you understand how much you’ve missed by not playing his games.

And that’s quite a lot for his series.


16. Rayman

Rayman Sonic Forces mod screenshot

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No one knows what Rayman really is.

And no one probably cares, as long as the games are a ton of fun.

Unbeknownst to most, Rayman is also a very fast runner.

He was just holding himself back in his games, apparently.

And he can give Sonic a run for his money in Sonic Forces with this mod.

Small Warning: you cannot throw punches here, so you’d better practice those jumps and spin dashes.


15. Persona Forces 5

Persona Forces 5 mod for Sonic Forces

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Wake up, get up, get out there!

With this Persona Forces 5 mod, you can turn Sonic into a member of the Phantom Thieves and fight all those corrupt adults who are tainting society beyond salvation.

There are no palaces to explore, and no Shadows to fight or Personas to awaken.

But hey, one can always dream, right?


14. Infinite Avatar Parts

Infinite Avatar Parts Sonic Forces mod

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Unlimited avatar parts? Well, not quite.

Words can be very misleading sometimes.

The Infinite Avatar Parts is actually a cosmetic mod that lets you customize your avatar’s appearance with parts taken from Infinite.

The end results look really cool, propelling your Avatar to Sonic Forces’ stardom.


13. RingsBoostGauge

RingsBoostGauge Sonic Forces mod screenshot

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Rings give you wings! Or something like that.

RingsBoostGauge is a mod that makes Sonic Forces slightly more interesting by making the Boost Gauge refill as you collect rings.

For an added challenge, you can also turn on a hardcore option that lets you fill the gauge only with rings.

As if you needed yet another reason to collect them all.


12. Tropical Jungle

Tropical Jungle Sonic Forces mod

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Never heard of the Tropical Jungle?

Not surprising: only those who braved the trainwreck that is Sonic ’06 have heard of it. But it’s a classy stage.

With this Tropical Jungle mod, you’ll be able to enjoy this stage with a much better design.

All three segments of the original stage have been tweaked and tailored for an easier handling. The results are more than worth a spin dash or two.


11. Eggman Empire Fortress Daytime

Eggman Empire Fortress Daytime mod

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With the right tweaks, even a journey through a dangerous fortress can make for a great sightseeing experience.

Especially if we’re talking about the failed creations of Dr. Ivo Robotnik

The Eggman Empire Fortress Daytime mod is a nice stage mod that replaces the gloomy skies of the vanilla stage with clearer ones, which look great. Despite the ominous structures in the background.

There’s truly nothing like “too bright” in Sonic the Hedgehog. So this mod blends right in!


10. Sky Sanctuary

Sky Sanctuary mod for Sonic Forces

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A Classic Stage for Modern Sonic.

Is it Generations again?

The Sonic Forces version of Sky Sanctuary is clearly inspired by the Sonic Generations version.

But it comes with plenty of tweaks that’ll make it feel fresh, even if you mastered the older version.

And it’s a never-seen-before nighttime version, which makes it even more worthy of a few plays.


9. Sunset Heights Remastered

Sunset Heights Remastered Sonic Forces mod

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Sunset Heights is one of the best looking Sonic Forces stages. But even something that’s good to begin with, can be further improved with a little bit of effort.

Sunset Heights Remastered is a new version of the original stage featuring a slightly altered level design.

This lets you take better advantage of Sonic’s abilities and the same amazing atmosphere of the original.

Is it any good? Don’t be lazy: download it to find out yourself!


8. Sonic Unleashed Sonic

Sonic Unleashed Sonic mod screenshot

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Sonic Unleashed is the best Sonic game that PC owners never got to play.

A shame, considering they never got to experience a hedgehog turning into a werehog.

The Sonic Unleashed Sonic skin brings your favorite Sonic character model from Unleashed into Forces… boy that’s a mouthful.

This comes complete with all the original animations, as well as brand new ones created just for this skin.

An extremely thorough piece of work that makes this skin one of the best ever made for the game.


7. Actual Normal Mode – Spaceport

Actual Normal Mode - Spaceport mod

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Think Sonic Forces is way too easy compared to others in the series?

No problem, we got you covered.

Actual Normal Mode – Spaceport is a stage mod that tweaks the Spaceport stage so that it’s slightly more challenging and way more rewarding.

Tweaks include item placement changes, Wire Targets tweaks, removed platforms, and more.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the falling floors, now faster than ever!


6. Luminous Forest Reilluminated

Luminous Forest Reilluminated Sonic Forces mod

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Luminous Forest, how it should have been in the first place.

One of Sonic Forces’ biggest issues is the level design. Which sometimes fails to keep up a good flow and let things move along properly.

The Luminous Forest “Reilluminated” stage mod fixes that stage. So it’ll flow much better than it does in vanilla.

The fact that we’re talking about small changes shows how the game could have been so much better with just a little bit of work.


5. Quick Boot

Quick Boot mod for Sonic Forces

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Go fast. Always go fast. Even when you think it’s not worth it.

Quick Boot is a very interesting mod that lets you boot directly into a stage without having to wait for the start sequences.

This lets you get into the thick of the action without any sort of wait. Definitely handy for multiple playthroughs.

Just make sure you don’t speed yourself into an early grave, since this mod may corrupt your save file. Save a new one if you can!


4. Low End Mod

Low End Mod Sonic Forces screenshot

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In the endless battle between 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, the latter always wins.

Who in their right mind would want to play a slideshow instead of a game?

The Low End Mod is great for those who do not have an extremely powerful PC, but still want to play Sonic Forces modded.

It alters the graphics a bit so that the game can run at an acceptable framerate on pretty much every machine (from the past 8 years or so).

A sacrifice that’s more than worth it if you’re a diehard Sonic fan that has to either go fast or die!


3. Fixed Classic Sonic Physics

Fixed Classic Sonic Physics mod

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Sonic Forces could have been so much more. Especially if Classic and Modern Sonic controlled exactly as they did in Generations.

While the physics haven’t been properly fixed officially, some fans tried making tweaks to these odd physics. Just to make the experience slightly more enjoyable.

The result is the Fixed Classic Sonic Physics mod, which does improve the handling of Classic Sonic to a certain degree.

But sadly, it doesn’t make him as responsive as he used to be.

I mean, he is getting up there in age.


2. Modern Sonic Physics Tweaks

Modern Sonic Physics Tweaks mod screenshot

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After a semi-fix with the Classic Sonic physics, there’s no way Modern Sonic could have been left out.

The changes you’ll get with the Modern Sonic Physics Tweaks mod are pretty major.

Especially since this improves the character’s double jump, homing attack, and responsiveness so much, that it’ll feel like playing a new Sonic game.

An essential mod that all Sonic Forces players should download as soon as they get the chance!


1. Sonic Forces Re-Imagined

Sonic Forces Re-Imagined mod

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As much as I love Sonic, I have to admit that the game’s stage design leaves something to be desired.

But leave it to modders to improve it!

The Sonic Forces Re-Imagined project is a massive gameplay overhaul that aims to remix all of the game’s stages, adding new paths and new objects for a more challenging experience.

The project is far from completed as of now.

But it’s one worth following while we’re waiting for a new Sonic game to finally get announced.

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