18 DIY Game Controller Storage Holder Ideas

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Looking for a unique way to store your game controllers?

Well these DIY controller storage ideas will provide the perfect solution to the big mess that is all of your current gaming setup.

Some are for PlayStation, some for Xbox, and some for Nintendo – which is how it should be – but all of them are highly creative and perfect for any gamer.

1. DIY Video Game Holder

Table mounted video controller holder
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Here’s a fun creative craft to store your game controllers which comes in the form of this table-mounted holder.

Adding to existing furniture rather than further cluttering your living room or bedroom space, this holder will keep your room nice and tidy and give you a snug home for your game controllers.

Rather than leave the controllers on the floor where they’re likely to get stepped on, make the sensible decision and try your hand at this easy crafty project. It’s great for kids and adults too so no worries there.


2. Wall Clip Project

Wall clip video controller holder
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If you love having your love of video games on display for the world to see then try these wall clips out.

Never wonder where you left controllers ever again by placing them on these cool wall-mounted clips.

A simple storage solution, the other benefit of these wall clips is that you can show off your controllers as if they were an exhibit in a museum – especially useful if you don’t want to buy paintings to hang on the wall.


3. Knex Xbox 360 Controller Holder

Knex video controller holder
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K’nex is like the slightly more realistic version of Lego. As such, it can have many real-world applications.

One clever way to put it to use in everyday life is to build your very own Xbox 360 controller holder. Crazy I know, but it works.

Small and able to fit on any surface, this craft can be a temporary solution or a long-term fix for your controller-storing woes.

Simply disassemble when you’re done using it as a controller storage unit and you can turn it into something else even cooler.


4. 3D Printed Mounts

3D printed wall mounted video controller holder
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Time to dust off that 3D printer you got for Christmas and have been wondering what to do with, cause you’ve got plenty to make with these 3D printed wall mounts.

There’s definitely something neat about being able to take your controller off the wall before you sit down for a session of gaming.

As if you were taking your firearm before going off to war, this mount will get you in the best frame of mind for the most competitive of games.


5. Gamecube Controller Holder

Gamecube wall mounted video controller holder
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Ah, the Gamecube. The magic purple box that was responsible for so many fun parties(and not just of the Mario kind).

This box is worthy of immortalizing with these Gamecube logo engraved controller holders.

A nostalgic touch to your current gaming setup, these holders will be revered and envied by all of your gaming friends.


6. Controller & Headset For Xbox

Xbox one wall mounted video controller and headset holder
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Not to be forgotten, the headset has become essential in the modern gaming scene.

Whether it’s screaming expletives at your opponents or coordinating a team attack on the enemy base, the headset is essential and so is a good holder.

That’s why you have to get this two-in-one controller and headset wall-mounted holder.

Tidying things up and making sure your headset is always in the same place as your controller, this craft is very practical and it’ll look great with any setup.


7. Wall Mount Brackets For Gamers

Wall mount brackets for video controller and console
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This next craft project will help you turn your living room into a full-on gaming museum.

With this you’ll not only be able to stick the controllers up on the wall, but you’ll also have space to put your console on display too.

A great way to free up space in your entertainment center or on your floor, if that’s where your console normally sits I mean. These plastic wall mounted brackets are also really simple to make


8. 2 in 1 Remote/Game Controller Holder

Salt container remote and controller holder
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A subtle yet stylish way to store both the TV remote and a wireless game controller, this craft will fit right in without being ostentatious.

Adopting the shape of a cup, this ingenious storage solution is for those who want their gaming habit to seem purely casual.

Using cardboard and an empty salt can you too can have this interesting 2-in-1 controller holder to sit on your coffee table.


9. DIY Controller Wall Mounts

Bicycle hook video controller holder
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It’s always amazing to see what you can do when you re-purpose something from the hardware store.

In this case it’s bicycle hooks. Using some binder clips and hanging adhesive you can turn them into perfectly good controller wall mounts.

Let me just say it “wheely” is a great use for bicycle hooks! OK I promise last time.


10. Retro Gamepad Holder

Plastic retro gamepad holder
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Here we’ve got a design for all those gamers who can’t let go of their retro controllers and need somewhere to store them.

This super simple plastic gamepad holder is a perfect way to keep your retro gamepads relevant.

Whether you love Sega, SNES, or got willing a classic Sony console, there’s room for everyone here.


11. Nintendo Switch Controller Storage

Zelda inspired nintendo switch storage
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This incredibly versatile Nintendo Switch storage solution is ideal to keep it protected from being damaged while retaining its small size.

Serving as a dock, grip, and game case holder, these Zelda and Nintendo inspired crafts would make a great gift for any Nintendo loving friend or family member.


12. DIY Game Controller Rack

DVD rack video game controller rack
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When it comes to creativity and frugal crafts, this one surely wins.

All you have to do is clear out your old DVD rack – it won’t be too hard since everything is digital these days – and then place the empty DVD cases in the rack to make handy shelves for all of your game controllers.

This is about as nerdy as it gets, and I love it.


13. Wooden Controller Holder

Wooden controller holder
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One for the PlayStation fans out there, this lovely wooden handmade holder will keep your controllers in one place safe & sound.

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I’m finished playing a PS game I will for some inexplicable reason place the controller on top of the curved PS3, and it will fall off 99% of the time.

To avoid this I might actually pick up a copy of these wooden holders for myself.


14. Videogame Controller Holder

Cabinet mounted multiple controller holder
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If you’re a gaming connoisseur and you have over a dozen game controllers for all of the different consoles then this might be the storage solution for you.

Showcase your love of gaming by storing every controller you have in the nearest cabinet or wardrobe and make your place the envy of the gaming world; at least in your neighborhood.


15. Mario Pipe Game+Cup Holder

Mario pipe inspired joycon and cup holder
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Our old friend Mario is at it again. This time he’s provided us with an excellent solution for our Ninendo Switch JoyCon controller with this funky green pipe holder.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you giddy, this game controller holder just so happens to have a built-in drink holder to keep you hydrated during your next Mario Kart marathon.

This may be the most Mario thing I have ever seen.


16. Coexist Controller Holder

Coexist wooden controller holder
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What better way to use a beautiful slab of walnut wood than for your favorite gaming controllers?

This project involves carving out a home for your controller of choice to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

Likely to add warmth to the room with its wooden style, this controller holder isn’t bad to look at either and would add great character to your living room. Or at least it’d look better than having your controllers and cables all over the floor.


17. PS4 Logo Wall Mount

PS4 design wall mounted controller holder
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Another one for all you PlayStation fans out there, this is bound to be a killer addition to any serious gaming room.

To deck out your room with this type of wall art you’ll need a 3D printer and a lot of love for the gaming platform. Or you can just pick up a copy from this seller and get your own handmade holder, no fuss needed.

Possible to make in any color, this wall mount could also add a splash of personality to your living room and make for a bespoke piece of art.


18. Custom Xbox Controller Station

Personalized 3d printed controller holder
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Now for the Xbox fans, this custom controller station will remind everyone where your allegiances lies in regards to gaming consoles.

It’ll also prevent controller theft since you know that when you’re playing split-screen with friends and you go to bathroom it’s fair game to swap controllers, especially when theirs is broken and yours isn’t.

Still if you need something a little more neutral I guarantee you can find the perfect idea by skimming over this list and picking the first design that catches your eyes.

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