Earthbound: How To Get Bottle Rockets (Big Bottle & Multi-Bottle Rockets)

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Bottle Rockets and its variations are battle items that can only be used by Jeff to deal single target damage.

Depending on Jeff’s Speed stat compared to the enemy, it is possible for these rockets to miss. But you can alleviate this danger by either leveling up Jeff, or by equipping Speed increasing accessories such as the Rabbit’s Foot.


Best Places To Find Rockets

  • Bottle Rockets – Purchased from the Arms Dealer in Threed for $29
  • Big Bottle Rockets – Purchased from the Arms Dealer in Dusty Dunes Desert for $139
  • Multi Bottle Rockets – Purchased from the Grocery Store in Scaraba for $2139

How To Get a Bottle Rocket

Arms dealer in Threed / Earthbound
Arms dealer in Threed

Bottle Rockets are used by Jeff to deal around 90-150 damage to a single enemy in battle. They provide a great way to deal reliable damage if Jeff’s own Shoot attack isn’t quite up to snuff.

You can buy these starting from Threed onwards, and they’re decent value at only $29 a pop.

After Threed, you’ll also find them on sale for the same price in:

  • Dusty Dunes Desert
  • Fourside
  • Scaraba
Zombie Dog in Threed / Earthbound
Zombie Dog in Threed

If you want to try your luck with enemy drops, the only enemy that drops Bottle Rockets is the Zombie Dog which roams Threed and the tunnel to Grapefruit Falls.

They’re fairly tricky to farm efficiently, though.

And the item only has a 1 in 32 chance to drop.


How To Get a Big Bottle Rocket

Dusty Dunes Drug store / Earthbound
Dusty Dunes Drug store

These bigger variants are essentially 5 Bottle Rockets strapped together, so they pack a decent punch.

The only downside is that it’s 5 separate attacks and each one has a chance to miss.

As previously mentioned, it’s worth equipping Jeff with Speed increasing accessories to achieve more reliable hits with the Big Bottle Rocket.

If all 5 rockets hit then you’re looking at a respectable 750 damage to a single target, more than enough to wipe out random mobs, and enough to take out a chunk of HP from all mid to late game bosses.

You can start buying these Big Bottle Rockets starting from Dusty Dunes Desert onwards.

They’re also sold in Fourside and Scaraba for $139 apiece.

Note: there’s also one found in a gift box inside the Desert Gold Mine, accessed from Dusty Dunes Desert once you’ve been to the Topolla Theater in Fourside.


How To Get a Multi-Bottle Rocket

Merchant south of Scaraba Pyramid / Earthbound
Merchant south of Scaraba Pyramid

Multi-Bottle Rockets are basically 20 Bottle Rockets all at once, leading to potentially the highest amount of damage one character can deal in battle.

And just like the Big Bottle Rocket, each individual rocket has a chance to miss.

But if all 20 hit then you’re looking at around 2500-3000 damage to one target.

This is enough to KO pretty much any enemy in the game, and only a handful of bosses will be able to survive it and live to tell the tale.

You first gain access to buy these in Scaraba from a merchant with a camel south of the Pyramid, and they cost $2139 each.

Multi-Bottle Rockets are also on sale from the Arms Dealer in Deep Darkness for the same price.

Wooly Shambler enemy in Winters / Earthbound
Wooly Shambler enemy in Winters

For drops, there’s an enemy called Wooly Shambler that’s found in Winters – but only from the point of your characters being kidnapped and held at Stonehenge Base.

Their Multi-Bottle Rocket drop rate is 1/64, so they’re far from the most reliable source.

Note: the Wild’n Wooly Shambler enemy will also drop these at a fairly respectable rate of 1 in 16. These Wild’n variants can be found in the Cave of the Past dungeon at the end of the game.

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