15 Best Armor Mods For Fallout: New Vegas

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Armor is one of the most important complements that a wanderer of the Wasteland can own.

New Vegas brought some fantastic sets of armors to the world of Fallout. But even so, there are other sets you’ll absolutely want to check out.

With extra mods you’ll have plenty more things to wear, which is always pretty cool when you’re looking for new buffs or cosmetic upgrades.

Dress in tactical desert gear put on a kickass holster, or enhance the armors of all roamers of New Vegas with that’s to come here. So without any further ado here are my Fallout: New Vegas picks for the coolest add-on armor you can find, along with links where you can download them.

15. NCR Trooper Overhaul Beta

NCR Trooper Overhaul mod

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If you feel like the NCR should look better, then it’s time for you to give this mod a try.

It basically revamps the way all of the NCR Troopers look making them much more badass than they are in the base game.

I think this mod is quite good, although some aspects could be a tad more improved (such as the variety of armors).

However this makes the NCR worthy of its name and boosts its “visual” presence. A very nice twist.


14. Type3 Body and Armor Replacer

Type3 Body and Armor mod

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Now this mod is a SFW version of the Type3 Body Replacer, which basically adds female body nudity to the game. As much of a joy as that would be, I’ll keep it PG-13 here.

This one simply enhances female bodies to make them look more natural, but you won’t see any nudity once it’s installed.

All of the female models are similar to how they look in the nude version of the mod. But they come with underwear.

They are also fully compatible with all armor and body mods that need Type3 bodies. Some mods on my list need this, so I’ve added this one to avoid compatibility issues.


13. Holster Gear

Holster Gear mod

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Having your weapon holster underneath your clothes makes no sense. And having it invisible makes no sense either.

This mod allows the holster gear to show just above your character’s thighs, which gives the impression that you’re carrying your handgun there.

Nice one!

It makes your character look cooler, although it doesn’t serve any specific purpose other than a cosmetics. But still, isn’t that a valid purpose for a mod to exist?

I’m adding this here because it honestly complements any armor set quite well.

If you’re a fan of holsters (and looking cool) then give this one a try. You’ll love it, I’m sure of it!


12. TGs Armor Collection Mod

TGs Armor Collection for New Vegas

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Fallout New Vegas is, in my opinion, the best Fallout game to have ever been released.

However as many years have gone by since the game dropped, I have gotten used to seeing the same sets of armor over and over again.

With this mod you will be able to wear many new types of armor, as it adds plenty of new sets to the game.

Discover how it feels to make your character look truly unique with the TGs Armor Collection Mod!

But let me warn you, this mod is a tad more difficult to install than the others because of the fact that it’s a pack of armors and not just the single one.

Be sure to read the instructions before proceeding.


11. High Desert Tactical Gear

High Desert Tactical Gear mod

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Do you want your character dressed as a soldier from the US Navy?

Then the high desert tactical gear mod is here for you.

It adds a new shop to New Vegas and it sells everything that you need to get properly dressed as a soldier.

The armors and sets come with desert equipment so they fit the theme of New Vegas perfectly.

The mod has been upgraded plenty of times already, so it comes with many sets of armor for you to check out and wear!


10. Leather Backpack

Leather Backpack New Vegas mod

Check Out This Mod

Adventurers must check out this fantastic addition to the game.

It will add a backpack which comes with a foldable mattress. You’ll be able to sleep anywhere in the Mojave Desert thanks to the practical bed you carry with you everywhere.

As an added bonus, you can actually see the bed when you place it in the world.

It’s not just a hypothetical bed – the mod actually has the assets to show the bed itself in the game world.

That might be a small little detail, but it does make the mod feel much better . And I love that small addition!


9. Gas Masks of the World

Gas Masks of the World mod

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I love that he creator of this mod asked one of the most important questions in the Fallout world: if there was truly an apocalyptic event that ended everything under nuclear warfare, why the hell weren’t there any gas masks in the game?

I mean, sure, you’re walking around the lands years after the events happened… but at least some protection would do, right?

This mod is meant to add a whole bunch of gas masks to the game, which naturally fit the look of New Vegas quite perfectly.

And this will make you feel protected in the dangerous wastelands that you’ll have to roam in your adventures.


8. Dragonskin Tactical Outfit

Dragonskin Tactical Outfit mod

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Feel like a true member of the military (or at least, as a military survivor) with the wide selection of military uniforms that the Dragonskin Tactical Outfit mod adds.

It loads into the game a whole bunch of fantastic outfits, all of which come with different camos and look extremely cool.

You will also get some balaclavas and masks to further the tactical feeling that you’ll get with this mod.

I love the look of it and I think you will too.


7. ADAM – A Definitive Armor Mod

ADAM New Vegas mod

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So this mod adds a cool-looking helmet to the game, which has a lot of vibes that remind me of Mad Max.

You’ll see why if you download it – trust me.

If you’ve watched these movies and you think that their clothing looks cool, well, then go ahead and give this a try.


6. Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit

Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit mod

Check Out This Mod

If you loved the CSS in the original game then you’ll absolutely love this mod.

It adds a modified and reinforced version of the classic Chinese Stealth Suit to the game.

It looks super cool and it’s far more usable than the first version of the suit.

This is particularly better if you’re already in the end-game stages of New Vegas but you still want to rock this set of armor.


5. Advanced Recon Stealth Armor

Advanced Recon Stealth Armor mod

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From a role-playing point of view, you won’t find a better mod than this one to add to the game.

It adds super high-tech suits, but they don’t look like high-tech suits unless to see them up-close.

They look like traditional sets of clothing without any armor at all if you see them from a distance. Weird, right?

But get a bit closer and you will notice how they are actually strong sets of armor that can be worn into battle. Maybe not for everyone but still a really cool addition!


4. Spice of Life

Spice of Life mod

Check Out This Mod

These mods are always really fun to install in all open-world RPG games that I play.

Spice of Life makes most characters in the game wear different types of armor, and most types of armor that they’ll wear are new and fully added by installing this mod.

If you’re tired of the dull look that most characters in the game seem to have, then you’ll want to try this one out for sure.


3. Advanced Thermal Recon Night Vision

Advanced Thermal Recon Night Vision mod

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It’s time for the Night Vision to actually be useful and serve a better purpose in New Vegas.

Install this mod to enhance the way night vision looks, making the goggles far more useful and viable when playing at night.

You’ll get target-acquiring features, better night vision, and even thermal scanning to detect your enemies and kill them before they even notice you.

They work during the day as well so that’s a nice added touch.


2. NCR Rearmament

NCR Rearmament mod

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The NCR forces might be tough, but don’t tell me that they aren’t bland in their looks.

I think the creator of this mod thought the same thing as some of us and decided to revamp the way the armor of the NCR looked.

And I think it’s safe to say that he did a fantastic job, as the new sets of armor look super cool.

Give the NCR a breath of fresh air and watch them patrol the wasteland with more style.


1. Caesar’s New Regime

Caesar’s New Regime mod

Check Out This Mod

This mod doesn’t only improve the armor of the Legion – it also makes the Legion much better and fun to play with.

There are new classes, a new fully-voiced companion, and hundreds of additional small additions that make this mod the best one on my list.

The Caesar’s New Regime mod basically overhauls the Legion and makes it feel more like it should’ve felt in the vanilla game. A fantastic mod indeed.

Definitely give this a try and you’ll instantly see what’s to love about it.

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