Where To Farm Copper in Fallout 4 (Best Methods)

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The best way to find copper in Fallout 4 is by finding and scrapping items that contain it.

You can find those items all around the Commonwealth, including your settlements, and also for sale from merchants.

Alternatively, buying Shipments of Copper from merchants is the easiest way to get your hands on some copper, but also the most expensive.


Scrapping Copper From Settlements

Getting Copper by scrapping a Street Lamp in Sanctuary for Fuses and Broken Light Bulbs / Fallout 4
Getting Copper by scrapping a Street Lamp in Sanctuary for Fuses and Broken Light Bulbs.

Scrapping copper from settlements is the quickest way to get a lot of copper without spending any bottle caps.


How To Scrap Copper From Settlements:

  1. Head to one of your settlements and select the crafting option from your workshop.
  2. Once in crafting mode, you will notice a yellow highlight around some objects.
  3. If you press the scrap button while the objects are highlighted, you will get rid of them and store their resources.

Hint: Some items don’t contain copper, but you can scrap them into items that can be further scrapped into copper.

For example, Street Lamps, a common object in settlements, can’t be scrapped for copper, but they contain Fuses and Broken Light Bulbs which have some copper in them.

If you are looking for new settlements to scrap copper from, here’s the location of all settlements in the Commonwealth:

All settlements in the Commonwealth / Fallout 4
All settlements in the Commonwealth. / Image Source

Copper can be used to craft items related to electricity and power, such as generators, lights, conduits and even weapon modifications.

If you have too much copper in one settlement but need it in another, you can create a supply line between them and share resources.


Finding Copper in the Commonwealth

Collecting an item that contains copper in Cambridge Polymer Labs / Fallout 4
Collecting an item that contains copper in Cambridge Polymer Labs.

Some locations offer more copper than others, among other essential materials. I recommend freeing up some space in your inventory, heading to the following areas and collecting their loot:

  • Milton General Hospital’s Parking Garage
  • Cambridge Polymer Labs
  • Wattz Consumer Electronics
The location of three places to farm Copper from / Fallout 4
The location of three places to farm Copper from.

Beware of traps and enemies that hide in the hospital’s parking garage.

On both the ground floor and third floor of this maze, you will find bathroom scales. Once disarmed, each scale will yield one copper and a spring.

In Cambridge Polymer Labs and Wattz Consumer Electronics, you will find various items that can be scrapped for copper, like light bulbs and telephones.

Here’s a way to know if the items you find contain the materials that you are looking for:

  1. Head to a settlement and open crafting mode
  2. Start crafting an object that requires the materials you are looking for
  3. If you don’t have enough of that material, you will be able to press the “TAG FOR SEARCH” option
  4. Now, when you hover an item containing the materials you have tagged, it will display a small magnifying glass icon before that item’s name
How the Tag For Search function works / Fallout 4
How the Tag For Search function works.

Here’s a list of all junk items that contain copper:

Item Yield
Shipment of 50 units 50
Shipment of 25 units 25
Copper bar 10
Gilded grasshopper 10
Pre-War lamp 4
High-powered magnet 3
Power relay coil 2
Beaker stand 1
Blue table lamp 1
Bone cutter 1
Broken lamp 1
Broken light bulb 1
Bunsen burner 1
Cooking pot 1
Copper 1
Fuse 1
Hot plate 1
Light bulb 1
Magnifying glass 1
Shadeless lamp 1
Shadeless table lamp 1
Stew pot 1
Telephone 1
Vacuum tube 1
Yellow table lamp 1

Getting Copper From NPCs

Buying a Shipment of Copper from Myrna in Diamond City Market / Fallout 4
Buying a Shipment of Copper from Myrna in Diamond City Market.

There are two methods to get copper from NPCs:


Method 1: Buying Shipments of Copper

This method is simple and fast, but expensive. An advantage of buying copper in shipments is that you don’t need to carry the weight of the copper.

Note: Shipments of Copper come in sizes of 25 or 50, the latter being more commonly available at later stages of the game.

To use this item, you need to head to a crafting station, such as a workshop or a weapon’s workbench, and start crafting.

After using the shipment, the remaining copper will be stored in the crafting station as individual pieces of copper, just like any other junk item.

Here’s a list of all NPCs that sell Shipments of Copper, followed by their location on the map:

NPC Name Location
Trudy Drumlin Diner
Alexis Combes Vault 81
Arturo Rodriguez Commonwealth Weaponry (Diamond City)
Myrna Diamond City Surplus (Diamond City Market)
KL-E-O Kill or Be Killed (Goodneighbor)
Daisy Daisy’s Discounts (Goodneighbor)
Rufus Hotel Rexford (Goodneighbor)
Deb Bunker Hill
Trashcan Carla Sanctuary Hills to Drumlin Diner (Travelling)
The location of all NPCs that sell Shipments of Copper / Fallout 4
The location of all NPCs that sell Shipments of Copper. / Image Source

Method 2: Buying Junk That Contains Copper

This method is more time-consuming than the previous one, but it will give you the most amount of copper for your bottle caps.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to a merchant, such as Trudy in Drumlin Diner.
  2. Buy all their junk that contains copper.
  3. Fast travel to another merchant or wait 48 hours for the merchant’s items to respawn.
  4. Repeat step 2 until you are almost Overencumbered.
  5. Head to one of your settlements, and store the junk you’ve bought.
  6. Once you start crafting, the junk items will be broken down and used to build objects.
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