How To Get Blappa in FFX (Location + Blitzball Info)

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Blappa is a member of the Al Bhed Psyches and can be found with his teammates in the lower part of the airship.

Blappa costs 130 gil per game to recruit, although he isn’t available too often due to his consistent blitzball contracts with his home team.


Who is Blappa?

There’s not a lot to say about Blappa.

He’s a forward on the Al Bhed Psyches – and playing forward is also his best position on your team if you choose to bring him aboard.

His initial Endurance (EN), Block (BL), and Pass (PA) are good, but these numbers don’t sustain themselves as Blappa levels up.

And he actually starts with a good amount of techniques, too.

Blappa stats & abilities screenshot in FFX

But no amount of Nap Tackles and Volley Shots can save him from mediocrity.

His stats just don’t keep up as he grows.

Still, for those early levels (1-40), Blappa is a decent forward and won’t do you too wrong.

Blappa location on the airship in FFX

Is Blappa Worth It?

Nah, not really.

Visually, Blappa is a nondescript Al Bhed NPC that kind of blends in with the environment. And this kind of bland nature also describes his abilities with blitzball.

At best, Blappa is just okay.

He’s good for early level gameplay, and he makes an okay team member if you’re just going after Wakka’s goods in tournaments & then never planning to play blitzball again.

But for anything else long-term you’re much better off finding somebody else.

Let Blappa stay with his friends. He’ll do much better on the Psyches.

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