How To Get Biggs in FFX (Location + Blitzball Info)

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You can find Biggs opposite his partner, Wedge, standing guard in Luca. They’re both up the stairs behind the main blitzball counter, right where you warp in from the airship.

Biggs costs one hundred gil per game, and can be recruited as soon as you’re able to do so.

He occasionally likes to sign with the Ronso Fangs. So if you’re out to get him for the Besaid Aurochs, try signing him as soon as possible.


Who is Biggs?

Biggs is a security guard in Luca who doubles as a blitzball player.

Easy to recruit, Biggs is pretty much the definition of “you get what you pay for”.

Biggs Close-up Stats Screenshot in Luca (FFX HD)

His stats are pretty high in the early levels, but past level 50 or so you’ll start to see an unfortunately sharp drop-off in skill.

His Shoot (SH) and Endurance (EN) are great for early-level games, maybe even exceptional – but once you start entering the big leagues, Biggs becomes less and less dependable.

Especially if you’re going for an all-star team.

But he comes standard with all three levels of Volley Shot, as well as a Venom Shot. And he’s resistant to Drain as well.

Biggs Blitzball Player Location Screenshot (FFX HD)

Is Biggs Worth It?

No, not really.

His early-game is good. But Blitzball is a game all about progression, and Biggs’ progression isn’t good.

He becomes almost a liability at higher levels & he just can’t cut it.

It’s not worth your time keeping him around just to have a relatively minor edge in the early levels of blitzing.

Furthermore, his partner Wedge is ten times the blitzer that Biggs will ever be.

And Wedge costs the same price, plus he’s in the same location.

Unfortunately, Biggs is obsolete right out of the box – and you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason to recruit him aside from maybe personal preference.

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