Final Fantasy X: The Best Rare Steals in The Game, Ranked

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All the fiends in Spira have two items that can be stolen from them:

A common, ho-hum thing, and a rare “gotta have it” type item.

Those rarer ones are naturally way more appealing.

But we’ve already covered which fiends in general are worth stealing from.

So what if you want to focus just on these rare stealables? Which ones should you go after?

Here are my picks for the best rare items to steal in FFX, and details on where you’ll be able to swipe each one.


5. Ethers

Machina Bevelle battle in FFX HD

In FFX, magic is an important tool for survival.

From exploiting enemy weaknesses to keeping the party alive, it’s all good.

This makes the MP-restoring Ethers a very valuable commodity.

But you’ll have to scrounge and hunt for however many you can find, especially early on. The time between save points is going to be taxing on your MP, so any relief you can get will be appreciated.

How to Get: The YAT and YKT series of Machina enemies fought in Bevelle and in the Zanarkand Ruins are prime targets to steal ethers from, and both are great to stock up.


4. Remedy

Ragora in Kilika Woods in FFX HD

Status effects never stop being a big deal, with things like poison and berserk doing a good job at getting in the way of progress.

Remedies remove all of these ill concoctions.

They can’t be purchased until the very end of the game, though.

But a few enemies carry them around.

And if you get on it early, you can have a healthy supply to last you for the whole adventure.

How to Get: Ragora in the Kilika Woods is an excellent source of Remedies. Easy to find, easy to steal from, and weak enough to never have to really worry during your thieving.


3. Light Curtains

Battling Geminis in Final Fantasy X HD

When used on its own, a light curtain casts Protect on one party member.

Which is certainly useful.

When a large number of curtains are gathered together, they can be used to imbue Auto-Protect onto a piece of armor – which is extraordinarily useful to have.

How to Get: Light curtains can be stolen from a variety of monster arena creations, but the easiest enemy to swipe from are Geminis found in the last dungeon. This is further made simpler by capturing the creature, so you can fight them multiple times without having to travel around.


2. Designer Wallets

Cactuar King battle in Final Fantasy X HD

Powering up enough to be able to take on the game’s biggest and baddest requires a lot of resources – with maybe the most important being gil.

You’ll need deep pockets full of gil to effectively bribe the good stuff from enemies.

Designer Wallets give you access to the Gillionaire ability, which doubles gil from battle and makes the acclimation of wealth that much easier.

How to Get: Capture enough monsters to unlock the Cactuar King at the monster arena, then steal, steal, and steal some more. The King has the wallet as a rare steal. And with the right setup, sneaking enough out of him is a snap.


1. Three Stars

Jormungand Monster Arena battle in FFX HD

When anybody with the Use command throws out a Three Stars item, the party’s MP cost drops to zero.

This is extraordinarily useful in any circumstance.

But even more so against certain endgame super bosses that enjoy nothing more than stealing your magic points.

How to Get: Three Stars can be stolen, rarely, from the Monster Arena creation Jormungand. It’s an easy mark for a very high-value item.

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