FFX: Where To Get Star Curtains (Farming Tips)

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The best way to farm Star Curtains is by stealing them from the Nega Elemental at the Monster Arena. It has 4 Star Curtains as its common steal (~80% chance), and it’s an easy method to repeat without having to fight, since you can steal and flee to hurry things along.

Nega Elemental is unlocked at the Monster Arena after capturing 3 copies of each Elemental fiend throughout Spira. There are seven different types:

  • Yellow Element (in Kilika Woods)
  • White Element (on the Mi’ihen Highroad)
  • Red Element (on Mushroom Rock Road)
  • Gold Element (on the Thunder Plains)
  • Blue Element (around the Macalania Woods)
  • Dark Element (in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth)
  • Black Element (in the Omega Ruins)

Star Curtains can’t be bribed from any fiend, nor are they dropped by anything.

However there are 2 other fiends you can steal from that offer Star Curtains. These are:

  • Barbatos
  • Dark Flan

But these fiends only have x1 Star Curtain as a common steal, so you’re much better off farming the Nega Elemental.

You also get a one-time gift of x99 Star Curtains for unlocking the Nega Elemental, so that’s a nice added gift you’ll pick up along the way.

Stealing x4 Star Curtains / FFX HD

What Are Star Curtains Used For?

Using a Star Curtain in battle casts Reflect on one party member.

These curtains can also be used to customize SOS Reflect and Auto-Reflect onto pieces of armor.

SOS Reflect casts reflect when the user’s HP drops into the yellow, and Auto-Reflect automatically applies Reflect at the start of battle that can’t be dispelled.

You can even use some Star Curtains to teach the Reflect spell to any Aeon.

  • SOS Reflect requires 8 Star Curtains to customize
  • Auto-Reflect requires 40 Star Curtains to customize
  • Reflect (Aeon) requires 3 Star Curtains

And like most items in FFX, Rikku can also mix things up with Star Curtains using her overdrive.

Here’s a few mixes that stand out:

Megalixir (Hi-Potion + Star Curtain): Completely restores the party’s HP and MP.

Mighty G (Al Bhed Potion + Star Curtain): Applies Shell, Haste, and Protect onto the whole party.

Panacea (Potion + Star Curtain): Removes all negatives status effects from the party.

Nega Elemental Battle Screenshot / FFX HD

Are These Worth Farming?

No, not really.

Reflect is one of the less useful spells in the game.

It has the occasional very niche use throughout FFX, but by and large Reflect is more of a hindrance than it is a help.

Even Rikku’s mixes can be made with other items.

So sayonara, Star Curtains!

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