How Do You Get The Greener Gleaner Minion? (FFXIV)

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The Greener Gleaner Minion can be rarely obtained through the Retainer Venture “Woodland Exploration XXVI”. This particular Venture is only available to a Botanist. It’ll also require a minimum Level of 81 and Gathering Score of 1,815.

This Minion is a rare reward, meaning you’ll be battling RNG for your jiggly pal.

And retainers share Level Cap with your Character. This means you’ll also need to be a Level 81 Botanist, or your Retainer will be stuck harvesting popotoes.

The good news is that you probably want a Botanist Retainer anyway.

The ability to expedite farming for Materials is generally invaluable. Not to mention the unique rewards, like the Greener Gleaner Minion.

Admonishing a Retainer for refusing to bring back the proper reward / Final Fantasy XIV
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The Woodland Exploration XXVI Venture itself takes 18 hours to complete.

Meaning it may take quite a while to get your Minion.

The following are all the possible rewards you can get:

  • 3,179,200 Experience Points
  • Allagan Silver Piece (8 – 9qty.)
  • Dark Hemp (9 – 11qty.)
  • Horse Chestnut Log (9 – 11qty.)
  • Palm Log (9qty.)
  • Palm Syrup (9 – 11qty.)
  • Red Pine Log (9 – 11qty.)
  • Snow Flax (9 – 11qty.)
  • Greener Gleaner Minion (1qty.)

Looking at the rewards, they’re great if you’re a Carpenter. Not so much if all you’re after is the Minion.

Keep sending your Retainer out, and eventually the Greener Gleaner will be yours.


Retaining A Retainer

Tanine, The Retainer Vocate of Old Sharlayan / FFXIV
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In FFXIV you’re allowed up to two free Retainers.

You can purchase additional Retainers through Mog Station. These cost $2 per month, but do come with more Inventory Space, which you can’t really put a price on.

Should you ever need to hire a Retainer, you can do so at the following Locations:

  • Parnell (Old Gridania – Shaded Bower, X:15 Y:9)
  • Chachabi Chabi (Ul’dah – Steps of Thal – Sapphire Avenue Exchange, X:13 Y:10)
  • Frydwyb (Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks – East Hawkers’ Alley, X:8 Y:11)
  • Prunilla (Foundation – The Pillars – Durendaire Manor, X:8 Y:11)
  • Kazashi (Kugane – Kugane Ofunakura, X:12 Y:12)
  • Misfrith (The Crystarium – Musica Universalis, X:10 Y:13)
  • Tanine (Old Sharlayan – The Agora, X:13 Y:11)

These NPCs will also allow you to do things like relocate your Retainer, or change their Jobs.

Relocations matter due to things like Market Board Taxes. Swapping from, say, Lancer to Dragoon, allows your Retainer to wear specific better Gear.

Should you simply need to change your Retainer’s Class, it’s a bit easier: head to any Retainer Bell. After selecting your Retainer, the bottom option is “Reset Retainer class. (Current)”.

The sort of bad news here is that yes, this means they will start all the way back at Level 1.

You’ll need to then send them on subsequent Ventures to get their Level back up.

Now you can see why having more than two Retainers can be pretty beneficial!

Generally, it’s a good plan to have one Retainer as your Main Combat Job, and another as a Gatherer.

In this case you hopefully chose Botanist. Best of luck!

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