FFXIV Guide: How To Get The Magicked Bed Mount

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The luxurious Magicked Bed Mount in FFXIV is obtained exclusively through Crafting. It is a Level 80 one-star Carpenter Recipe, requiring the Master Carpenter VII Tome.

Added in Patch 5.05, the Tome along with other Master Recipes can be purchased at the following locations for 400 Yellow Scrips:

  • Anna (Ishgard – Foundation – The Firmament, X:14 Y:13)
  • Diana (Ishgard – Foundation – The Firmament, X:10 Y:8)
  • Rowena’s Representative (Ishgard – Foundation, X:11 Y:12)
  • Rowena’s Representative (Kugane, X:12 Y:11)
  • Rowena’s Representative (Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, X:9 Y:11)
  • Rowena’s Representative (New Gridania, X:12 Y:12)
  • Rowena’s Representative (Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:9 Y:8)
  • Sanana (Tamamizu – The Ruby Sea, X:28 Y:15)
  • Scrip Exchange (Eulmore, X:11 Y:11)
  • Scrip Exchange (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:7)
  • Scrip Exchange (Revenant’s Toll – Mor Dhona, X:22 Y:7)

The 400 Scrips themselves shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

Weekly NPC Deliveries or a few Collectible turn-ins to Rowena and you’ll be set.

The Crafting itself, however, will require a bit of work.


Making Your Bed And Lying In It

Victory in The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah / Final Fantasy XIV
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As you may have guessed, there’s a good reason why this Mount sells for millions of Gil.

Several of the Materials are difficult to come by, and the Recipe itself is a Master Craft.

The glittering gold room above will make sense in short order. But the Recipe for the Magicked Bed breaks down like so:

  • 30 x Wind Clusters
  • 30 x Ice Clusters
  • 3 Enchanted Elm Lumber

The Enchanted Elm Lumber in particular is the stopping point for many in pursuit of their floating leisure mount.

This exceedingly rare item is only available in two places: The Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah and The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah.

These special instances are only accessed from Level 80 Zonureskin Treasure Maps.

Those Maps are able to be acquired once daily from any Level 75+ Miner/Botanist/Fishing Node. Further still, after completing that Map, there is only a small chance that it creates a portal to the Dungeons.

The Dungeons themselves can be tackled comfortably with a Party of 4, preferably more to make them quicker.

What makes it more complicated is that the Dungeons are games of chance.

You’ll need to select the proper doors or win roulette spins to advance.

The Lumber is most frequently dropped in Chambers 3 and beyond, with your best shot being the final room.

So good luck with that!

Undyed Velveteen (Level 24 Weaver Recipe)

  • 1 x Cotton Yarn (Level 12 Weaver Recipe, various City Vendors)
  • 1 x Dew Thread (Level 23 Weaver Recipe)
    • 2 x Diremite Web (Banemite – North Shroud, X:18 Y:23)
Airship departing Shirogane in search of Cloudsbreath / FFXIV
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4 x Cloudsbreath

  • Obtained via Submersible Voyages (Free Company Workshop)
  • Seeds obtained via Airship Voyages (Free Company Workshop)
  • Obtained via Gardening (Personal Housing Plot)

If you’ve been in the business of enchanting furniture, you’ll be familiar with Cloudsbreath.

The following are the only methods of obtaining it from Submersible Voyages:

South Isle of Zozonan (Rank 50) 3-12 Cloudsbreath
Tangaroa’s Beacon (Rank 78) 3 Cloudsbreath
The Isle of Sacrament (Rank 70) 1-3 Cloudsbreath

Similarly, you can acquire Cloudsbreath Seeds for planting for the following Airship Voyages:

Sea of Clouds – Sector 17 (Rank 50) 1-3 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 18 (Rank 50) 1-3 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 19 (Rank 50) 1-2 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 20 (Rank 50) 1-2 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 21 (Rank 50) 1 Cloudsbreath Seed
Sea of Clouds – Sector 24 (Rank 50) 1 Cloudsbreath Seed

If you opt to go for the seeds, do note that it will take 5 full days for them to grow.

Water daily, don’t let them wither.

Also, planting them with Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil (Miner Level 50, Rootslake – South Shroud, X:17 Y:29, 6 AM Eorzean Time) will yield two per plot instead of one.

There you have it.

With all your hard work out of the way, you’re free to relax on your Magicked Bed in the sky. Hopefully you don’t toss and turn in your sleep.

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