How Do You Get The Optimus Omicron Minion? (FFXIV)

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The Optimus Omicron Minion in FFXIV is obtained rarely from “The Stigma Dreamscape” Dungeon. This is an optional Level 90 Dungeon in the Endwalker Expansion, added in Patch 6.0.

It requires a Light Party and a minimum Item Level of i540 to access. This is in addition to completion of the Main Scenario Quest “Endwalker”.

The Minion can only drop from the final Coffer after the third Boss, and is not guaranteed.

It may take several runs for the Minion to even drop – and from there you’ll need to beat your fellow Adventurers in a loot roll to claim the Optimus Omicron for yourself.

Alternatively, you can hope someone puts it on the Market Board. This is an expensive option though, and you’ll be spending quite a bit of Gil.

Venturing into the Alpha Thule in search of a distress beacon / FFXIV
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Your best bet is to grab a Group of friends and run the Dungeon.

Not only for your Minion, but for a bunch of Tomestones you can spend on Gear.

The Stigma Dreamscape is unlocked through a simple Sidequest, started by speaking with Jammingway (Old Sharlayan – Elegeia, X:25 Y:26).

Responding to a dire distress signal in the Ultima Thule, rendezvous with Jammingway there near the Ragnarok. Follow the markers to the N-7000, who will direct you to the Dungeon’s entrance.

You’re now prepped to begin your grind for the Optimus Omicron Minion!


Nightmare Or Dreamscape?

An early prototype for Omega, the star destroying menace of Stormblood / FFXIV
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Being an Expert Dungeon in Endwalker, knowing what you’re up against is invaluable.

Especially if you aren’t familiar with mechanics from the Omega Raids of Stormblood.

Here’s a rundown of the Bosses, so your Expert Dungeon will be pleasant:



  • Side Cannons – A Cleaving AOE, indicated by a series of arrows under Proto-Omega. Stand on the opposite side to avoid damage.
  • Rear Interceptors – An un-telegraphed AOE that will cleave the rear of the Boss. The AOE begins in the center of its hitbox, so get in front to avoid damage.
  • Chemical Missile – All Players except the Tank are marked with AOEs. Once they resolve they will leave fire puddles on the ground, which cause persisting burns. Bait these away and move out of the AOE.
  • Electric Slide – A Party stack with a knockback. Stack and aim yourself away from the arena sides and any fire puddles. You can also use Surecast or Arm’s Length to avoid being pushed.
  • Guided Missile – Two Players will be tethered by a slow-moving missile. Upon impact, it will leave a small fire puddle that causes burns.
  • Mustard Bomb – A heavy-hitting Tankbuster. Mitigate and heal as needed.


  • Wheel – A Tankbuster, mitigate and heal as necessary
  • Atomic Flame – A room-wide AOE. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Auto-mobile Assault Cannon – Arch-Lambda centers itself and then telegraphs several line AOEs. These indicate where the Boss dashes and where it will end, a total of four dashes occur. Avoid these and position along the edge of the arena where the final AOE ends.
  • Wave Cannon – Performed after the Boss dashes four times. Cleaves the entire arena except for the rear of Arch-Lambda.
  • Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon – The Boss positions itself North and charges a line AOE. Each Player will be numbered 1 to 4, which corresponds to a number on the line. Stand next to your matching number to avoid cleaving Party members and yourself.
The Siege Matrix of Alpha Dreamscape / FFXIV
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Siege Matrix

  • AI Takeover – Spawns one of three Adds along the edges of the arena. The Hybrid Dragon and Omega Frame must be destroyed before they enrage.
    • Omega Frame – Uses Proto-wave Cannon, which will cleave either the left or right side of the arena. Go opposite to dodge.
    • Hybrid Dragon – Uses Firebreath, which cleaves the entire arena except for this add’s flanks. Get to the side of the dragon to dodge as soon as it spawns.
    • Proto-rocket Punch – Six fists spawn along the edge of the arena. After a short cast, they will charge across. Position in a lane without a fist to avoid damage and knockback.
  • Mindhack – Puts a debuff on all Players denoting a direction. When this debuff resolves, the Player will walk towards the direction indicated by the debuff. It is based on your character’s facing. This will be combined with the next two mechanics – position your Mindhack accordingly to avoid them.
  • Helix – The Siege Matrix will transform into a double-helix spiral. After a short time, it will cause a point-blank AOE around itself. Move away to avoid damage.
  • Donut – The Siege Matrix transforms into a circular spiral. After a short time it will cause a room-wide AOE. The safe space is inside its hitbox, so move in.
  • Atomic Ray – A room-wide AOE. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Multi-AI Takeover – Spawns two of the three Adds from the AI Takeover. Dodge and defeat them as necessary.

After overcoming the Siege Matrix, all that’s left is to claim your loot.

Hopefully the coffer has the Optimus Omicron you seek. Best of luck in your search!

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