FFXIV: Is The Hunting Log Worth It?

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The Hunting Log is an activity in Final Fantasy XIV that tasks players to kill specific amounts of target monsters. It can be really useful for gaining experience at low levels, especially when playing solo.

So let’s you’ve just started your adventure. Or maybe you’re trying a new job and starting all the way from level one again.

You might be wondering just where you’re going to find the experience you need to get yourself into the Duty Finder now that all of the MSQ quests are gone – well, friend, do I have the proposition for you.

Do you love killing monsters? Specifically, do you love killing three (maybe more) of those monsters, before proceeding to a new area and killing three more?

Then the Hunting Log is your friend.

It’ll reward you with steadily increasing tiers of experience rewards for completing that most basic, menial MMO task.

Okay, I’m probably not selling the Hunting Log’s value very well.

But it just is what it is: a basic, effective tool to gain experience. That’s an incredibly valuable thing at times, especially when you’re leveling a second or third job.

Regardless of why you want to complete the Hunting Log, it’s easy to get started.

You’ve probably unlocked it already without even realizing (depending on how far you are into your adventure).

Note: it’s important to mention that the Hunting Log is an entirely separate feature than the Hunt Marks – so if you’re looking for information on that topic, I’d recommend checking out this article.


How Does The Hunting Log Work?

Certain jobs have access to the Hunting Log, which contains a unique set of monsters across the world. And those jobs are tasked to go out and kill ‘em.

Regardless of whether you’re leveling your first job or an alt, it’s worth taking out these targets when the opportunity presents itself!

You’ll gain access to the Hunting Log once you’ve completed your first class quest at level ten on any Disciple of War or Magic.

And once it’s been unlocked on one job, it’ll be available for all of them.

So when you level new jobs you can start completing entries from level one.

You can always tell if a creature is in your Hunting Log too – because they’ll be marked with a special icon above their nameplate.

The Hunting Log has a dedicated menu (the keyboard shortcut is “H” by standard) and you can use this to see what needs killing and where it lives.

You can also see how much experience is rewarded for completing entries in the Log. You’ll gain this experience alongside the normal EXP gained from killing the monsters.

Hunting Log Open On-Screen in FFXIV
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Which Jobs Have A Hunting Log?

Not every job has access to the Hunting Log.

In fact, considering the amount of jobs available, the list is actually pretty small:

– Arcanist
– Archer
– Conjurer
– Lancer
– Marauder
– Pugilist
– Rogue
– Thaumaturge

As you can probably tell, the Hunting Log is just limited to the game’s starting classes.

These are the basic classes available to you when you first create your character, and they all start from level one.

In a sense, these are really the only jobs that the Hunting Log is worthwhile on – all the others start from a higher level and can access the Duty Finder right away.


What Place Does The Hunting Log Have In Leveling?

Basically, you should be using the Hunting Log to help you get new jobs from level one to fifteen, at which point the game allows you to use the Duty Finder to complete dungeons.

Dungeons – and Duty Roulettes – are a great source of EXP if you don’t have the MSQ to rely upon.

Once you’ve unlocked them, you can queue for them alongside completing Hunting Logs and FATEs for tons of EXP.

Is it boring? A little.

But for the most part, it’s really easy, and a much more reliable/expedient way to get past those first few levels than FATEs or sidequests.

Think of it like eating something really dull that’s surprisingly good for you. It might not be tasty, but it’ll get you there.

All that said, there are no special rewards for completing the entirety of the Hunting Log, unless you count a very small sense of pride and accomplishment.

If that’s not your bag, don’t feel compelled to complete the lot.

You can basically just use it to get you past the odd leveling plateau for some quick and reliable experience.

I’d recommend using Dimensional Death’s Hunting Log Guide if you want to know the precise locations of all your targets.

The Hunting Log itself just gives you a general location, but the link above provides map screenshots that show you exactly where to go.


Other Types Of Hunting Logs

Each Grand Company (Maelstrom, Twin Adders, Immortal Flames) has their own Hunting Log you can complete, with three ranks to clear in total.

Completing a Grand Company Hunting Log will reward you with a variant of the Mammet minion.

Obviously you won’t be able to complete the Grand Company’s Hunting Log unless you’re a member of that Grand Company.

Rank two will become available upon completion of the first, and attainment of Sergeant Third Class within the Company.

Rank three becomes available upon completion of rank two, and attainment of Second Lieutenant.

Completing individual entries in a Grand Company Hunting Log will reward you with increasing amounts of Company Seals instead of experience, though – so it’s not really a valid way to level.

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