FFXIV: Where To Get Marid Hides (Farming Guide)

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Marid hides are dropped by marid type mobs, such mammoths and sacred marids.

These monsters can be found in the Azim Steppe (X:24.3,Y:16.9) and The Fringes (X:33.6, Y:20.9) respectively.


Farming Hides in the Steppe

The mammoths found in the Azim Steppe are large, tusked beasts with long trunks and thick brown fur.

They look very much like wooly mammoths.

A group of these level 65 mobs are seen roaming around an area just northeast of the Dawn Throne at (X:24.3, Y:16.9).


Farming in the Fringes

Sacred Marid screenshot / FFXIV
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The sacred marids of the Fringes can be found inside the Qalyana beast tribe camps on the eastern edge of the map (X:33.6, Y:20.9).

The Peering Stones would be the closest aetheryte to this area.

These monsters look more akin to modern day elephants, while donning purple and gold vestments on their head and back.

Sacred marids are a bit stronger than their cousins on the Azim Steppe at level 67, and are usually surrounded by their beastman caretakers.


Delegate With Retainers!

If there’s anything that FFXIV has taught us, it’s that we’re not alone in our adventures.

Luckily that also includes our search for marid hides.

So who can we turn to for help? Well look no further than our trusty retainers.

Marid hides are actually one of the options for the level 68 hunting ventures. They cost 1 venture per run, and take about 40 to 60 minutes to complete.

Consider this option when you’re busy slaying godlike entities, hanging out in the FC house, or even while you’re farming marid hides yourself.


Dungeon Drops For Hides

As you may already know, treasure chests spawn at fixed locations 100% of the time in dungeons.

But the contents of these chests are random, and chests that are found in dungeons leveled 61 to 70 (Stormblood dungeons) have a chance to contain marid hides.

While this is not a very reliable source for these items, it’s something you may want to keep in mind if you’re still going through Stormblood content, or when doing your dailies.

Here’s a list of dungeons in the Stormblood expansion:

  • The Sirensong Sea
  • Shisui of the Violet Tides
  • Bardamn’s Mettle
  • Doma Castle
  • Castrum Abania
  • Ala Mhigo
  • Kugane Castle
  • The Drowned City of Skalla
  • Hell’s Lid
  • The Fractal Continuum (Hard)
  • The Swallow’s Compass
  • The Burn
  • Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)
  • The Ghimlyt Dark

What Are Marid Hides Used For?

Marid Leather Set and Suzaku Barding / FFXIV
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Marid hides are mainly used to craft marid leather.

This is a level 66 Leatherworker recipe, and to craft it you’ll need the following:

  • 3 marid hides
  • 1 persimmon tannin
  • 5 earth crystals

Pieces of marid leather are then used for several Leatherworker recipes, including the Marid Leather armor sets, the Steppe Bed, and most notably, the Suzaku barding.

The Suzaku barding is a beautiful cosmetic item for your Chocobo companion.

Equip it to your feathery friend to make him/her look like the legendary auspice! Or if you already have the set, you can sell it on the market board for a good amount of gil – depending on how much it goes for on your server.

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