How To Get the Throw Emote in FFXIV

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The Throw emote is obtained through the level 36 quest titled “Toss Fit Workout” in the Coerthas Central Highlands. You can accept this quest from an NPC named Maucolyn at (X:24.9, Y:27.7).

The first time you visit the Coerthas Central Highlands in the Main Scenario Quest “Cold Reception”. This is also a level 36 quest where you look for Cid’s missing ship, The Enterprise.


Quick Walkthrough for “Toss Fit Workout”

Maucolyn NPC in Coerthas Central Highlands / Final Fantasy XIV
Maucolyn NPC in Coerthas Central Highlands

Fortunately, this quest is actually a really quick one that will take you about a minute to complete.

When you accept the quest from Maucolyn, he will tell you about a man he saw tossing snowballs around.

Maucolyn will tell you that this man’s name is Duvicauroix, and that he believes he is acting this way from being out in the cold for too long. You will then be prompted to speak to Duvicauroix yourself.

Duvicauroix is just a short walk away from Maucolyn, and can be found at (X:26.3, Y:28.0) of the Coerthas Central Highlands.

Speaking to Duvicauroix will end the quest after he explains that tossing snowballs is just his way of keeping physically active out in the snow.


How To Use the Throw Emote

Using Throw Emote at the Beach / Final Fantasy XIV
Using Throw Emote at the Beach

You can use the Throw emote right after completing “Toss Fit Workout”. It doesn’t require the use of a “Ballroom Etiquette” item like some emotes do.

To use the emote, simply type /throw into your chat bar. The phrase “you hurl something” will appear in chat as you perform the action.

If you use this emote in a snow-covered area, you’ll throw a snowball and the phrase that appears in chat will change to “you hurl a snowball”.

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