FFXIV: Where To Buy More Glamour Prisms

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Glamour prisms are consumable items that can be used to cast the appearance of one item onto another. You can buy them from multiple sources, but there’s one clearly superior method that stands out: buying them from your Grand Company.

Everybody loves glamour prisms. With just one swift action you can turn that powerful but hideous new piece of equipment into something more stylish.

The glamour system is XIV’s answer to what’s been called “transmog” in other games.

At the cost of a glamour prism, you can project the appearance of one weapon, boot, chest piece, wedding dress, etc. onto another.

This is a godsend, because some of the equipment you’ll pick up is horrendous. I’m not exactly fashion forward myself, but at times it felt like my Dark Knight was wearing a cheap Optimus Prime costume fresh off of eBay.

Obviously, you can’t make one weapon type look like another – so you can’t disguise your great big sword as a nifty pair of daggers. But the glamour system allows for a huge amount of flexibility in your character’s appearance.

There are tons of options for basically every piece of gear, and if you want to look your best you’ll need to get a steady supply of prisms. So let’s take a look at some of the options.


Buy Glamour Prisms From Your Grand Company

This is far and away the best way to get more Glamour Prisms.

Here’s a link to all the vendors’ locations to get you started.

You’ll need Company Seals to buy them, but they’re easy to find – completing Duty Roulettes, FATEs, Grand Company Hunting Logs, and Leves will all reward you with the currency.

Basically there’s a whole bunch of activities where the game will just hurl handfuls of Seals at you as a reward.

Obviously, these Seals can be used for other things too.

You can use them to level up your Grand Company rank and acquire other items from the vendors, but eventually you just won’t have that much use for them.

If you’re playing regularly, you’ll probably acquire more of them than you’ll ever use at this point.

They’re not quite as important as they used to be.

And buying these from your Grand Company costs no gil whatsoever, they’re just rewards you’ll earn for completing normal game activities. So it’s a win-win.


Buy Glamour Prisms From The Market Boards

You can buy stacks of prisms from the Market Boards found in most main cities, but I really wouldn’t recommend it.

You’re subject to the pricing whims of other players at this point.

And they’ve probably picked them up from their Grand Company with excess Seals themselves.

If you’re feeling lazy, sure, grab a few – but it’s definitely not an economical long term solution.


Make Glamour Prisms Yourself

All crafting classes can make glamour prisms themselves as of level 30.

You’ll obviously need to have the glamour system unlocked too, but that’s easy to do. Just talk to Swyrgeim in Vesper Bay.

So if you’ve got a crafter to level thirty and unlocked glamour, you’re basically good to go.

You’ll also need the material “Clear Prism” to craft Glamour Prisms yourself.

You can find a list of the vendors’ locations here.

The Grand Company method is still the easiest in my opinion, but if you want to use your Company Seals for other purposes, this is a good way to go about it.


Some Glamour Prism Tips And Tricks

If you get into good habits with your Glamour Prism usage, you won’t need to use nearly as many of them.

If you love a particular outfit but know for sure the stats aren’t going to be of any use to you (as in, you’re not likely to level another job that would need it) you can basically transform the item into a permanent glamour using the Glamour Dresser in any inn room.

As long as the item’s durability is at 100% (so either unused, or fully repaired) you can spend a single glamour prism to stash it away as an appearance permanently in your Glamour Dresser.

You can then combine it with other pieces to create Glamour Plates.

Glamour Plates allow you to essentially store outfits without carrying all those pieces around all the time, and you can switch freely between them in main cities.

And using Glamour Plates costs you nothing besides the initial glamour prism required to transfer the item to the dresser!

So if you’ve got a few outfits you really love, be sure to get them stored in your dresser – you’ll save buckets of prisms that way.

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