The Best 3-Star Lancers in Fate/Grand Order

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Lancers are a lesser-talked-about class in FGO, despite them being some of the most powerful Servants in the game.

When discussing 3-Star Lancers, we understand that there’s only one faithful dog that people like to talk about…

But aside from the top spot, we’ll be taking a look at a handful of the other budget Lancer options for you and your team.

Let’s see how they shake out!


5. Hector

Hector Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hector is for sure a great support Servant – and one who can debuff the enemy team while simultaneously buffing the party.

He can reduce an enemy’s NP charge by one, but also buff the party’s NP damage by 17% at max rank.

Also, he has the ability to restore his own health to ensure he’s able to continue doing what he does best for an extended period of time.

While he may not be the strongest damage dealer, Hector makes for a great budget support Servant.


4. Hōzōin Inshun

Hōzōin Inshun Fate/Grand Order sprite

Inshun was a later arrival than other lancers on this list.

But he’s gained favor from fans due to his strong solo potential.

Inshun’s skills are designed to cripple his enemy. He has an ignore evade on skill one, a buff to his Quick cards on skill two, and an NP seal plus defense down on his skill three.

His NP, however, is where the magic happens.

Inshun increases his own attack, increases his own critical damage, and grants him Evade.

Due to this being Arts and Inshun have relatively decent NP gain, you can fire off many of these NPs in a fight – and watch Inshun take down any enemies that stand in your way!


3. Romulus

Romulus Fate/Grand Order sprite

Romulus is a great Lancer and Buster support Servant, largely thanks to the utility in his skills.

Romulus can increase an ally’s Buster performance, and also grant them Guts for one turn.

He also can heal his own health and increase his own defense – to make sure he’s able to stick around and help out the team for as long as possible!


2. Jaguar Man

Jaguar Man Fate/Grand Order sprite

For offensive options, Jaguar Man or Taiga is a great budget option.

Taiga can buff her own attack, her own Buster performance, and her own crit damage.

And her final skill also offers additional buffs based on the terrain your party is currently fighting in. Pretty nice!

Taiga is a fan-favorite character, and she has only become even more beloved after her appearance as Jaguar Man in Babylonia.


1. Cú Chulainn

Cú Chulainn Fate/Grand Order sprite

Cú is really a great servant to invest your scarce resources into.

Reason being that he can provide great damage, amazing stickiness, and the potential for a one-hit kill!

Cú’s claim to fame is his skills. When they’re used in the right manner, these can keep Cú alive for a very long time.

His Guts allows him to survive a fatal hit, while Protection from Arrows grants Cú a three-hit Evade.

Juggling these skills makes Cú very difficult to take down.

And his Gae Bolg also has the chance to one-hit kill his opponent!

As an FGO fan-favorite character, DW spared no expense creating Cú’s Servant form.

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