5 Best AOE Lancers in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Lancers aren’t very well-known for their ability to deal with multiple enemies at a time.

The lance as a weapon usually only lends itself to skewering one poor unfortunate enemy at a time.

Luckily, in FGO the word “lance” is seemingly just a formality…

Because in FGO, lancers wield spears, shields, and even denizens of the netherworld when entering into combat. It’s interesting stuff.

But either way, in this ranking we’re checking out the most notable AEO Lancers to be found in the game.


5. Insert Skadi Looper Here

Parvati Fate/Grand Order sprite

There are so many great Quick-based AOE Lancers out there, that it felt unfair to place one of them above the others.

Because at the end of the day, they all perform the same job!

When used in conjunction with the double Skadi system, these Servants can loop their NPs in order to three-turn farm.

Some of the more popular farming or looping AOE Lancers include:

  • Parvati
  • Valkyrie
  • Bradamante

While Parvati would likely be considered the best out of our recommendations (depending on the NP levels you have for each of these Servants), you may want to consider using someone else instead.

That being said, with enough support, each of these Servants can loop at NP1 and we implore you to try it out.


4. Artoria Pendragon Alter

Artoria Pendragon Alter Fate/Grand Order sprite

Despite being a four-star Servant, Artoria Alter is a great farmer for budget or free-to-play payers.

With the ability to buff her own damage, her NP will hit like a truck on anyone unfortunate enough to be in its vicinity.

This NP deals damage that ignores defense – meaning that in spite of her four-star rarity stats, it’s still pretty powerful.


3. Karna

Karna Fate/Grand Order sprite

Karna is a great damage-dealing AOE Lancer who also brings a lot of versatility to a team, mostly thanks to his interesting skills.

Karna can not only seal an enemy’s NP but also pump up his damage to astronomical levels.

This means that when you finally land that full Buster brave chain with him, not much will be left standing afterwards.


2. Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal Fate/Grand Order sprite

Eresh won the world over thanks to her almost crippling shyness.

Taking the form of a pseudo-Servant in the body of Tohsaka Rin, Eresh is the goddess of the Underworld.

While her skills help out her damage a little and her NP hits pretty hard, Eresh’s blessing of Kur is where her true value lies.

This skill grants a buff to all party members, increasing their defense, NP generation, and Max HP for three turns.


1. Artoria Pendragon

Artoria Pendragon Fate/Grand Order sprite

Artoria Lancer is one of the most powerful Lancers in the entirety of FGO.

Her skills are simple – much like most Artoria Servants.

But with Artoria being the face of the whole franchise, it’s important that this poster-girl has easily accessible skills.

And with that said, her skills benefit her kit perfectly as she can buff up her damage and charge her NP by 50% before laying down a devastating RHONGOMYNIAD!

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