The Best 3-Star Sabers in Fate/Grand Order

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There are only four 3-Star Sabers that are playable in FGO to speak of.

So this is gonna be a short ranking!

Naturally, this makes selecting a potential 3-Star Saber for your team fairly simple, as most of these Servants perform better in different roles.

Still, we’ll be taking a look at these Servants to see how well they each perform in their optimal roles.


4. Gilles de Rais (Saber)

Gilles de Rais (Saber) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Gilles Saber is… an option?

Gilles Saber’s kit is a little mismatched, in that he can buff the entire party’s NP damage for one turn, buff his own Buster performance for five turns, and then unleash his devastatingly powerful… Arts NP?

Unfortunately, even as 3-Stars go, there are much better options out there than Gilles.


3. Fergus mac Róich

Fergus mac Róich Fate/Grand Order sprite

Fergus is to FGO what Mario is to Smash Bros.

His skills are basic enough for you to read and understand completely without having to worry about managing complicated abilities.

Fergus’s first skill is a basic attack buff with an increase to his own mental debuff resistance.

His second skill is a defense buff, while his third skill is an evade.

This is fairly simple all things considered.

An attack buff to do damage, a defense buff to stay alive, and an evade to dodge NPs.

Fergus can also be a budget farming option should he be supported by NP chargers. His AOE Buster NP can deal decent damage to help take down weaker waves.

I’d say in the context of this ranking, Fergus is a decent pickup for anyone lacking a stronger option.


2. Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar Fate/Grand Order sprite

Caesar is a great supportive Saber that’s capable of buffing your team’s damage.

His first skill buffs the party’s NP damage by 18%, his second skill increases the party’s attack by 16%, and his final skill increases an ally’s critical damage.

While Ceaser excels as a support Servant, his NP also deals a lot more damage than it has any right to.

In the likelihood that you have Caser at NP5, you can also gain crit stars with its overcharge effect to increase your team’s damage even further.


1. Bedivere

Bedivere Fate/Grand Order sprite

FGO is always praised for its excellent storytelling.

But this doesn’t kick in until around the 6th Singularity; Camelot.

While Camelot in itself is a great story, this narrative is also supplemented by a great cast of characters to interact with. One such character that’ll be guiding you through this mysterious world is Bedivere.

Bedivere helps the Ritsuka and Mash a lot on their journey, and his in-game supportive kit mirrors this.

Bedivere can increase your team’s NP damage with his first skill, while buffing the party’s defense with his third skill.

However, as we’ve seen from the recent Camelot movies, Bedivere is no stranger to a sword.

And thanks to his second skill charging his NP by 30%, Bedivere can lay waste to a powerful boss with his single-target Buster nuke!

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