Best Custom Kenworth Mods For Farming Simulator 19

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Trucks are not only a huge part of our world, but they’re a huge part of the Farming Simulator world as well.

From delivering your tractors to moving the grain harvested out of your field, there’s always a truck involved at every step.

Everyone knows there are only a few truck manufacturers that really matter when it comes down to it, and Kenworth lands neatly in that list somewhere.

Understandably, the devs of Farming Simulator didn’t waste much money getting their hands on truck models for the game.

That’s alright with us though, as there are more than enough Kenworth mods to make even the biggest Kenworth fans happy.


7. Kenworth T600 Day Cab

Kenworth T600 Day Cab Mod for FS19

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This is simply a day cab model made for short hauls to local drop points.

And this is exactly what a farmer needs in Farming Simulator 19.

There are no overnight hauls, unless you count waiting on a sale to kick in. So this is a short and powerful little truck with options for wheels as well as tires.

Since the Kenworth T600 is a short truck, it makes it much easier to get into tight places, even with the longer trailers. Plus this is a tandem axle truck, which means it only has 2 rear axles.

Because of that, it won’t haul as large of a load as trucks with more axles.

This doesn’t mean it’s lacking in power, though.

It’ll by all means pull any load you can put on it. The problem comes when you get ready to stop that load from lurching forward…

More axles make for more breaks and more traction with the ground. These physics still apply in the virtual farming world, too.


6. BsM Truck 850 & 850 IT

BsM Truck 850 & 850IT Mod

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Here’s a pack of hook lift trucks that’s worth checking out.

It may not be named Kenworth in the name or description, but that’s to give it support for console versions of the game.

One of the few trucks on this list that can claim this feature, the BsM 850 and 850 IT, are clones of a Kenworth T850.

These modded trucks are hook lift trucks, which means you can transport not only hook lift containers, but other hook lift attachments as well.

And this pack includes the 2 trucks together, both of which are tri-axle hook lift trucks, along with several attachments and containers to move and carry around.

These containers and attachments work with other hook lift mods as well.


5. Kenworth 1974 W900A

Kenworth 1974 W900A Mod

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This truck is for those classic Kenworth fans out there who’ve been searching for that truck they watched their fathers drive.

The 1974 Kenworth W900A is a perfect representation of that.

This is even totally customizable so you can get that exact look that you’ve been hunting for.

The options on this truck include custom wheels and tires, plus exhaust options (including the forbidden dual straight pipe that California lawmakers hate so much).

With this mod installed, you can get ready for a real truck that probably still runs the highways to this day.


4. Kenworth K200

Kenworth K200 Mod for FS19

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Even though Kenworth is primarily an American truck brand, that doesn’t mean they don’t make any trucks for our flat nosed friends across the pond.

The Kenworth K200 is a cab over model that even the Man truck fans can appreciate.

This truck lacks a few options, but makes up for it in maneuverability and raw power.

And this one has been tricked out with a full optional bull bar, radio connectors for the CB radio, and even has the standard cab over exhaust that you’d expect any other cab over truck to have.


3. TLX Phoenix Series

TLX Phoenix Series Mod for FS19

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Another “Kenworth” to add to this list, the TLX Phoenix does not claim to be a Kenworth truck.

It’s just a clone of one with a cooler name badge on it.

That being said, this is a long nose Kenworth with the stretched wheel based for added hauling capacity.

Stretching the wheel base allows this truck to meet bridge law requirements in the United States. This means many of you reading this have more than likely seen one of these trucks running down the road and not even realized it.

This truck has too many options to list, but the most prominent feature is console support.

You may have already guessed that though, since it’s a clone and doesn’t have Kenworth markings.


2. American Trucks Pack v1.0

American Trucks Pack v1.0 / FS19 Mod

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This pack of semi-trucks is full on American.

While there are other trucks in this pack, we’re after the Kenworth ones.

This pack includes two different Kentowrth trucks ready to hit the road, each made special in its own way.

The first Kenworth in this pack is the T610. This is a larger heavy haul truck.

It comes with a tri axle configuration that’s complete with a lift axle for hauling even the heaviest equipment around.

There are multiple engine options too, as well as options for paint schemes and tires.

The other Kenworth truck in this mod pack is the Kenworth 521.

This is more of a midsized truck. It’s a day cab truck with a standard tandem axle setup.

Now it’s not made for heavy hauling, but typical use in normal applications are perfect. It has more horse power than the standard trucks in game too, and looks much better as well.


1. Kenworth T660 Aero Cab

Kenworth T660 Aero Cab Mod for FS19

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The more modern Kenworth trucks may not look as aggressive as the trucks of the past.

But this aero cab model brings these trucks into the future.

We’re taking away the snub nose look and trading it for a more modern & sleek design.

This custom truck not only brings a new look to Kenworth, but it also brings a new engine with options up to 650 horsepower.

If you’ve wanted to dive into the Kenworth trucks, but worried it might not overcome with wind drag, then this is a mod worth downloading.

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