How To Farm Dazzling Stones in Kingdom Hearts 1.5

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Dazzling Stones are a type of synthesis ingredient found only in Kingdom Hearts 1.5/Final Mix. And they’re only dropped by one rare heartless: the Jet Balloon.

The only place to farm this giant pufferfish-like heartless is through a special encounter on the Deck of the ship in Neverland.

He’ll try to fly off and run away, so you’ll need to fly and cast Aeroga spells & use Superglide to take him out easily, or even use Stop/Stopga spells to prevent him from getting away.

The diver-looking heartless that accompany the Jet Balloon can also make Sora drop a lot of money, and these guys can affect your drop chances.

The Jet Balloon will always drop a stone as long as you have more than 100 munny when he’s defeated. So it can be worth grinding up your munny reserves before you farm for Dazzling Stones, just to make things easier.

Jet Balloon Heartless spawning on the Deck in Neverland (KH1.5 HD)

Farming Dazzling Stones: Location + Tips

The only enemy in the entire game that’ll drop these stones is the Jet Balloon. It’s based on the Aquatank Heartless, which is why the Jet Balloon also comes with Screwdiver-like enemies as well.

But the Jet Balloon is a rare spawn on the Deck of Captain Hook’s ship in Neverland.

He spawns by himself, but will continually spawn Missile Divers, who will go after Sora and cause you to drop a lot of Munny if you get hit.

Missile Diver and Jet Balloon Heartless Screenshot (KH1.5 HD)

If you go below 100 Munny then you won’t even be able to get a Dazzling Stone! So absolutely keep an eye on your Munny reserves during the fight.

Also, if you take a little too long fighting the Jet Balloon then he’ll begin to float away, eventually completely despawning.

You can either chase him down and remember to catch his drops before they land in the water, or quickly cast a Stop spell to freeze him before he can escape.

Just make sure you have full MP before the fight, and maybe equip some Ethers/Elixirs too.

The Jet Balloon will always drop a Dazzling stone 100% of the time upon defeat, as long as you have more than 100 Munny on you.

And this Heartless even has an extra 20% chance to drop a second Stone too, with no other special requirements aside from still needing over 100 Munny.

Flying towards the Jet Balloon Heartless (KH1.5 HD)

Dazzling Stone Uses

These stones are used in two specific but very powerful recipes:

Exp Bracelet: This custom bracelet can be equipped to any party member, and it will boost their gained EXP rate by 30%. But there is a downside – it’ll also lower the equipped member’s strength and defense.

But if you wanna go ham you can make 2-3 of these, because the effect stacks.

One EXP Bracelet be synthesized with List V and the following ingredients:

  • x1 Energy Stone
  • x1 Dazzling Stone
  • x1 Stormy Stone
  • x8 Orichalcum
  • x3 Dark Matter

Seven Elements: This shield was added in KH1.5/Final Mix, and it works great for a mage-focused build for Goofy. It gives him +4 strength and +3 MP.

You can synthesize this shield using List VI and these ingredients:

  • x3 Blazing Stones
  • x3 Frost Stones
  • x3 Lightning Stones
  • x5 Dazzling Stones
Getting a Dazzling Stone drop over the water in Neverland (KH 1.5 HD)

Are Dazzling Stones Worth Farming?

The stones aren’t the hardest thing to farm once you track down enough Jet Balloon encounters and get good at defeating them swiftly.

So I’d say it’s worth attempting to learn the battle & farm.

You’ll only need maybe 7-ish Stones to synthesize everything you could want them for.

And since the Jet Balloon guarantees a 100% drop rate (over 100 Munny) you can likely stack these up quickly when you get into a good rhythm.

Just watch out for the Divers and quickly take down the Balloon and you’ll be golden.

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