KH1.5: Where To Get Power Shards (Farming Guide)

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Power Shards are dropped by the Powerwild, Bouncywild, and White Mushroom heartless. They can also be dropped by charging Bambi’s summon gauge in Halloween Town.

Your best bet for farming these shards will be from Bambi, as the various “Wild” monkey-themed heartless are annoying to fight. The strategy for Bambi is to summon him in Halloween Town and defeat enemies to increase his gauge. He’ll have a 40% chance to drop a shard when his gauge has been filled twice, and a 60% drop chance when the gauge has been filled 3 times.

But if you’d prefer farming the monkeys then the best location is in Deep Jungle, specifically disembarking at the Campsite and fighting all the Powerwilds.

They’re fairly easy to take out with Thundaga or Trinity Limit.

Plus when you clear the area you can quickly hit the save spot in the tent to spawn more.

As far as in-game uses, Power Shards are necessary in lots of synthesis recipes, with the most notable being the Energy Bangle, Power Chain, Angle Bangle, Power Up, Mega Potion, and much more.

Bambi summoned in Halloween Town / KH1.5 Screenshot

Where To Get Power Shards

There’s definitely a lot of options here so you don’t need to actually farm all of these enemies. It’s better to pick one farming strategy and stick to it.

That said, here’s all the options you have:



These lowly apes are the basic monkey heartless you’ll first encounter in Deep Jungle. But they can be found in Deep Jungle, Monstro, and the End of the World.

They have an 8% chance to drop a Power Shard, and that rate can be increased in the original KH1 game – up to a 20% chance if they slip on a banana peel thrown from one of their attacks.

Note: if you’re playing KH1.5 Remix then these monkeys just have a flat 4% drop chance.

That said, these are still the simplest heartless to defeat in bulk (and quickly). So if you’d prefer to battle heartless for Power Shard drops, these enemies should be your go-to.

Close-up Powerwild Heartless Screenshot / KH1.5 HD


Widely regarded as one of the most annoying enemies in the whole series, these pink jumpy monkeys are extremely fast and real difficult to take out.

But they have a 12% chance to drop a Power Shard in the original game, or if you’re playing KH1.5 Remix they’ll have just an 8% drop chance.

You can find these monkeys parading around the 2nd district of Traverse Town, or in Deep Jungle, Monstro, and the End of the World. The best place to farm these monkeys is probably in Deep Jungle, just like the Powerwilds.


White Mushroom

These rare heartless can be found across almost every world in the game. The goal is to play charades and hit them with certain spells, and each spell can affect what kind of drops you’ll get.

If you want Power Shards then you’ll need to have at least the basic Stop spell. And there’s more good news: you only need to cast Stop as the 3rd spell in their series. Hitting Stop as the 3rd spell guarantees you a 100% chance drop for a Power Shard.

But since we need to find White Mushrooms that will actually play charades with Stop magic, there’s only a few areas we can visit where the mushroom will want that spell.

Those places are as follows:

– Atlantica: Undersea Cave
– Atlantica: Sunken Ship (Below Decks)
– End of the World: Linked Worlds



Summon Bambi in Halloween Town and start taking out enemies. This will fill up his gauge over time.

If you manage to defeat enough enemies to fill up Bambi’s gauge x3 times, he’ll have a 60% chance to drop a Power Shard for you. Or it’ll be a 40% drop chance if you only manage to fill the gauge twice.

So you can tell that your odds are very high with this farming method.

But note that this method only works in Halloween Town, because Bambi has a different drop table for each world. Here’s Bambi’s full drop table for Halloween Town:

Gauges Drops
x1 Filled Hi-Potion (100%)
x2 Filled Mega-Ether (100%)
Power Shard (40%)
x3 Filled Elixir (100%)
Power Shard (60%)
Power Gem (30%)

Power Shard Uses

Here’s all the synthesis recipes that require Power Shards, including both the original KH1 and KH1.5 Remix.

Power Up: Increases any party member’s strength by +1 point. It can be synthesized in the original KH1 using List IV and x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, x1 Power Crystal, x1 Mystery Goo, and x2 Orichalum.

If you’re playing KH1.5 Remix then the recipe will instead need List V and x5 Spirit Shards, x3 Spirit Gems, x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, and x1 Dark Matter.

Energy Bangle: A quaint little accessory that increases your max HP by +3 and Defense by +1. You can make it in KH1 using List I and x2 Power Shards and x1 Frost Shards.

KH1.5 Remix’s recipe doesn’t require any Power Shards.

Power Chain: This small chain increases your Strength by +2. Craft this in Kh1 using List I with x2 Spirit Shards and x2 Power Shards.

Or in KH1.5 Remix you’ll need x2 Power Shards and x1 Lucid Shard.

Angel Bangle: Gain +6 HP and an added +2 Defense. Synthesize it in KH1 with List II and x3 Spirit Shards, x3 Power Shards, and x3 Bright Gems.

If you’re playing KH1.5 Remix then this recipe is different and it won’t need any power shards.

Golem Chain: An accessory granting +3 Strength and +1 defense. Craft it using List II and x3 Power Shards, X1 Power Gem, and x1 Lucid Gem.

KH1.5 Remix has a recipe that doesn’t require power shards.

Heartguard: Guard you heart with +3 HP, +4 Defense, and +20% Dark Damage Resistance. The KH1.5 Remix recipe doesn’t need any power shards, but the original game will need List III and x3 Spirit Shards, x3 Power Shards, and x1 Power Crystal.

Gaia Bangle: With +9 HP and +3 Defense, you’d be foolish not to make this accessory. It’s easily one of the best!

Use List III in KH1 to synthesize this, with the required materials being x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, and x1 Bright Crystal.

KH1.5 Remix’s recipe doesn’t need any power shards.

Mega Potion: Restores 30 HP to all of your party members. Craft this in KH1.5 Remix using List I and x1 Spirit Shard, x1 Power Shard, and x4 Mythril Shards.

This time around the original KH1’s recipe doesn’t require any Power Shards, so it’ll be different.

Titan Chain: An accessory offering +4 strength and +2 Defense. You can craft this in KH1.5 Remix using List III and x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, and x1 Power Stone.

The original KH1 has a different recipe that doesn’t require power shards.

Grinding Powerwilds at Deep Jungle Campsite / KH1.5 HD

Are These Worth Farming?

There is an immense number of accessories you can synthesize with these shards that are also extremely useful.

So yes, I’d recommend farming Power Shards if you need more.

The Gaia Bangle, Heartguard, and Titan Chain will all be helpful on your journey.

And since these shards are fairly rare to get, you probably won’t collect enough of them just by running through the game normally.

But Bambi is an easy farming method here, assuming you’ve unlocked Bambi & have access to Halloween Town.

The monkey heartless are fairly tedious and not super convenient, but they are another option if you want to farm Power Shards earlier than Halloween Town. And if that’s the case then try your luck with the apes.

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