Where Do You Get Frost Stones in KH2.5? (Farming Guide)

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Frost Stones are dropped by the Aeroplane and Hot Rod Heartless. The best place to farm these guys would be in the Timeless River world.

Hot Rods have a 12% chance of dropping a Frost Stone, and Aeroplanes have an 8% chance. These rates can be increased by equipping Lucky Lucky abilities.

You can find both Aeroplanes and Hot Rods in most areas with the Timeless River, but the best route to farm them is as follows:

Wharf > Waterway > Pier

From the Pier, simply turn around and run back to the Wharf for new spawns.

Going back and forth through these three zones will provide you with plenty of Hot Rods and Aeroplanes, so racking up tons of Frost Stones will be a snap.

Tip: You’ll only need 4 Frost Stones in total to create one of everything that requires them via synthesis.


Tips for Quicker Frost Stone Farming

Hot Rods in Timeless River / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Hot Rods in Timeless River

The previous farming route works because Heartless reset when you go two zones away.

So using the Waterway as the middle area means that you’re always resetting the previous battle zone.

The Waterway doesn’t have any heartless in it, just a Mushroom enemy that won’t bother you if you don’t bother it. You can use this safe area to heal up, wait for your MP to recover, or even to adjust your abilities.

As for fighting Hot Rods and Aeroplanes…

Aeroplanes don’t present much of a challenge. They fly, so Air Combo Plus and Thunder spells will help ground them.

Hot Rods, on the other hand, can be quite the pain in the rear.

They have more HP than other Heartless and ruthlessly run your down if you’re careless.

When Hot Rods start revving up and then zoom around, they become invincible. They also deal large amounts of damage and can easily stunlock you into a game over screen.

It’s best to be aggressive with Hot Rods and defeat them as quickly as you can.

If you do have to deal with their speedy shenanigans, be prepared to stay in the air as much as possible and use the occasional Reflect spell.

This is also a good opportunity to level your Wisdom Form. It gains experience with every Heartless defeated, and you’ll be racking up that score pretty fast while you farm for drops.


Using Frost Stones

Frost Stones in Action / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Frost Stones in Action

Each of the following recipes requires 1 Frost Stone:

Recipe Item Effect
Blizzaga Armlet Defense +3, Blizzard Def. +20%
Blizzagun Armlet Defense +3, Blizzard Def. +25%
Acrisius Defense +3, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder Def. +20%
Acrisius+ Defense +3, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder Def. +25%

You don’t need too many Frost Stones, so it shouldn’t take you too much time to get what you need.

That said, what you can make with them is rather good.

The Acrisius accessory is especially useful, and it’s almost as good as Ribbons.

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