KH2.5: Where Do You Farm Lucid Stones?

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Graveyards, Toy Soldiers, and Wight Knights in Halloween Town are the only heartless that can drop Lucid Stones in KH2/KH2.5.

Here’s the drop table:

Heartless Lucid Stone Drop Rate
Graveyard 12%
Toy Soldier 12%
Wight Knight 8%

These are the only enemies that drop Lucid Stones in the game.

Tip: Once you give the Synthesis Moogle 25 Lucid Stones, they become available for purchase for 200 munny each.


Farming Lucid Stones

Graveyard heartless are the best source of stones / Kingdom Hearts II
Graveyard heartless are the best source of stones

The best way to farm Lucid Stones is to enter Halloween Town at Dr. Finkelstein’s Lab and then fight through the Town Square, Graveyard, and Curly Hill areas.

Each of these areas has three Graveyard Heartless.

Once you clear them all out, return to the lab’s save point to get back to the world map and repeat the run.

The amount of Graveyards you can fight before having to return to the world map makes this route super-efficient.

Additionally, there are a few Wight Knights around, which also drop Lucid Stones.

Alternatively, you could also land at Santa’s House and exit out to Candy Cane Lane to fight Toy Soldier Heartless.

However, fewer Toy Soldiers appear here – and there are no Wight Knights.

Note: Defeating Graveyards and Toy Soldiers (they’re essentially the same enemy, but with different colors) can be tricky if you’re low level.

Reflect magic works very well against both types.

Ranged attacks, such as Thunder spells or Sora’s Wisdom Form, also work wonders too – since these attacks keep you out of the danger zone.

But if none of that seems practical then aerial attacks also work better than fighting these Heartless on the ground.


What Are Lucid Stones Used For?

The Buster Band is one of the best defense accessories / Kingdom Hearts II
The Buster Band is one of the best defense accessories

Lucid Stones are among the many synthesis ingredients used to make the following accessories:

Accessory Effects
Midnight Anklet Defense +3, Dark Resistance +20%
Chaos Anklet Defense +3, Dark Resistance +25%
Power Band Defense +4
Buster Band Defense +5

Both the Power Band and Buster Band are two of the best defense accessories out there.

So what’s the verdict on these things?

Lucid Stones are worth your time – especially if you’re playing on Proud or Critical Mode.

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