Where To Farm Twilight Stones in KH2 (And KH2.5)

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Twilight Stones in KH2 & KH2.5 are dropped by the Dancer Nobody at a 12% drop rate.

You can find these nobodies across Radiant Garden (especially Cavern of Remembrance), and in some places in Twilight Town, which is arguably the best place to farm these.

You can also find Dancers in The World That Never Was, going to “Proof of Existence” and farming in “Naught’s Approach”.

But to farm these drops faster, Twilight Town will be your best move. Just land in the Mansion Basement Computer Room, then exit towards the “Basement Hall”, and then go to the “Basement Corridor”.

In there you’ll find a bunch of Dancers to farm.

Then you can simply go back to the World Map from the save point and repeat the process.

And for practical uses, Twilight Stones are used to craft quite a few recipes, including Mythril ingredients, Save the King, and some accessories.


Twilight Stone Locations & Farming (KH2/KH2.5)

There’s only one enemy in the game that drops Twilight Stones, and that’s the Dancer Nobody.

These funky little lads have a 12% chance to drop the Stones.

And they’re fairly easy to beat once you learn their patterns.

Sora battling a Dancer Nobody in Twilight Town Basement / KH 2.5 HD

You can always travel around The World That Never Was or all around Twilight Town, since these nobodies do spawn in areas across those worlds.

But for farming Twilight Stones quickly, we have a couple good options:


1. Twilight Town Mansion Computer Room – Take your Gummi Ship to Twilight Town and pick the destination labeled “Mansion: Computer Room”, which should take you to the save spot in the basement.

Then exit that room going towards the Basement Hall area, and then leave that room towards the “Basement Corridor”.

You should find 5-6 Dancers that spawn in there each time.

Twilight Town Mansion Basement Corridor Area / KH 2.5 HD

Clear the room, then go back to the Computer Room save point and go back to the world map & repeat.


2. TWTNW Naught’s Approach – as mentioned earlier, Dancer nobodies are most prominently found in The World That Never Was. You can probably find them all over the place, but the fastest farming method is to land in Proof of Existence.

From that room you’ll want to find the exit that takes you to “Naught’s Approach”. In there you should find a few dancers that spawn every time.

Take ‘em out, collect any drops, then hit the world map & repeat.


Twilight Stone Uses

These are used in a couple of different synthesis recipes in KH2/KH2.5.

Below we’ll share what they do, and which recipes need a Twilight Stone (and how many).

Moon Amulet – a powerful accessory that will give you a great increase of +2 Strength, +2 Magic, and +3 AP. You’ll need the moon recipe to craft it, which you’ll find inside a chest at the Radiant Garden Restoration Site.

This recipe uses x3 Orichalcum, x1 Mythril Crystal, x1 Twilight Stone, and x1 Twilight Shard.

Star Charm – This is the upgraded Moon Amulet. It’ll give you +2 Strength, +2 Magic, and +5 AP.

Again it has the same recipe as the Moon Amulet, but with an added x1 Serenity Crystal.

Mythril Shards – All the mythril items are very valuable synthesis ingredients, used in lots of recipes.

For synthesizing Mythril shards, you’ll need x1 Dense Stone, x3 Dense Shards, x1 Twilight stone, and x3 Twilight Shards.

Mythril Stones – These are made with the same ingredients as Mythril shards, but with a single x1 Serenity Shard added in.

Mythril Gems – If you want to craft Mythril Gems, then you’ll need to gather x1 Dense Crystal, x3 Dense Gems, x1 Twilight Crystal, and x3 Twilight Gems.

Mythril Crystals – These are generally the most valuable Mythril items in the game, and if you want to synthesize some then you’ll follow the same recipe as the Mythril Gems, but with an added x1 Serenity Crystal.

Save the King – This is Goofy’s best shield in the game, and a must-have for any good knight (and for completionists).

It has +9 strength, and comes with the Item Boost ability. After you collect the Queen Recipe, you’ll need to get x1 Orichalcum, x3 Twilight Crystals, x5 Twilight Gems, x7 Twilight Stones, and x9 Twilight Shards.

Save the King+ – Just an upgrade to Goofy’s already incredible STK shield, but now with new abilities. You’ll get MP Rage in traditional KH2FM, or the ability Damage Control in KH2.5FM.

All you’ll need is the original STK recipe and the same ingredients, but with an added x1 Serenity Crystal.

Collecting all Twilight Materials in KH2 will also reward you with a Serenity Crystal from the Synthesis Moogle.

Twilight Stone Drop in KH2FM HD in Mansion Basement Corridor / KH 2.5 HD

Are These Worth Farming?

You’ll need some stones for Save the King, assuming you want to synthesize Goofy’s best shield.

And maybe you’ll want the Star charm as a good accessory.

However, the biggest reason you may(or may not) want to farm Twilight Stones is based on how many Mythril ingredients you’ll need for other recipes.

Those Mythril items are used in lots of recipes, and are hard to come by as regular drops. So getting enough Twilight Stones to be able to synthesize your own Mythril items will be very helpful, even in the post-game.

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