KH2.5: Where To Farm Dark Stones

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Dark Stones are dropped by Assault Riders and Nightwalkers. Both of these Heartless can be found in the Land of Dragons, so that’s where you’ll be farming for stones.

Assault Riders have a 12% chance of dropping a Dark Stone, and Nightwalkers have a 10% chance. So they’re both pretty evenly matched.

As usual, these rates can be increased by equipping as many Lucky Lucky abilities as you can.

Tip: Once you hand over 25 Dark Stones to the synthesis moogle, you’ll be able to purchase them for 200 munny each. So technically, purchasing your stones is the “best” farming method.


How To Farm Dark Stone Drops

Assault Riders are the best source of stones / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Assault Riders are the best source of stones

From the Throne Room in the Land of Dragons you can exit to the Antechamber, which is loaded with Assault Riders.

Six of them, to be exact!

Once you clear out the Antechamber of Riders, simply double back into the Throne Room to use the save point to return to the world map. Then rinse and repeat.

Fighting these Assault Riders effectively can take a bit of practice.

If you approach them head-on, either from the air or ground, there’s a good chance that you’ll just be knocked away with a spear attack. Getting behind an Assault Rider is the key to victory.

Tip: Try to avoid having too many Combo Plus abilities on Sora, because it’s the final hit in a combo that does the most damage and you will have limited time to attack an Assault Rider from behind.

Of course, you can also use magic (Reflect helps a lot). Sora’s Limit Form’s Strike Raid is extra effective too.

You can also fight Nightwalkers in the Courtyard area just beyond the Antechamber.


What Are Dark Stones Used For?

Dark Stones can be used to make the mighty Elixir / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Dark Stones can be used to make the mighty Elixir

Among some great accessories like Buster Band and the Expert’s Ring, Dark Stones are also part of making Elixirs and Megalixirs – the best healing items in the game.

You’ll need only 8 Dark Stones in total to make one of every synthesis recipe in KH2.5 that requires these stones.

But it’s always easy to farm more.

And they’re part of some really helpful items, so it helps to gather as many as you can!

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