Where Do You Farm Serenity Stones in KH2.5?

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The quickest way to farm Serenity Stones is by farming Crimson Jazz Heartless in Agrabah.

Here’s how to do the farm:

Step 1: Enter the world at the Stone Guardians save point (the first save point in the Cave of Wonders).

Step 2: Then head further into the Valley of Stone where you’ll immediately fight two Crimson Jazz.

Step 3: Defeat them, and then return to Stone Guardians save point and go back to the world map to reset everything. Rinse & repeat.

Defeating these two Crimson Jazz takes less than a minute (probably less than thirty seconds at higher level). A whole run through this route, including returning to the world map, should take no less than two minutes.

But Crimson Jazz have a 4% chance of dropping a Serenity Stone, so don’t forget to equip the drop-rate increasing Lucky abilities!

You’ll need 8 Serenity Stones in total to make one of everything that requires them.


Farming Serenity Stones Fast

Valley of Stone area / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Valley of Stone area

Crimson Jazz, being fire-based, are weak to Blizzard attacks.

Use this to your advantage to quickly dispatch them before they start their annoying Mine attacks.

If you find yourself surrounded by fire Mines, you can use the Reflect spell to get rid of them.

This is important, because you can easily get caught in a chain of fire Mines, which stunlocks Sora and can deal lots of damage.

While farming for drops in the KH games, it’s always a good idea to quickly identify which battle methods would defeat your target the fastest. And with Crimson Jazz, it’s a mix of Blizzard magic, strong aerial physical attacks, and the occasional Reflect.

Practice makes perfect!

Tip: Stacking fire resistance also helps here too. Accessories like the Firaga Bangle and Ribbon are great for this farming route.


What Are Serenity Stones Used For?

Upgrading using a Serenity Stone / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Upgrading using a Serenity Stone

Like all the other Serenity items, Serenity Stones are used as an extra ingredient to upgrade a recipe’s result in KH2.5.

For example, adding a Serenity Stone into your synthesis while creating a Mega-Potion turns it into a Mega-Ether. Or a Mythril Gem turns into a Mythril Crystal (which is an especially important end-game synth item).

Out of the three Serenity items, Serenity Stones are the most annoying to farm, but they’re also are arguably the most valuable.

Thankfully, you don’t need too many of them to complete all the recipes.

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