Best Mods For Legend of Grimrock II (All Free)

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There’s no question that the second iteration of dungeon-crawler RPG Legend of Grimrock built upon everything that made the first game great.

One of the more major changes you’ll immediately notice though is how much the world has been expanded.

There’s much more to discover, offering dungeons with different settings and environments to keep things fresh… at least in the first few playthroughs.

But to keep us entertained, we always want more. The game’s modding community is focused primarily on providing tons of new custom dungeons and scenarios for the title – and there’s plenty to dig into here, making for an endless amount of replayability.


15. Portrait Pack – Curated 260

Portrait Pack - Curated 260 Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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Before getting into some of the custom campaigns, there are a couple of cosmetic mods worth looking into.

This first portrait pack keeps within Grimrock’s theme, offering a curated set of 260 custom portraits character portraits that fit well with those included in the base game.

The pack consists of fantasy-based character portraits to match the races and classes already available in the game, so nothing should appear out of place.


14. Game of Thrones Portraits

Game of Thrones Portraits Mod for Legend of Grimrock II

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This next one takes thing in a completely different direction.

The popular HBO TV series Game of Thrones has even made its way to Grimrock, as the pack contains 68 character portraits from the series to replace the in-game portraits with.

Only official HBO images and fan art were used here, so image quality isn’t a concern here.

You’ll be able to imagine that you’re in a completely different world, one where crossovers are just the bee’s knees.


13. Magic of Grimrock

Magic of Grimrock Mod for Legend of Grimrock II

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While most aspects of the original game are undoubtedly better in the sequel, it seems as though there wasn’t much thought put into making changes to the magic system.

The available spells still revolve around the four elements. And not much has been changed or added really, making it feel like more of the same from the previous.

Modder Andak Rainor saw this as an opportunity which resulted in Magic of Grimrock, a mod that focuses on heavily expanding the magic aspects of the game.

While the setting isn’t change, you’ll be playing through the Isle of Nex except this time you’ll have over 100 new spells to discover along the way.


12. The Legend of the Lost Dwarf Kingdom of Kahrak’arul

The Legend of the Lost Dwarf Kingdom of Kahrak'arul Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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Getting through any good game’s campaign is almost always a bittersweet experience.

On the one hand, you’ve just played through a fulfilling story – but on the other, I’m sure a part of you wishes it didn’t have to end just yet.

This is where Grimrock’s mod community really shines though, as it has become an endless pool of creativity where you’ll find loads of custom campaigns and scenarios for completely new Grimrock experiences.

The Legend of the Lost Dwarf Kingdom of Kahrak’arul is the first, boasting a campaign just as robust as the base game.


11. Eye of the Atlantis

Eye of the Atlantis Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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Eye of the Atlantis is another large custom campaign option, adding a whole 20 hours to your Grimrock play time.

The mod follows a non-linear storyline where you’re encouraged to explore and make your own path through the complex new open world.

The mod includes new shops, classes, traits, and skills to discover as well, leaving you more options to play around with in terms of party builds.


10. Isle of the Deranged

Isle of the Deranged Mod for Legend of Grimrock II

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Isle of the Deranged offers yet another 18+ hours of play time as you and your party are kidnapped by a mysterious group called “The Masters”.

You’re then sent to a deserted isle where you’re to participate in a test of survival to earn your freedom.

The mod encourages exploration as well, offering hidden rewards for those who look carefully enough.

Other than the open-world design, Isle of the Deranged features new tomes, weapons, and items to discover as well.


9. Finisterrae

Finisterrae Mod for Legend of Grimrock II

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Finisterrae is another huge campaign mod for the game, claiming around 20+ hours for the main storyline but realistically over 50 hours to complete all secrets and challenges.

Talk about getting more out of your game, right?

This mod takes a different approach as well, veering away from typical fantasy and introducing Irish mythology-inspired concepts to make for an interesting story.


8. Bacodar’s Realm

Bacodar's Realm Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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Bacodar’s Realm is a great option for those up to a more challenging Grimrock experience.

As with many other mods, you start off locked up in a dungeon, make your way out of your cell, and explore your surroundings.

In Bacodar’s Realm there’s a catch though – all your gear was taken away before you were locked up.

The campaign isn’t quite as large as the others. But it offers 7 additional hours of play time.


7. Falagar – A Journey

Falagar - A Journey Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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Falagar is another huge mod that offers a 40 to 50-hour long campaign.

Modder Bunkerknacker cites older dungeon-crawlers like Might and Magic and Wizardry as inspirations, so if you were a fan of those you’ll definitely enjoy Falagar.

The mod takes a different approach to difficulty as well, giving you a much more balanced experienced.

Rather than equating excitement with difficulty, Falagar keeps things interesting through the storyline, puzzles, and mysteries to unfold.


6. Journey to Justice

Journey to Justice Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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In Journey to Justice you find that you and your party members have been condemned to exile for betrayal.

As a result, you’re thrown out into the wastelands and left to fend for yourselves.

This mod contains 15 main levels along with loads of hidden ones to discover along your journey.

There’s much more to discover too, since the mod is packed with new monsters and side quests.

Journey to Justice should be just as long as the original campaign as well, so this should keep you busy for a while.


5. Lost City

Lost City Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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Lost City is one of the more popular mods for Legend of Grimrock, and is one of the more challenging options you could install.

This follows you and your party as you search for immortality in the form of the elixir of youth.

Many challenges stand in your way of course, as you’ll discover through the 20+ levels throughout the mod.

Lost City offers 30-45 hours of play time, multiple endings, and a few secrets as well.


4. Exellion

Exellion Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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Exellion is much smaller in scale compared to most of the mods on the list. But sometimes a typical hero tale is exactly what you need to get that fix of fulfillment.

The mod’s story isn’t anything new: you’re sent to Horizon, a world between worlds.

It’s there that you must find Death himself and defeat him.

No explanations necessary of course, as with many hero stories.

The mod features NPCs and dialogue to support the storyline as well as new weapons to wield and bosses to fight.


3. Its a ctrap

Its a ctrap Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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“lts a ctrap” is another great mod for those of you who enjoyed some of the older dungeon crawlers back in the day.

While the mod doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, it’s great for a casual playthrough focused on exploration.

There are a couple of new spells and items here, but the mod’s real focus is the secrets and easter eggs scattered around the world.

There are tons of easter eggs and references to older games to find. So if you’re looking for a more relaxed Grimrock experience catered towards classic gaming – this is the way to go.


2. The Butcher of Many

The Butcher of Many Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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The Butcher of Many is another short mod inspired by old school dungeon crawlers – this time by Stonekeep specifically.

Modder Zdenek Houb wanted to bring back the atmosphere of Stonekeep within Legend of Grimrock, and The Butcher of Many is what came of it.

The campaign can be completed is just 7 hours, but contains 34 secrets and multiple boss fights to keep things interesting.

Zdenek Houb is a former game designer as well, so you can be sure this thing was made with love.


1. Grimrock Unlimited

Grimrock Unlimited Legend of Grimrock II Mod

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If replayability is what you’re after, then Grimrock Unlimited has you covered.

Instead of providing you with completely new storylines and campaigns to play through, Grimrock Unlimited takes a much simpler approach.

Grimrock Unlimited provides you with procedurally generated play throughs for each campaign, giving you randomized dungeons, items, and enemy encounters each time you start a new game.

There are a few new features thrown into the mix as well, including new room types and bosses to change things up a bit.

Absolutely give this one a go if you have time.

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