Best Among Us Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate List

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The era of the internet when Among Us burst into popularity will forever go down in infamy as far as I’m concerned.

The imposter memes, the weird hodgepodge of internet and real-life personalities playing Among Us, and the early days of the pandemic made the party game an overnight success.

If you’re like me, you still bug your friends to play and are looking for ways to keep the Amogus memes alive. Well thankfully, dear reader, these skins offer a great way to be the imposter in Minecraft any day of the week.


1. Shorty

Shorty Among Us Skin For Minecraft

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One of the key factors in Among Us’ success was the fact the crewmates were this little blob characters.

They were cute, unassuming, and nefarious beyond belief.

I have no idea how creator lovfallande made this red crewmate so short, but I love it, and I need to use this skin right away.


2. Red

Red Minecraft Skin

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What is it about red that tends to make it the default character?

The red crewmate is the first one that comes to my mind when I think Among Us, and it’s also the most downloaded of the crewmates.


3. White Crewmate

White Crewmate Skin For Minecraft

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That doesn’t mean the other colors of crewmates don’t get any love.

I can’t get enough of how this design looks puffed and rounded like the in-game characters but translated to Minecraft size.


4. Red Leaf Hat

Red Leaf Hat Minecraft Skin

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The creativity that went into this skin is utterly astounding.

The way creator _Waffle_Warrior_ made the thick dark outlines on this red crewmate not line up with the Minecraft base model is incredible.

Also, how could anyone not love the little leaf hat?


5. Steven

Steven Among Us Skin For Minecraft

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There are few things in this world as cute to me as Minecraft skins that have a character holding something above their head.

Steve with a big smile on his face holding a sus crewmate above his head like a trophy just watered my crops and cleared my skin.


6. Brown Crewmate

Brown Crewmate Minecraft Skin

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Oh gosh, maybe it’s been too long since I’ve played, but I didn’t even remember there being a brown crewmate.

My apologies to the brown crewmate. I can now only hope that my rudeness doesn’t get me killed by the imposter.


7. Among Us Hoodie

Among Us Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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With Among Us’ popularity in the past few years, there’s no doubt in my mind that Among Us merch has become huge.

I can’t say I own any in actuality, so I might as well own some in Minecraft, right?


8. Blue

Blue Minecraft Skin

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Blue was always my go to crewmate color, and I think creator twiig’s blue crewmate might become one of my go to Minecraft skins as well.

I love the film over the skin to make the cyan look washed out.


9. Design

Among Us Onesie Design Skin For Minecraft

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I don’t know when these white skins with a design printed on them entered into the Minecraft sphere, but I kind of love them.

The way the red crewmate doesn’t exactly fit on the skin’s body and stretches out onto the arms and head looks so good to me, and I just can’t define why.


10. Detective

Crewmate Detective Minecraft Skin

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Among Us is a game about being a master sleuth and figuring out who amongst your friends is an alien imposter.

It makes sense that there’d be an edgy detective Among Us skin.

I’ll be honest. This might be my favorite skin, period.


11. Among Us Chan

Among Us Chan Skin For Minecraft

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Oh, the internet. The only place where you can have all the gathered knowledge of humanity at your fingertips and also an Among Us crewmate in a maid outfit.

Never change, internet. Never change.


12. Dapper

Dapper Among Us Crewmate Minecraft Skin

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Why is it so funny to see one of the goofy Among Us crewmates all zhuzhed up in a dapper suit and tie?

I love the upscale bartender imposter look.


13. Among Us Drip

Among Us Drip Skin For Minecraft

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This skin has two tags to identify it: Among Us and Drip.

I don’t think any more needs to be said. It’s Among Us.

And he’s got the drip.


14. Supreme

Supreme Outfit on Crewmate / Minecraft Skin

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In all seriousness, I’m very tickled by these Among Us hypebeast skins with their expensive streetwear looks.

These are two categories of things that never crossed in my life, and the pairing is adding years to my life.


15. Imposter

Imposter Skin For Minecraft

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Now, this Among Us skin is actually an imposter. It’s a crewmate wearing a wig and clothes pretending to be a normal human person.

If I had a big red button in front of me, I’d be calling for that emergency meeting ASAP.


16. Venom Crewmate

Venom Crewmate Minecraft Skin

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This skin exemplifies the scariness of the Among Us imposter in Minecraft terms. On the surface, you see a normal unassuming blob crewmate.

But beneath that, there’s a terrifying creature. An alien, Steve, waiting to kill and consume.


17. Maid

Maid Crewmate Skin For Minecraft

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There’s another maid Among Us skin?

I wish I knew where the people who made these skins got the idea for them.

Moreso, I wish these skins weren’t so genuinely well-made.


18. King Crewmate

King Crewmate Minecraft Skin

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Given the red crewmate’s red color, I think it would be a safe bet to assume they’d look good in royal colors.

King Crewmate just makes sense.


19. In Game

In Game Among Us Skin For Minecraft

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The attention to detail on this skin is ridiculous.

On the one hand, the black space at the top of the skin where there isn’t texture is strange, but on the other hand, the crewmate looks exactly like it does in the actual Among Us game.


20. Duck (Among Us)

Duck (Among Us) Minecraft Skin

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There’s nothing to see here. This is just a totally normal crewmate.

There’s no insidious duck inhabiting the crewmate’s body whose sole mission is to slaughter the crew and take over the ship. Who gave you that idea?


21. Muscle Man

Muscle Man Skin For Minecraft

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It feels strange to think about a crewmate in underwear. It also feels strange to think about the crewmate having muscles, much less abs.

It’s pretty funny though; I have to admit.


22. Creeper Hype Beast

Creeper Hype Beast Minecraft Skin

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This skin has huge 2012 vibes with its massively decorated creeper hoodie and red v. blue theming.

The crossover between Among Us and the creeper gear PvP skin style is so jarring not only because of its styles but because of the vast difference in time periods between when these two things were popular, that it’s got me fully bamboozled.

That being said, I think it’s kind of awesome.


23. Double Green Crewmate

Double Green Crewmate Skin For Minecraft

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This skin has absolutely no right to be anywhere near as cute as it is.

It’s a green crewmate, but on top of the green crewmate’s head is another, smaller green crewmate.

This skin is hilarious and cute, and I will hear no word otherwise.


24. Blue Buff

Blue Buff Crewmate Minecraft Skin

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Remember that red crewmate skin from earlier in the boxers with the low effort abs drawn on?

Blue saw those gains and took that to heart. This blue crewmate is absolutely jacked, with so much muscle definition that the muscles actually have some texture, popping off of the skin.

I would not want to question whether this guy was the imposter.


25. ShREDded

ShREDded Red Buff Crewmate Skin For Minecraft

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Just when I thought I’d seen the pinnacle of Among Us crewmate muscles, skin creator inlve rounds the corner with an equally if not more shredded red crewmate.

I love muscle skins, and I think they’re super funny.

But there’s something almost concerning about seeing how muscular these blob boys are. And I kinda like it.

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