Best Squid Game Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate List

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Netflix hit jackpot when they released Squid Game in 2021: a South Korean survival drama.

Overnight it became a worldwide sensation, and racked up 1.65 billion hours watched within 28 days of its launch.

After all, people love gamified survival. And Squid Game proved this by cementing its status as Netflix’s most-watched series of all time.

Meet the characters that made this show viral and have them survive round two in Minecraft!


1. Seong Gi-hun

Seong Gi-hun Skin For Minecraft

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As I watched the show, it was pretty obvious who’s gonna win the Squid Game.

Seong Gi-hun was a man in need, but he wasn’t as cutthroat as the other characters who would easily kill for prize money.

But even though he got the 45.6 billion won, Gi-hun showed that earning this amount wasn’t worth the deaths of 455 people.

Assume the identity of Player 456 with this skin from creator omarhafizd.


2. Kang Sae-byeok

Kang Sae-byeok Minecraft Skin

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Out of all the players, the stakes were higher for Kang Sae-byeok.

She was a North Korean defector and the escape led to the death of her father, the capture of her mother, and her brother being entrusted to an orphanage.

The Squid Game offered an opportunity for Sae-byeok to reunite her family and take care of her brother.

Sadly, she would only make it until there were only two left.

Welcome Player 067 into Minecraft with this pixelized render of Kang Sae-byeok – and you can thank creator anxii for the pleasure.


3. Ali Abdul

Ali Abdul (Squid Game) Skin for Minecraft

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Aside from Sae-byeok, there was one other person who deserved the 45.6 billion won prize: Ali.

He came to South Korea from Pakistan in the hopes of finding a job that would provide for his family.

Instead, he was denied his paycheck for six months, leading to his participation in the Squid Game.

Despite the bloodthirsty atmosphere of the games, Ali kept an optimistic attitude, trusted his allies, and even saved Gi-hun from getting shot in the first round.

Little did he know that being kind doesn’t always save you from harm.

Give Ali a better life in Minecraft – he deserves it!


4. Squid Game Doll

Squid Game Doll Minecraft Skin

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Much like the players in the game, I didn’t know what to expect in the first round.

What I could tell you, though, is that this doll killed too many people in one day.

Red Light, Green Light made players realize that the game was a matter of life and death.

And that their survival was at the hands of a robotic doll in pigtails and an orange dress.


5. Front Man

Front Man (Squid Game) Skin For Minecraft

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In a sea of pink jumpsuits and green tracksuits, there was a lone figure in all black.

For most of the show, the audience only knew him as the one who oversaw the success of the Squid Game.

Many assumed he financed the whole thing for his entertainment but in a shocking twist, Front Man was actually a previous Squid Game participant.

Here’s to hoping we could see more of him in season two, and in Minecraft.


6. Masked Men

Masked Men (Squid Game) Minecraft Skin

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Squid Game not only launched its cast into mainstream success – but it also created a trendy Halloween getup.

The Masked Men (or Pink Soldiers) were the game’s trigger-happy enforcers tasked to kill anyone who fails or breaks the rules and run operations.

They blindly follow the orders of Front Man, seemingly with no remorse as countless people die every day.

The VIPs may be evil for financing the games – but the Masked Men are equally guilty for enabling it.

And skin creator 7iqdoq lets us wear this deceptively cute pink jumpsuit + mask combo as much as we’d like.

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