Best Gravity Falls Minecraft Skins To Download (All Free)

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2012 was a great year. Why?

Gravity Falls. Yes, only Gravity Falls.

We didn’t know when it came out that this show would eventually become one of the greatest cartoons ever made. And yet here we are.

Granted the show is over now, but the fans are still around! And you may be surprised to learn there’s a lot of Minecraft fans out there, designing some pretty cool skins for this series.

And here’s a collection of the best ones to try out.


1. Bipper

Bipper from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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The idea here is simple:

The two most popular characters of the show, meshed together.

What could go wrong – too much fanart maybe?

Well, yes, but that didn’t happen in the show.

Thankfully a puppet saved the day.

This skin is rather simple but very recognizable: Bill Cipher merged with Dipper. And Dipper is even wearing the same outfit he had on in that episode!

And it’s a character everyone would have loved to see more of. I guess we’ll have to settle with a Minecraft skin for now…


2. Soos Ramirez

Gravity Falls Soos Ramirez / Minecraft Skin

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The question mark on his shirt must mean he’s pretty… mysterious.

Well not really, he’s just a very nice yet awkward guy that likes to help out.

His… what do I call it, “chubbiness” cannot be portrayed in Minecraft. But you can recognize him almost immediately nonetheless.

It’s a nice skin overall.

Soos here is also wearing his regular outfit, complete with the “?” shirt.

And if you’re gonna wear this skin, make sure to carry on his legacy:

“when the universe is broken, only one handyman can fix it…”

Yeah, maybe epic quotes weren’t his thing.


3. Wendy Corduroy

Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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Wendy in Gravity Falls might be the best Wendy I know (even better than the fast food restaurant).

The coolest and most laid-back teenager makes an appearance here in Minecraft. It’s obvious why Dipper had a crush on her!

She has the “cool teen” label, so it’s obvious she would fit right in during a Minecraft game.

But this skin is pretty detailed too. And the creator used the outer layer of the skin to create a very nice effect on her shirt.

The face is kind of the standard Minecraft face here. But in my opinion, that’s a nice way to adapt this character into a skin.


4. Pacifica Northwest

Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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Yep, we’ve got the most popular girl in Gravity Falls!

And she’s part of a very interesting family tree, as she’s the great-great-granddaughter of the supposed founder of the magical town.

She starts as a little spoiled girl that grows up to be a decent respectable person. A good upgrade if you ask me.

This skin is pretty standard, just a normal head, long hair, and the character’s usual outfit.

But it’s well-made anyways, with good colors, nice shading, and nice use of layers.


5. Summerween Trickster

Summerween Trickster from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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Can you guess what day did this creatures show up?

Halloween of course – don’t try to eat him though.

If the Halloween episode was any scary, it was because of this guy. We’ll all remember you, Gorney…

This episode teaches us you should… never throw away your candy? And maybe proper respect to the Summerween spirit, I guess.

Okay, maybe this episode doesn’t teach any lesson.

But this skin is cool even if you don’t know what Gravity Falls is!

You can wear it to a special Halloween event, or just to scare your friends.


6. Dippy Fresh

Dippy Fresh from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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He likes his sister and doing high fives, he’s DIPPY FRESH!

This is the obnoxious version of Dipper that Mable wants him to be when he decides to stay in Gravity Falls with Ford.

As I said, he’s very annoying.

But who cares because he’s DIPPY FRESH *high fives*.

This skin shows him wearing rad sunglasses and epic shoes with rainbows, and way too many colors.


7. Humanized Bill Cipher

Humanized Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls) / Minecraft Skin

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And here we have our all-time favorite villain.

I’m guessing we all wish he had a little more screen time, right?

As we all know, Bill Cipher is triangle shaped and basically a floating pyramid. So this conversion is the best we could get.

Because it’d have to be some kinda humanized version of him…

Well after browsing for a while, this is the best one I could find.

He looks real mysterious – and even has one single eye! Perfect.

Well, he has two eyes… but other one is a black spot, as if his “humanization” didn’t completely work.


8. Grunkle Stan

Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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This guy spent years trying to bring his brother back.

He’s such a funny character, but it’s so sad to get to know his backstory!

Thankfully everything works out in the end. But this is by far one of the most mysterious characters of the show.

And I love the Stan design of this skin. Granted, his cartoon-y face was too detailed for the whole head to work in Minecraft, so this creator turned him into a sort of a puppet.

But this has to be one of my favorite Minecraft crossover skins of all time.


9. Uncle Stanford

Uncle Stanford from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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If we’re doing Gruncle Stan, we have to add the brother!

They reunited in the show – so let’s do that in this list too.

Stanford is very smart folk, but he fell into Bill’s tricks. And when he realized, it was too late…

And yes, I found a skin with the same design as the Gruncle Stan model – but he looks like a silly little puppet!

There’s a good amount of details here, so the adaptation is perfect.

Great skin to use with a friend in multiplayer, too.

One wears Stanley, the other wears Stanford.


10. Mason “Dipper” Pines

Dipper from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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It was fairly hard to find a good Dipper skin, but here’s the best design I could find.

In his summer vacation with Mable, he becomes one of the most well-loved characters.

And now you can play as him in your next Minecraft session.

The skin is fairly normal, all things considered. But the colors are spot on and for anyone who’s seen the show, this Dipper is pretty recognizable.

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