Best Minecraft Skins From The Office (Jim, Dwight & More)

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Scranton, PA isn’t known for much.

In fact, I only know it for one thing: The Office.

The dry humor of The Office graced US audiences for over a decade, and it still does with reruns every night. While this show isn’t for everyone, the fans that love it will want to show it – maybe by playing as your favorite character in Minecraft.

And with custom skins, anything is possible.

Some of these skins include some obvious entries, but there’s a few surprises here that are variations of the characters.

The Office gave us so many memories of so many memorable characters – so there’s a lot of skins to dig into.


1. Michael Scott

Michael Scott Classic Suit / Minecraft Skin

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Our first addition to this list is the boss.

Some might even call him the best boss.

Michael Scott gave us some of the best antics over the handful of years he was in the show. Now that I’m writing it, world’s best boss doesn’t even begin to describe it…

He always had the best way of dealing with his family of employees, even if it was unconventional.

While there are other options for Michael Scott skins, we definitely had to go with the classic suit and tie version of Michael.

If we did all of Michael’s different costumes from the show, we could make an entire list on its own! Which actually isn’t a bad idea…


2. Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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If we start with Michael first, we have to put his assistant to the regional manager next.

Dwight is a character that no one thought they would become so attached to. But the fact that the series finale was Dwight’s wedding proves otherwise.

Dwight and his Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast will always maintain a place in our hearts, right?


Our love for Dwight will never end, and this skin is a great representation of his character.

We see him donning his signature mustard attire – probably something that a lot of other players would recognize in PvP.


3. Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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We can’t have Dwight without the prankster Jim Halpert.

The two of them spent more time messing with each other than they did selling paper.

And this was another relationship that no one knew would grow into a friendship that lasted until the end.

If anything, we thought this was just supposed to be the comic relief on top of the comic relief.

While Jim is perfectly represented by his messy mop hair and his light blue button-up shirt, he’s more known for his light hearted demeanor.

But we’re here for the mop hair and light blue button-up shirt.

The only thing this skin creator could have done to make it even more perfect, is if they somehow could get his hands in his pockets.


4. Pam Beesly

Pam Beesly from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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Following the theme of one character leading to the next, we can’t have Jim without Pam.

She’s Jim’s workplace sweetheart turned wife that we followed through some rough times.

But there were always fans that just knew that Jim and Pam would make it.

From the beginning, Pam was simply a receptionist who turned saleswoman. And that’s where we get this skin from.

Pam Beesly is from the time she was a receptionist, although the pencil skirt on this skin reminds us of her more professional attire as a saleswoman.


5. Angela Martin

Angela Martin from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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I’ll be the first to admit it: I never thought I’d like Angela in the beginning.

I definitely never thought I would look forward to the day that she and Dwight got married.

But when the series finale happened, I was in the middle of a road trip, and I made us pull over just to watch it.

Angela is the perfect fit for Dwight – and one of the best accountants for The Office.

Honestly, the only thing I wish they had put in this skin is Angela with Bandit.

Otherwise this is the perfect representation of her prim and proper demeanor.


6. Stanley Hudson

Stanley Hudson from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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Stanley is a beloved character who likes to mind his own business.

Oddly enough, I’ve grown up to be more like Stanley than anyone else.

He loves having his own space, time with his crossword puzzles, and he seems to just enjoy the simple things. Like pretzel day.

Stanley’s outfit is perfectly replicated in this skin. The creator even got his mustache perfect!

If only there was a way to craft a crossword puzzle book into his hands… well I guess he could just walk around holding a book. That’s close enough.


7. Prison Mike

Prison Mike from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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Ok, I didn’t want to include all of Michael’s alter egos, but this one is too good to miss.

Prison Mike should make an appearance in every Minecraft PvP session.

While it‘s still Michael’s outfit, that bandana makes this into a whole new character.

Because according to Prison Mike, the worst part of prison was the Dementors. Understandable.


8. Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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When someone thinks of the most shady character in The Office, there’s only one name that comes to mind.

Creed Bratton.

He is easily the most interesting character that we all would like to know more about.

Since he’s such a minor role in the show, we only ever get a glimpse into the underground life of Creed.

But this skin could be the perfect way to carry on his legacy. Works great for PvP or PvE – or even for some roleplaying.


9. Kevin Malone & His Chili

Kevin Malone with Chili / Minecraft Skin

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One of the saddest yet funniest moments in the show is when it’s supposed to be Kevin’s time to shine.

I know every fan of The Office remembers this scene.

When Kevin made his famous homemade chili, only to drop it and spill the whole pot all over the floor. I almost shed a tear myself.

Watching Kevin flail around trying to scoop it back into the pot… I felt his pain.

This skin is simply Kevin Malone, but with his signature blue pot holding mittens.

It was absolutely his time to shine. And just like that, the moment slipped right out of his hands.

What more could we expect of Kevin?


10. Three Hole Punch Jim

Three Hole Punch Jim from The Office / Minecraft Skin

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While Michael has a lot of alter egos for us to venture into, some other characters have some memorable moments that are perfectly captured in Minecraft skins.

As simple as this one might be, Three Hole Punch Jim might be one of Jim’s most memorable costumes.

We’ve all had a Halloween event where we just threw on a couple random things and called it a costume.

Well that’s exactly what Jim did. And this is the perfect skin to represent that feeling in Minecraft.

While it might not be recognizable to many players, any other Office fan will immediately recognize what you’re going for.


11. Recyclops Stage 1

Dwight as Recyclops Stage 1 / Minecraft Skin

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Yet another entry for costumes on normal characters – and this one’s a bit more obscure.

But for true fans, Dwight Schrute as Recyclops will always be memorable.

While this skin is only his stage 1, it’s the most recognizable form of Recyclops.

When Earth Day comes around, a whole bunch of us need to equip this skin and post videos of Recyclops protecting the world of Minecraft.

It’s the least we could do.

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