Tokyo Ghoul Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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Imagine living in the largest city in the world and not knowing if your neighbor or school crush is a flesh-eating being – a ghoul.

Ghouls look and live the same way as we do.

The only difference?

They have a deadly and bloody appetite.

Tokyo Ghoul traverses this terrifying reality of ghouls living alongside ignorant humans and the consequences it brings.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, don’t miss out on these badass skins.


1. Kaneki Ken

Kaneki Ken Minecraft Skin

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Like any normal guy, Kaneki Ken only wanted to go on a date with a beautiful girl.

Instead, he found someone who quite literally wanted to eat him up.

As the protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki’s life is full of tragedies, defeats, and even torture.

While I wouldn’t want to be in Kaneki’s shoes, I can’t deny that his ghoul transformation made him one of the most memorable manga/anime characters.

Morph into the One-Eyed King with this all-black ensemble of Kaneki Ken.


2. Kaneki Ken (11th Ward Battle Arc)

Kaneki Ken (11th Ward Battle Arc) Skin For Minecraft

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In the beginning, Kaneki Ken was a shy boy who had black hair and a friendly face.

As the series progressed, he warred against his ghoul self, struggling daily to resist the cravings for human flesh.

But it wasn’t until he was kidnapped by Yamori that he finally cracked and underwent a drastic change – both mentally and physically.

Due to experiencing intense torture for days on end, Kaneki’s hair turned white and his nails turned black, resulting in this look as seen in the 11th Ward Battle arc.

It was hard to stomach this particular storyline, but it only made Kaneki stronger and more frightening.


3. Sasaki Haise

Sasaki Haise Minecraft Skin

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Even though Kaneki is the series’ protagonist, he doesn’t always win, especially when he’s up against Arima Kishou.

After Arima defeated him by piercing his skull, Kaneki suffered from amnesia, and for two years, he lived as Sasaki Haise.

As Haise, Kaneki became a Ghoul Investigator under the tutelage of the White Reaper himself.

During this time, he retained his white hair with black roots, giving fans whiplash about what happened to the ghoul they all knew and mourned.


4. Kirishima Touka

Kirishima Touka Skin For Minecraft

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Kirishima Touka is a ghoul first seen as a waitress at Anteiku, a café that provided aid to other ghouls.

It’s where she met Kaneki, who would eventually become her husband at the end of the series.

While their relationship was far from perfect, it was strong enough to have withstood countless battles and deaths.

And now you can assume the appearance of Touka by applying her signature emo hair and clothes onto your MC character.


5. Kamishiro Rize

Kamishiro Rize Minecraft Skin

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While Rize was “killed” early in the series, her impact resonated in every chapter and episode.

After all, it’s all because of her that Kaneki became a ghoul in the first place.

At the end of their date, Rize attempted to eat Kaneki, only to be crushed by steel beams.

To save Kaneki, Rize’s kakuhou or organ was transplanted into him, saving his life and ultimately changing it forever.

No one deserves to have their murderous date’s organs inside of them – not even someone as gorgeous and cruel as Rize.


6. Arima Kishou

Arima Kishou Skin For Minecraft

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There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Arima Kishou is the strongest character in Tokyo Ghoul.

At only sixteen years old, Arima was able to single-handedly defeat thirty ghouls, survive against the One-Eyed Owl, and defeat Kaneki years later.

He’s the undisputed number one ghoul killer, a strong ally to have in the not-so-peaceful realm of Minecraft.

Get used to the White Reaper’s ghostly appearance by grabbing this skin, hand-made by mickmick.


7. Noro

Noro Minecraft Skin

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In every story, there’s always that one side character who creeps the hell out of you.

That’s Noro: the adoptive father of the One-Eyed Owl and the series’ very own Creepypasta.

His terrifying accomplishments include eating humans, regenerating after being blown to pieces, and keeping his eerie mask on despite participating in intense battles.

Noro’s far from being the perfect dad.

But his loyalty to sadistic murderers is second to none.


8. Tatara

Tatara Skin For Minecraft

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Just like Arima, Tatara was another white-haired character who managed to impale Kaneki and cause him much suffering.

Apart from that, he was also one of the leaders of Aogiri Tree, a terrorist group whose goal was to create a better world for ghouls.

With his unique kagune, kakuja, and ability to emit flames at 4,000 degrees Celcius, Tatara was easily one of the most dangerous ghouls in the series.

Look like an SS-rated ghoul by getting Tatara’s white robes and signature red mask for Minecraft!


9. Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya Minecraft Skin

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When hailed as Arima Kishou’s successor, you can expect all ghouls to fear you – the strong and weak alike.

Juuzou Suzuya holds a Special Class rank in the CCG, a label that sets apart the strongest investigators in the organization.

But behind his lethal prowess is a tragic childhood at the hands of Big Madam, a ghoul who was responsible for Suzuya’s extensive abuse.

His clothes and personality may be colorful, but don’t let this fool you – he destroys ghouls without even trying.


10. Eto Yoshimura

Eto Yoshimura Skin For Minecraft

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Finally, we reach the One-Eyed Owl herself: Eto Yoshimura!

Moonlighting as a best-selling horror novelist, Eto was revealed to be the leader of Aogiri Tree and a natural one-eyed ghoul.

No one would expect a writer to be an SSS-rated ghoul, but Eto defied the odds by becoming one of the toughest villains to beat in the series.

And now you can look like the famed One-Eyed Owl by copying Eto’s violet dress, green hair, and bandaged accessories.

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