The Best Tomboy Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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Minecraft is a game that’s played by many types of people across the globe – and tomboys are no exception to the gaming population.

Many video games tend to have that distinct split between male and female fashion with characters that players can’t influence. But Minecraft’s player skin options allow for freedom of customization.

And to save you all the effort of building your own skin from scratch, I’ve curated some of the best out there that I’ve found in my own safari hunt in the wilds of the Internet.


1. Lumberjack Girl

Lumberjack Girl / Minecraft Skin

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We start with something simple that any tomboy would enjoy playing around with in the forests and mountains of Minecraft.

This skin is the most basic I could find. But that’s what’s so desirable about this skin.

There’s no flashy cut for the shirt, no short-shorts or knee highs here.

The most girly part of this skin is the long hair. Otherwise this skin is a simple, fashionable, and strongly tomboy skin that one can easily flaunt in any Minecraft server – without feeling like leaning into the girly-girl zone.


2. Female Adventurer

Female Adventurer Tomboy Design / Minecraft Skin

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Everyone loves a good adventurer skin in Minecraft.

Whether they’re playing a classic adventure custom map, or logging on to do a bit of exploration with friends on a server, there’s lots to like about adventurer designs.

For the tomboy players that enjoy adventuring and want a look to go with it, this skin will work well for you.

It features a nondescript female with braided hair, wearing the most basic and comfortable of adventuring attire: t-shirt, comfy jeans, hiking boots, gloves, and a pack to accessorize.

This is a simple skin that can be trendy and fitting for your next adventure without being too feminine.


3. Dumfer Ver Girl

Dumfer Ver Girl / Minecraft Skin

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This Minecraft skin is for the more risqué tomboys out there in the gaming world, featuring more skin than most other skins…

But this does have a certain grunge feel to it as well.

Between the tattered leggings under the shorts, the headphones, and the short choppy haircut, this is a very relaxed and liberating skin for the average and more adventurous tomboy.

If you’re a Minecrafter that doesn’t mind the look, this is a fine option to sport before hopping over to defeat all the noobs in your server.


4. Girl in Hoodie

Tomboy Girl in Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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The name of this skin speaks for itself, but I’ll still elaborate for the sake of consistency.

This is more comfy and home-y than the others on this list, only featuring a girl in a large hoodie and jeans.

With a longish hairstyle and clothes sporting baggy details, this is a decent tomboy look to convey the attitude of a lazy and chill Minecrafter that prefers comfort over style.

And this is a good skin to kick back while playing with friends, ready to get up and go exploring, mining, or foraging. Ya know, whenever you feel like it.


5. Dia – Virtue of Temperance

Dia Character / Minecraft Skin

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From straightforward to not-so-straightforward, here’s something unique in featuring a female wearing overalls instead of the simple shirt-and-pants combo of most other skins.

This short-haired, dark-skinned girl is a prime choice for any Minecrafters out there wanting a skin that represents more variety.

This skin also sports a short & stylish haircut, and the comfiest shirt and shoes I’ve seen on a skin so far (all pixelated, but still).

This gives me good vibes of a tomboy farmer just living life off the land, and chopping away the occasional Creeper trying to get into the chicken pen again.


6. Cute Off-The-Shoulder Sweater Girl

Off-The-Shoulder Sweater Girl / Minecraft Skin

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Looking at the name, you’d think this is more of a girly girl skin – but hear me out.

This skin does feature a girl with longer hair and showing a bit of skin on the legs.

However, the “sweater” that she’s wearing is clearly a bit oversized, and more meant for comfort than anything.

And the shoulder isn’t even bare, it’s just sporting a comfy looking white t-shirt. Heck yeah!

The bangs over the eyes do help this skin look a bit more chill than usual too.

While not the most tomboyish of all the skins in this list, the comfy look and muted colors do give it a low girly score for me.


7. Golden

Golden Shaded Female Tomboy / Minecraft Skin

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With such a simple title, you might not know what to expect here.

But this skin is fairly tomboy and grunge all at once.

From the striped sweater that’s mildly off the shoulder, and the damaged pants to the obvious converse shoes and headphones, this is a nice bit of tomboy with just a smidge of girly added in.

The girly vibes mostly come from the long hair, but I can totally see a tomboy kicking around in this while crafting a few bits of armor at the crafting table.

I wonder if she’s jamming out to Nirvana or Linkin Park?


8. Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise SteinsGate Character / Minecraft Skin

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This skin, based off a character from the anime Steins;Gate, has the strong vibe of tomboy just by the outfit alone.

The skin features a clear nod to a Japanese school uniform.

But instead of sporting a skirt and stockings like most would, this female is sporting that male uniform style with slacks, a button-up, a loose tie, and the uniform jacket just off the shoulders.

Add in the low-care hair style and this skin is a go-to for tomboys wanting to flaunt this skin in an anime server, or to just mill around in your own world.


9. Flannel Girl

Flannel Girl Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Flannel makes a comeback in this top-tier skin.

While this one is a touch girlier with the flower accessory in the hair, that’s the only thing girly about it.

The rest is perfectly tomboy:

The bright flannel shirt, the damaged pants, the obvious converse high top shoes, and the low-maintenance hairstyle.

It all come together to paint the picture of a fashionable but chill tomboy that puts more thought into comfort than flashy style.

Running around a Minecraft world gathering materials in this skin lets all the boys know this girl isn’t afraid of climbing trees or spelunking ravines to get things done!


10. Combat Girl

Combat Girl Tomboy / Minecraft Skin

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This kind of skin is found under several names, and there’s a lot out there.

But this is the best example of one a one truly tomboy thing: the military.

This is an accurate representation of most army combat uniforms, from the color scheme to the actual gear, including a rifle, goggles, and the rank on the one arm.

While the longer hair in the front is clearly not of military dress code, we can let that slide for now.

And really, what tomboy hasn’t imagined being in the army at least once in their life? Or at least some kind of fighting club!

Sporting this skin in any part of Minecraft is an awesome flex of appreciation to the Armed Forces – and certainly a fitting skin for a tomboy, especially during competitive play.

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