Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Engineer Build (Equipment, Familiars & Skills)

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Engineers are best built as either pure support characters equipped with multiple healing and buff spells or as Crowd Controller/Support hybrids who also have CC skills in their arsenal.

Their main specialty is healing, buffing, and reviving allies. This makes them a very valuable member of any party, as they can single-handedly boost other players’ survivability by leaps and bounds.

In this guide I’ll cover my recommended Equipment, Familiar, and Spell Builds for Engineers.

Character Info Page (Engineer) / NNK:CW
Character Info Page (Engineer)

When it comes to choosing equipment for Engineers, note that all Rare 4★ Equipment pieces are viable as long as you can reliably Awaken them.

Most of them give way better stats and Extra Awakening Effects than normal 4★ Equipment. This makes them a better choice overall, especially for heavy spenders.

Equipment Summon (Guaranteed Summons) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Equipment Summon (Guaranteed Summons)

For F2P players and light spenders, however, it might be prudent to invest in normal 4★ Equipment instead.

To specify which 4★ Equipment they are, here’s a list of all the equipment I recommend for Engineers:

Equipment Type Best General Build Best Mob/AFK Farming Build
Weapon Divine Rifle, Champions Rifle, Guardian’s Rifle Divine Rifle, Champions Rifle, Guardian’s Rifle
Helmet Saintly Circlet/Mystic Helmet Saintly Circlet/Mystic Helmet
Chest Armor Raider Armor Palladium Armor
Gloves Berserker Gloves Zest Gloves
Boots Expert Boots Bounty Boots
Accessories Any 4★ Accessory Any 4★ Accessory

An Engineer’s primary role isn’t exactly pumping out as much DPS as they can, but rather to heal and support their allies in co-op game modes.

Having extra DPS can be helpful though, so make sure to get Accessories that synergize well with the status ailments of your Special Skills and your Familiar’s Field Skills.

Equip Familiars Page / NNK:CW
Equip Familiars Page

All Rare 4★ Familiars are also viable for Engineers, since the Field Skills of these Rare 4★ Familiars are often way better compared to the skills we usually see from normal 4★ Familiars.

Firelynx (Rare 4★ Familiar) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Firelynx (Rare 4★ Familiar)

Considering how hard it is to get Rare 4★ Familiars, however, the safer alternative is to simply invest in normal 4★ Familiars.

For Engineers, I highly recommend partnering up with Support-type Familiars as they will give you more survivability, which will allow you to stay in the fight and support your allies longer.

Here are some of the best 4★ Familiars you should consider investing in and take into battle as an Engineer:

Familiar Element
Toko/Disbeleaf Earth
Splisher Water
Shrimpaler Fire
Penguicorn Darkness
Thumbelemur/Flutterby Light

The Familiars listed above will allow you to either heal yourself up or nullify status ailments. You need Familiars that will keep you alive, which is something these 4★ Familiars are great at.

Special Active Skill Page / NNK:CW
Special Active Skill Page

For Special Active Skills, picking up Heal-type Skills, Buff-type Skills, or Debuff-type Skills is recommended for Engineers.

Here are a few skills that you should keep in mind when choosing Special Active Skills for Engineers:

Special Active Skill Element Skill Type
Resurrection (Highly Recommended) Water Heal & Buff (Single-target)
Dark Balloon Darkness Damage (AOE) & Buff (Single-target)
Healing Branches Earth Heal (AOE)
Complete Chaos Darkness Damage & Debuff (AOE)
Time Lapse Light Buff (AOE)
Flash Heal Light Heal (Single-target)

While all Special Active Skills listed above are useful for all Engineers, the one I insist that you pick up the most is Resurrection, as this skill is very important during co-op battles.

Special Passive Skill Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Special Passive Skill Page

As for Special Passive Skills, here are some of the best-in-slot that I recommend you choose from:

  • Healing Cycle
  • Last Grace
  • HP Aura
  • Fast Forward
  • Pure Therapy

These skills will help you achieve your main priority as an Engineer – staying alive longer and supporting your party members with heals, buffs, and debuffs.

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