Top 10 Best Quest Mods For Oblivion (All Free)

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TES IV: Oblivion isn’t a great game just for its amazing features. But also for its great modding community, who managed to expand the game way beyond the limitations of its original release.

Some mods even provide brand new storylines that will keep you in Cyrondiil long after you’ve saved it.

With so many quest mods released for the game over the course of the years, it was very difficult to just choose ten of them.

The ones that made it into this list offer something more than just new storylines. So you can expect new mechanics, new locations, and some new characters that will make the vanilla quests feel bland in comparison.


10. Knights of the Nine: Revelation

Knights of the Nine: Revelation Mod title

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Being the hero is never easy. You save the world once, and people expect it to become a habit.

The Knights of the Nine: Revelation sees you, as the Divine Crusader, savior of Cyrondiil, step up to save humanity and prevent its eternal enslavement.

And it’s not going to be easy: with over a hundred new items, dozens of new followers and a lot of new features, it will be like relearning Oblivion all over again!


9. The Heart of the Dead

The Heart of the Dead Mod gameplay

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Not all Oblivion quest mods need to be huge to be good.

I mean, isn’t the main quest long enough for you?

The Heart of the Dead quest mod adds plenty of new content to the game that can be enjoyed without having to spend hours on them.

We’re still talking about more than 10 new questlines here, plus 20 new dungeons, 1000 new lines of dialogue, and new weapons too.

So it’s not like you’ll be over and done in 10 minutes on this one. Far from it!


8. Kvatch Rebuilt

Kvatch Rebuilt Mod screenshot

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Kvatch is one of the older Colovian cities in Cyrondiil, a city with a rich history, and an extremely pleasant population.

The perfect city to rule, I’d add.

Kvatch Rebuilt lets you have a more active role in the restoration of the city. It introduces several new quests that involve a lot of rebuilding, and a lot of adventuring to restore the rightful ruler.

Or to become that ruler yourself and have a jolly good time in the city’s arena.

You didn’t think this would be all about work, did you?


7. The Lost Spires

The Lost Spires Mod gameplay

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If you feel like Oblivion doesn’t have enough guilds, I have the perfect quest mod for you.

The Lost Spires adds a brand new Archeology Guild that’s dead set on uncovering the ancient history of Tamriel with you.

By joining the guild, you’ll be able to rise through its ranks, obtain fancy new items, explore new dangerous dungeons, defeat new bosses, and become a high-fantasy version of Indiana Jones.


6. Mannimarco Revisited

Mannimarco Revisited Oblivion Quest Mod screenshot

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Mannimarco is a name that should send shivers down the spine of anyone living in Cyrondiil.

Or rather, it should have, if he didn’t turn out to be such a pushover.

The Mannimarco Revisited quest finally does justice to a villain that was supposed to be extremely powerful.

It basically increases his stats, grants him a unique combat style, overhauls his stronghold, and overhauls his appearance so he looks like the fearsome necromancer he was supposed to be.

Just don’t complain when you can’t take him down: you should always be careful about what you wish for.


5. Mannimarco Resurrection: Light and Dark

Mannimarco Resurrection: Light and Dark Mod screenshot

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Now that you’ve taken down the real Mannimarco and saved the Mage Guild, everything should be ok, right?

If you think this was going to be a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

The Mannimarco Resurrection: Light and Dark quest mod provides an answer to the many questions left unanswered after the death of the necromancer.

If necromancy isn’t illegal, why do necromancers continue to bear a grudge against the mages?

Join them or fight them to learn more about one of the most complex storylines in all of Oblivion!


4. A Brotherhood Renewed

A Brotherhood Renewed Mod gameplay

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The Dark Brotherhood is among the most interesting organizations in Tamriel.

But their story in Oblivion feels cut short for no apparent reason. If you share my feelings, then this is a quest mod you need to install.

A Brotherhood Renewed expands the events surrounding the Dark Brotherhood with a series of short quests that restore the Dark Brotherhood to its glory, and grant you some nice rewards that’ll help you in the main quest as well.

Be whoever you want, as long as you save the world!


3. Tears of the Fiend

Tears of the Fiend Oblivion Quest Mod screenshot

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How many fiends have you killed in your quest to save Cyrondiil? A lot.

But have you ever stopped to consider how they had feelings and could shed a tear every now and then? No? You insensitive brute.

To heal your terrible condition, all the clerics in the land suggest that you play Tears of the Fiend.

It’s a complex quest mod that includes a lot of new encounters, more than 4000+ lines of dialogue, branching storylines, and a military genius possed by a demon whose existence thrives on manipulation.

And one who can shed a tear or two, especially if you put a sword through its wicked heart.


2. Ruined-Tail’s Tale

Ruined-Tail Tale Oblivion Quest Mod screenshot

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While saving the world and restoring ancient civilizations is all well and good, it’s the more intimate stories that make a role-playing game an adventure to remember.

And these stories don’t get any better than in Ruined-Tail’s Tale.

Ruined-Tail’s Tale is a story-driven quest mod focused on the Argonia Battlemage called Ruined-Tail.

During the course of this new quest, you’ll get to know the battlemage better. This means you learn what drives him, and eventually steer his fate in the direction you choose.

With a high level of complexity, Ruined-Tail’s Tale doesn’t look out of place at all in Oblivion. It feels almost like an integral part of the main adventure.


1. Servant of the Dawn

Servant of the Dawn Mod screenshot

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For all the freedom role-playing games flaunt, it’s baffling that almost none of them let you be the bad guy.

The real bad guy.

The one who has the means to put an end to life as we know it.

The Servant of the Dawn mod lets us enjoy Oblivion as the bad guy, expanding the Mythic Dawn faction and letting us become its master.

Or even something more.

People of Cyrindiil, you are warned.

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