OSRS: The Best Darts For A Blowpipe

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The toxic Blowpipe is easily one of the best weapons in OSRS.

It has very high DPS, the ability to envenom targets, and is fast firing.

If OSRS had a machine gun, the Toxic Blowpipe would be it. This blowpipe fires darts as its primary source of ammunition. And there’s quite a few of ‘em.

But which dart is the best to use with the blowpipe?

With so many options and so many types of blowpipes, using the right dart in the right place is always important.

So let’s take a look at my top picks and where to use them.


3. Adamant Darts

Adamant Darts OSRS Render

Starting this list are the Adamant Darts, which I would say are the lowest level dart you should ever use with your Toxic Blowpipe.

They have a range strength of +10 and a range attack of +11. This dart should be used by players who are strapped for cash, or for general use such as for Slayer Tasks.

The darts only cost around 97 coins each, which is very affordable for most accounts as far as ammunition of this level goes.

So you’ll still be hitting fairly high while not breaking the bank.

Most players using these darts are mid-to-high level, or players on a budget.

Where to Get: You can only buy these on the Grand Exchange or fletch them.


2. Rune Darts

Rune Darts OSRS Render

Another solid pick for this list are the Rune Darts, which in my opinion are the best for bossing and slayer – provided you can afford the cost.

Where Adamant darts only cost 97 coins each, these cost 964 coins each.

So every shot is very expensive.

Yet Rune Darts have a + 15 range attack with a +14 strength bonus, making them fairly versatile and substantially stronger than the Adamant Darts.

I would use these For Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood for sure, as DPS is important in these areas.

Ultimately these are the go-to for veterans and higher-end players who can afford them.

Where to Get: You can only buy these on the Grand Exchange or fletch them.


1. Dragon Darts

Dragon Darts OSRS Render

Our final pick goes to the very powerful Dragon Darts, which are also the most powerful darts in all of OSRS.

They have a +18 range attack with a +20 range strength bonus, making them much stronger than the Rune Darts.

They are, however, much more expensive.

How much more?

Almost 2.4k per dart!

This insane price limits their practicality, as you’ll be burning through a ton of money using these bad boys.

I recommend using these for the hardest content in the game, such as Inferno or bosses you’re really struggling to kill.

For veterans, the Dragon Darts are a great way to improve your PBs at bosses where you’re trying to get real quick kills.

Where to Get: Can be purchased on the Grand Exchange, or you can obtain the dart tips from some Implings, some chests, and some bosses.

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