Best Place To Kill Chickens in OSRS (F2P + P2P)

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The best places to kill chickens varies based on your account. The best free to play are the farms located east and west of Lumbridge, while a member has more options to choose from, with the top 2 spots being north of Etceteria Castle, or south of Kourend Castle.

Chickens are one of the more popular money-making methods in OSRS, because of their stackable feather drops. These can sell for enough gold to get you some starting gear for the journey ahead.

All chickens have a combat level of 1, which earns lowly chickens the title of “Weakest monster in Gielinor”, tied with other small critters such as rats, rabbits, and spiders.


Best Chicken Spots in F2P

Both of our top free to play spots are actually very close to each other, so I’m going to bundle them up together for this one (it really takes like 20-30 seconds to get from one of them to the other).

Starting off with the bigger of the two, the farm north-west of the Lumbridge Castle is the one closest to a bank in F2P.

It houses an astounding population of 33 chickens, making sure you’ll never run out of fowl creatures to kill.

In comparison, the farm on the east side of River Lum houses fewer chickens, and is a good ten second further from the bank.

So not as many players tend to come here (doesn’t mean it’s a bad spot though).

The farm north-east of Lumbridge / OSRS
The farm north-east of Lumbridge

If for some reason both of the aforementioned chicken coups are absolutely packed to the brim with other players, the Farm south of Falador, or the farm south of the Champions’ Guild can both serve as great alternatives.

Between the two, the Falador farm has the greater number of chickens, while the Champions’ Guild is a little closer to a bank.

It should be noted that entrance to the guild requires starting the experienced quest “Dragon Slayer”.

The Champion’s Guild yard / Old School RuneScape
The Champion’s Guild yard with chickens

Best Chicken Spots in P2P

The first location for members worth checking out is the area north of Etceteria Castle, right next to the mahogany and teak trees.

Here you can find three chickens sitting quite literally next to the bank, making this the undeniably best spot if you want to bank any drops you get.

Note: these chickens are not considered citizens of the island, so killing them isn’t going to reduce your kingdom’s approval rating (I tested it myself).

Getting to Etceteria and Miscellania requires the completion of the intermediate quest “The Fremennik Trials”.

Etceterian chickens next to the bank / OSRS
Etceterian chickens next to the bank

The last P2P spot worth mentioning is a small coup found in the Hosidius part of Great Kourend, just south-east of the castle.

Amongst the scenic view and the other animals, there are 6 chickens here that you can slay to your hearts desire.

When your inventory is full with the remains of the fallen birds, make your way to the nearby.

Hosidius Kitchen a few steps to the south, and use the bank chest to store all your goodies.

The scenic Hosidius farm with chickens / OSRS

Other Methods For Chicken Supplies

Are you somebody (or an ironman) in need of raw chicken that doesn’t want to waste their time killing low level enemies?

There’s plenty of shops across Gielinor that sell all kinds of meat, including chicken!

For example Rufus’ Meat Emporium in Canifis has a stock of 10 raw chickens, at the low-low cost of only 1 coin each!

Similarly, if you’re looking for feathers but don’t want to pluck away the rest of your life, many shops (usually fishmongers) sell feathers and feather packs in great numbers.

*The more you know!*

Browsing Rufus’ meat emporium inventory in Canifis / OSRS
Browsing Rufus’ meat emporium inventory in Canifis
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