Best F2P Armour in Old School RuneScape (Range, Mage & Melee)

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Most people who are trying OSRS for the first time will start in F2P worlds. That way they get acquainted with how it all works.

And there are still many high level enemies and challenges to face in F2P – so every adventurer must be ready at a moment’s notice.

Having the best equipment in F2P will definitely come in handy when you’re up against powerful Lesser Demons or Ogres.

So let’s take a look at the most powerful F2P gear in OSRS, so that you’re ready to face anything that comes your way.


10. Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves Worn in OSRS

Starting off our list are the humble leather gloves.

While they might not look like much, they are the best in slot gloves in F2P.

Basically they have no negative bonuses, and slight defence bonuses.

Typically they’re used for magic, as the Green Dragonhide Vambraces are a better option for melee and range users. That’s because the Green Dragonhide Vambraces carry heavy penalties to magic.

Ultimately these gloves are cheap, free to obtain, and the best you’ll have access to in F2P.

How to Get: These are craft able from level 1 crafting, or alternatively you can grab a pair for free in Edgeville as a pair spawns on the floor there.


9. Coif

Coif Headgear preview from OSRS

The coif is the best in slot F2P head gear for ranging.

Just note it requires a minimum range level of 20 to equip.

The coif offers a +2 range attack, as well as moderate defence bonuses across the board. Making it a fairly good early choice for defence.

Just be wary of the -1 magic attack bonus, as this will decrease magical accuracy, making it a poor choice for mages.

And since this is an early game item it’s easily obtainable, with most players opting to buy this from the Champions’ Guild.

How to Get: Craft a coif at level 38 Crafting with some soft leather. Alternatively it’s buyable from the Champions’ Guilds for a mere 200 coins.


8. Holy Symbol

Holy Symbol amulet from OSRS

Here’s one very useful F2P amulet, as it carries the highest prayer bonus of any F2P item in OSRS.

And also the 3rd highest prayer bonus of any amulet in the game.

This is quite useful, as there are no prayer potions or methods of prayer restoration in F2P. So a high prayer bonus is your only option to maintain how long your prayers last.

Luckily, holy symbols are easy to obtain. All you need to do is take an unblessed symbol to the Edgeville Monastery where Brother Jered will bless it for you.

How to Get: I recommend buying this on the Grand Exchange. However, if you wish to make one you’ll need to smelt an unblessed symbol, string it, and then take it to Brother Jered to bless.


7. Team Capes

Team Cape / Team 24 Cape in OSRS

Only costing 50 coins, the team capes are often the single best cape choice that a F2P player can access.

These capes offer no offensive bonus, but carry some minor defence bonuses.

They’re also useful for team fights, as players wearing the same cape will appear as a blue dot on your mini map.

There are approximately 50 of these capes in OSRS of varying color and design, and all of them can be bought from cape sellers in the wilderness.

The easiest to obtain would one be from the cape seller “Richard” who’s in Edgeville right by the Wilderness ditch.

How to Get: Speak to one of the ten cape sellers scattered throughout the wilderness, the cost will be 50 coins per cape.


6. Decorative Boots (gold)

Decorative Boots (gold) equipment from OSRS

These boots are some of the best available in F2P, but can be an absolute pain to get.

Yet they’re one of the few F2P items with a strength bonus of +1 – making them quite popular.

The boots boast fairly decent melee defence stats too, which are roughly equal to the members Adamant Boots.

The only way to obtain theses is through Castle Wars. And they cost a massive 400 tickets!

Note that each game of Castle Wars takes about 20 minutes, and only rewards 3 tickets for winning, and 1 for losing.

This means you would need to play weeks of Castle Wars to get enough tickets – which would probably drive anyone a little crazy.

How to Get: Obtainable from the Castle Wars Rewards Shop for 400 tickets.


5. Wizard Robes

Blue Wizard Robes Set in OSRS

Wizard robes are comprised of a blue hat, blue wizard’s robe, and blue skirt.

All together, the set has a magic attack and defence bonus of +5 – making it the best option for F2P mages.

It’s important to note that you’ll have almost no defence to range or melee with this set on. So make sure you safe spot wherever possible.

The entire set costs around 1k.

But if you’re willing to spend a little more, a trimmed set in blue and black exists for a cost of 167k and 265k, respectively.

How to Get: I recommend buying the set on the Grand Exchange. You can also buy the hat and robe skirt in Varrock while the wizard top must be obtained as a drop from Wizards, found at the Wizards’ Tower.


4. Monk Robes

Monk Robes Set Worn in OSRS

Monk robes have no defence to speak of. But they boast a very high combined prayer bonus of +11.

This has made the set very popular in the F2P high risk PvP community, as damage can be much higher, which makes fights more exciting!

The set is used occasionally in PvM too.

However, the lack of defensive stats means that other armour like God Rune Armour is a much better alternative.

You’ll need a minimum level of 31 prayer to obtain this set, since it’s only found in the Monk’s Monastery near Edgeville.

As the robes are free to get, some players make money by collecting the robes and selling them on the Grand Exchange. This strategy can result in profits of 100k gp per hour!

How to Get: Head to the second floor of the Monk’s Monastery and grab a pair off of a table. They spawn very frequently every 60 seconds.


3. Green Dragonhide Armour

Green Dragonhide Armour Equipped Set in OSRS

Green Dragonhide Armour is the best ranging gear a F2P ranger can acquire on their adventures.

The full set offers a +31 range attack bonus, with really great defences for all styles across the board.

But it does penalize magic with a -35 attack bonus, meaning this set horrible to use in conjunction with magic.

And to actually wear the set, you’ll need a minimum of level 40 range and defence, as well as the completion of the quest Dragon Slayer I to wield the Green Dragonhide body.

The entire set can only be bought in F2P, as you would need to be a member to craft the set yourself.

How to Get: The chaps and vambraces can be bought from the Champions’ Guild, while the body can only be obtained from Oziach in Edgeville.


2. Rune God Armour

Zamorak God Armour Set in OSRS

This is the best melee armour set in OSRS, with identical stats to the rune set, plus an added +4 prayer bonus.

There are 6 different styles, with both a plate leg and plate skirt option, all in the theme of various OSRS gods.

So you have plenty of customizability!

The full set offers hefty range and melee defence bonuses of around +200.

Just watch out for the negative magic and range bonuses of –65 and -21, respectively, as this set is ill-equipped for those styles of combat.

It also has a -12 magic defence too – meaning magic will hit you more often, and hit harder.

The Zamorak set is currently the most expensive of the Rune God Armours, with a value of roughly 500k.

The Armadyl set is also great, and will only cost you about 150k.

The reason for why the Zamorak set is more expensive is because some of the items are used in clue scrolls for members.

How to Get: You can only buy this on the Grand Exchange, or from other players in F2P, as it’s only obtainable as a rare drop from clue scrolls.


1. Gilded Armour

Gilded Armour Set Preview in OSRS

This set is tied with the Rune God Armour for the best F2P melee set in OSRS.

In fact stat-wise, the God Armour set is better with a +4 prayer bonus.

But in terms of value, the gilded set easily takes the cake.

While the God Armour sets at most will set you back around 500k, the gilded set will cost a massive 13m!

Primarily, this set is commonly used in risk fights due to its high value in F2P.

As a result, it’s highly prized in the PvP community.

Other players using this armour often wear it to show off their wealth.

How to Get: You can only buy this on the Grand Exchange, or from other players in F2P, as it’s only obtainable as a rare drop from clue scrolls.

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