The 15 Most Expensive Items in Old School RuneScape (F2P + P2P)

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So let’s say you’ve got a ton of gp, but you’re not sure where to spend it.

Or maybe you need to earn some money and you’re looking for some quick ways to get rich?

Or you might even just be curious for the sake of curiosity (it happens to the best of us).

Whatever the case may be, OSRS has some crazy expensive items with price tags from the tens of millions, up into the billions!

Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive items in the game, as well as some of the ways you can obtain them.


15. Gilded Armour Set

Gilded Armour Full Set Preview from OSRS

We start of this list with the most expensive F2P armour set available in the whole game.

The Gilded armour set costs 13m gp, and has stats which are identical to the rune set. As a result, the same restrictions still apply of level 40 defences, and you’d have to complete Dragon Slayer I to wield the platebody.

The set is made entirely made of gold and looks very flashy. No wonder it costs so much, right?

Another reason it’s so costly is because it’s an ultra-rare drop from hard, elite, or master clue scrolls, which can only be done by P2P players.

This is also commonly used in risk fights in the Wilderness.

Estimated Cost: The Gilded Armour Set will set you back roughly 13m. The plate is 2.8m, helm is 2.9m, legs are 4.4m, and the kite is 2.7m.


14. Gilded Scimitar

Gilded Scimitar Render in OSRS

Here’s another gilded item, and the most expensive item in F2P, costing a total of 17m.

This is actually more than the entire gilded set combined, plus another 5m!

Like the armour set mentioned earlier, this can only be obtained from hard, elite, and master clue scrolls. And since it’s an ultra-rare drop, supply is very limited.

This crazy scimitar has identical stats to a Rune Scimitar, which is also the best in slot single handed F2P weapon. So if you’re going for a practical scimitar for fighting, go rune.

The Gilded Scimitar is often used by those who are rich enough to walk around with one.

Estimated Cost: The Gilded Scimitar will set you back around 17m coins.


13. Ghrazi Rapier

Ghrazi Rapier OSRS Render

Valued at a costly 118m, the Ghrazi Rapier is well worth the expense. Why?

Well, technically it’s the best single-handed stab weapon in OSRS.

The reason it’s so expensive is due to the absurd requirements needed to snag one.

You’d basically need to complete the Theatre of Blood, which is the hardest raid in the game. And since this raid is almost impossible to solo, you’ll need a team to assist you, which will likely result in a split drop (if you can even obtain one).

Estimated Cost: Expect to pay roughly 118m for this.


12. Ancestral Robe Set

Ancestral Robes OSRS

The Ancestral Robe Set is valued at 131m gp and it’s made up of three parts:

The hat costing about 9m, the robe top costing 60m, and the robe bottoms costing 62m.

Generally speaking, this set is the best magic armour in the game. And if you can afford it, this is likely worth the cost.

The entire set is locked behind the Chamber of Xeric, which is the first raid in OSRS. Completing this raid is no easy feat, either – you’ll need the best of the best equipment and high levelled skills to get through.

Here’s a pretty good video guide if you’re thinking of trying it out.

The raid can be soloed by very competent players, but it’s better to do this in groups to maximize efficiency.

Estimated Cost: The Ancestral Robe set will cost you about 131m in total.


11. Arcane Spirit Shield

Arcane Spirit Shield OSRS Render

Since we just covered the best magic armour set, let’s take a look at the best magical shield in the game – costing a hefty 141m gp just by itself!

This item has the best magical attack bonus you can get (with a massive +20) as well as decent melee and range defences.

Its value is based on its rarity, as it’s only obtainable for the Corporeal Beast at a drop rate of 1/1365.

The fight is not easy, and seldom done solo except by ironmen.

Estimated Cost: Worth 141m, but the value of this shield is well worth it for its impressive bonuses.


10. 3rd Age Axe

3rd Age Axe OSRS Render

I think it’s time we pump the prices up on this list.

So let’s talk about the first 3rd age item (one of many I’ll be mentioning here). More specifically, the 3rd age Axe, costing a humble 342m gp.

It works the exact same way as a Dragon Axe, and requires 65 attack to wield, plus a level 61 woodcutting to use.

Its cost is a result of it only being obtainable from master level clue caskets, giving it a crazy 1/313,000 drop rate.

Basically, it’s a total flex item, and used by the rich and wealthy.

Estimated Cost: 342m gold. Only buy this if you have nothing better to spend you funds on, because a Dragon Axe works just as good!


9. Inquisitor’s Armour Set

Inquisitor’s Armour Render in OSRS

As one of the newer armours to be released in recent years, the Inquisitor’s Set is still very new in the market – and as a result, it’s quite expensive.

You can expect to shell out 500m gp for the right to wear the best crush armour in all the land.

This set is made up of three parts:

The helmet for 129m, the hauberk for 185m, and the plateskirt for 189m.

You can only obtain this from facing the new boss The Nightmare in the town of Slepe. And this boss is no pushover, so it’ll test your PvM skills to the max!

Estimated Cost: The entire set costs over 500m, but is well worth it.


8. Inquisitor’s Mace

Inquisitor’s Mace OSRS Render

Speaking of the Inquisitor’s set, let’s take a look at a weapon that accompanies it – The Inquisitor’s Mace.

This mace has a value of 551m, making it worth a whole 50m more than the entire set that it belongs to!

But it’s so expensive because it’s the best in slot crush weapon in OSRS, and is a very rare drop from The Nightmare.

Just note before dishing out millions of coins, you’ll need a level 75 attack to wield this mace.

Estimated Cost: The mace costs more than half a billion coins, 550m! This is easily one of the most expensive weapons in the game!


7. Scythe of Vitur

Scythe of Vitur OSRS Render

As the most expensive melee weapon in the game (and also the best), the Scythe of Vitur will set you back around 572m coins.

It also requires blood runes and vials of blood to charge.

That means simply owning this weapon is super expensive in itself, as blood runes are not cheap!

Getting your hands on this scythe is also extremely difficult. It’s a very rare drop from the infamous Theatre of Blood, which requires insanely good PvM skills and a strong team that’ll back you up throughout the Theatre.

Estimated Cost: 572m coins. It’ll also continue to cost more with regular usage, because it requires a charge to work optimally.


6. Harmonised orb

Harmonised orb Render for OSRS

The harmonised orb is one of three orbs dropped by The Nightmare boss, and is the best of the three.

It sells for an insanely high amount of 804m gp, and you can find it in the wild as a very rare drop from The Nightmare.

It can be used on a nightmare staff to create a Harmonized Nightmare Staff, which is a pretty boss magic weapon (which requires 75 magic and 50 defence to wield). That staff also has a very fast attack speed, making it extremely popular for magic wielders.

Estimated Cost: 804m, making this the most expensive magic item in OSRS to buy.


5. Elysian Spirit Shield

Elysian Spirit Shield OSRS Render

The next five items are all extremely expensive, and all of them (as of this writing) cost over 1 billion coins.

So buckle up folks, because only the wealthiest players in OSRS will ever be able to obtain these things.

Here we have the Elysian Spirit Shield, which costs 1,040m (just over 1 billion gp).

This is the best shield in the entire game and is extremely rare.

You’d need an Elysian Sigil from Corporeal Beast to make it, which has a drop rate of only 1/4905. And since the boss is very hard and slow to kill, this is a very rare drop.

Estimated Cost: The Elysian costs a total of 1.04 billion coins. But if you can get one, it’s well worth it, as the shield itself is extremely powerful.


4. Twisted Bow

Twisted Bow OSRS Render

Here we’re looking at the very best bow in all of OSRS – and it does not come cheap.

To buy the Twisted Bow for yourself, you’d need around 1,068m in your bank account!

Why is it so expensive?

Everyone wants this amazing weapon. And it’s an ultra-rare drop from the Chamber of Xeric raid, which means it’s only obtainable by a few elite players.

The bow’s passive effect means it can consistently smack enemies for 70s and 80s, making it really useful in combat, and a must-have for high level PvM’ers

Also worth noting that this bow is the most expensive PvM drop. Nothing dropped from a monster can match the price tag of this illustrious arrow-flinging bow!

Estimated Cost: The Twisted bow is worth 1068m (1.07 billion gp). In the past this bow has been sold for over 1.1 billion, so as of this writing it’s currently “under-valued”. I highly recommend this for anyone with the pockets deep enough to afford it!


3. 3rd Age Bow

3rd Age Bow OSRS Render

As you might have guessed, the remaining top three items are ridiculously expensive in price, and all share a common attribute:

They’re all ultra rare 3rd age drops!

For this spot in our ranking we’ve got the 3rd Age Bow, which can only be obtained from master clue caskets at a rate of 1/313k , or elite clue caskets at a rate of 1/488k (unless my math is wrong, this is literally a 0.0002% chance).

Since this item is so incredibly rare, it costs a massive 1,077m as of this writing.

And this bow is one of the few that can fire dragon arrows, which it fires at the rate of a shortbow to boot.

Truth be told, this is actually a fairly decent bow, unlike some 3rd age items. And it can be used for places where range is important. But you’ll need level 65 range to equip it, though.

Estimated Cost: About 1077m (1.08 billion gp). The price is also rising as of this writing, due to its insane rarity and huge demand.


2. 3rd Age Pickaxe

3rd Age Pickaxe OSRS Render

Our number two spot goes to the insanely expensive 3rd Age pickaxe.

This pickaxe is almost worth the maximum cash stack you can have in OSRS, and has steadily been increasing in price for over 2 years due to its rarity.

If you wanna buy this pickaxe, you’ll need to cough up a ridiculous 2,128m gp (or 2.12 billion coins).

Just for the record, the maximum number of coins that you can have in a stack is 2,147m.


And in the wild, this item can only be obtained as an ultra-rare drop from master clue caskets at a rate of 1/313k.

This pickaxe has the same stats and special as the Dragon Pickaxe, so maybe not worth actually using… but if you wanna go for it, this requires a level 65 attack to wield, and a level 61 mining to use.

Estimated Cost: An insane 2,128m (or 2.12 billion) coins.


1. 3rd Age Druidic Set

3rd Age Druidic Robes Equipped in OSRS

At last, our number one spot goes to the beautiful 3rd age Druidic Set.

Calculating how much this is worth has forced me to break out a calculator, it’s seriously that expensive!

Altogether, this set is worth approximately a mind-numbing 5,139m gp! Yes, over 5 billion coins.

You could almost buy everything else on this list with that kind of dough!

The set is made up of the robe bottoms costing around 2,000m (2 billion), the robe top which is another 2,000m, the cloak which is 750m, and the staff for 385m.

So why is this set so expensive?

The robes are only available from master clue caskets at the typical crazy 1/313k drop rate. They also offer a pretty decent prayer bonus, as the whole set offers a +23 prayer bonus in its entirety.

If you can collect them all, this is one of the best bonuses in the whole game.

Estimated Cost: 5.1 billion coins for this awesome robe set. You’d truly have to be one of the richest players ever to afford this!

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