The Best Scimitars in Old School RuneScape (All Ranked)

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Sleek, powerful and, err… curvy!

Scimitars are some of the best weapons in the entire game, boasting powerful slash bonuses and fast attack speeds.

Every player in RuneScape who’s interested in combat will probably wield a scimitar at some point along the line. So it’s important to know which will slice the competition.

So take a peek at my picks for the best scimitars in all the land!


5. Rune Scimitar

Rune Scimitar OSRS Render

Starting off out list is the best in slot Scimitar in F2P, the Rune Scimitar.

This weapon has a respectable +45 slash bonus, and is considered by many to be the strongest weapon in F2P in terms of DPS.

It’s also one of the oldest weapons in the game since it came out in the original RuneScape all the way back in 2001.

To wield this weapon you’ll need to have level 40 Attack. But it’s well worth the grind.

How to Get: You can either smith this with 90 Smithing and two rune bars, or kill Fire Giants which drop this weapon fairly often. Killing Fire Giants is done by many Ironmen seeking their first Rune Scimitar.


4. Gilded Scimitar

Gilded Scimitar OSRS Render

The Gilded Scimitar is another F2P weapon, and is actually identical to the Rune Scimitars in terms of stats.

There are two major differences, though.

Firstly, this Gilded Scimitar is made of solid gold.

And secondly, it’s worth a whopping 17m making it one of the most expensive items in all of F2P!

Due to its high value, this is often used in F2P risk fights in the wilderness.

And I mean, a 17m risk is no joke.

How to Get: You can only receive this as a member from an elite or master clue casket. It’s very rare, at a roughly 1/20k drop rate. Alternatively you can buy this off of the Grand Exchange as a non-member.


3. Brine Sabre

Brine Sabre OSRS Render

Here’s another Scimitar requiring only level 40 in attack, and also a pretty nice hitter.

This weapon is marginally better than the Rune Scimitar with a slash bonus of +47, two higher than the Rune Scimitar.

But this weapon is popular amongst pures, as it’s the best in slot level 40 attack weapon – meaning that it’s still commonly traded and well worth the 150k price tag to these players.

It’s also one of the only weapons capable of killing Lobstrosities in OSRS.

How to Get: Brine rats are the only monsters that drop the Brine Sabre, and it’s required that you at least start “Olafs Quest” to gain access to them.


2. Dragon Scimitar

Dragon Scimitar OSRS Render

The Dragon Scimitar is a truly powerful weapon, requiring Level 60 attack and the completion of Monkey Madness I to wield.

This iconic weapon has a decent slash bonus of +67, pushing it far ahead of the other scimitars on this list so far.

“Sever” is the special attack of the d-scim, which prevents your foes from using overhead protection prayer for 5 seconds.

While this is not the most useful special, it can be used in PvP in niche situations.

This is also one of the best single-handed training weapons in OSRS, especially for strength, and is used by many players – especially ironmen.

How to Get: You can buy this after Monkey Madness I from Daga on Ape Atoll in the marketplace for about 100k. Alternatively, you can buy this on the Grand Exchange.


1. Blade of Saeldor (c)

Blade of Saeldor (c) OSRS Render

The Blade of Saeldor is tied with the Inquisitor’s Mace and Ghazi Rapier for the best in slot single handed melee weapon in the whole game.

With a massive +94 slash bonus, this blade can hit extremely hard. Especially when paired with an Avernic defender!

Just note that you’ll need a very high Attack level of 75 to even wield this thing.

The normal version of the Blade of Saeldor degrades with use and must be continuously charged with Crystal Shards, which many players find tiresome (for good reason).

To work around this, you’ll need to upgrade the Blade to its corrupted version (hence the “c” in its name).

To do this you’ll need 1000 Crystal Shards, 82 Crafting, and 82 Smithing.

How to Get: Only dropped from the Gauntlet at a rate of 1/400 for the corrupted version of The Gauntlet, and 1/2000 doing regular Gauntlet.

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