10 Most Useful Skillcapes in Old School RuneScape

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So, you’ve finally decided to get a few 99’s on your account. And now you can access some very unique skillcapes!

Each skillcape has the same bonuses, but they each have a unique ability. Some of them are amazingly useful, while others aren’t too great.

So which ones should you aim for?

Well let’s check ’em out.


10. Cooking Cape

Cooking Cape OSRS Render

Being a master chef comes with its perks.

When worn, the cooking cape will ensure you never burn food again! Regardless of if you’re cooking on a stove or a fire, you’ll have a 100% success rate when cooking.

Which not only saves you money, but also ensures you won’t waste any of your hard earned fish.

The best place to use this cape would be at the Rogues’ Den fireplace, or in the Myths’ Guild.

How to Get: This cape is sold exclusively by the head chef in the cook’s guild!


9. Thieving Cape

Thieving Cape from OSRS

Let’s say you’ve become a master thief and want to continue to use those light fingers to pick some pockets.

Well if you’re wearing the thieving skill cape, you have an additional 10% chance to not get caught when picking anyone pockets, anywhere in OSRS!

This effect is also stackable with the effect of the Ardougne Diaries. This would make you truly difficult to catch.

How to Get: Bought in the Rouges’ Guild from Martin Thwait.


8. Defence Cape

OSRS Defence Cape Preview

This is a niche reward which will almost exclusively be used by Hardcore Ironmen who want an extra layer of security.

The Defence cape acts as a permanent ring of life when worn. And the effect can be toggled on and off at the player’s discretion.

Most Hardcores might choose to use this for very dangerous areas, like God War Dungeon or Cerberus, where the potential to get knocked out is pretty high.

But it also helps if you get disconnected, knowing you have the chance to be saved by the cape!

How to Get: Obtained from the melee combat tutor just outside Lumbridge.


7. Mining Cape

OSRS Mining Cape Preview

First of all, if you have this, congratulations for obtaining one of the rarer skill capes in OSRS!

This skill cape has a passive effect that gives you a 5% chance of obtaining an extra ore when mining, up to adamant ores.

This effect also stacks with the Varrock armor sets from the Varrock diary, increasing the overall odds.

This is quite useful for ironmen who want to continue mining after maxing.

How to Get: Speak to Gardin at the Mining Guild in Falador to buy this awesome cape.


6. Magic Cape

OSRS Magic Cape Preview

The magic cape is a great utility item that you should keep in your bank, or on a cape rack in your player owned house for easy access.

This skill cape allows you to switch your spell book five times per day to any of the spell books you’ve unlocked.

I personally keep this in my bank to switch spell books with ease. But other players, such as pk’ers, carry this cape with them and will use it to switch between the ancient and normal spell books with high value targets.

This allows them to tele-block and use ice barrage on a whim.

How to Get: Speak with Wizard Sinina at the Magic Guild in Yanille to buy this cape.


5. Farming Cape

OSRS Farming Cape Render

This cape has two pretty useful benefits attached to it.

Firstly, when equipped, the Farming Cape increases the amount of herbs you’ll get during farming by 5%. And this stacks with the Kandarin Diary and the Magical secateurs, making your total yield much higher!

Secondly, this cape allows for unlimited teleports to the Farming guild on Zeah. A great utility item for fast farm runs.

How to Get: Head on over to Draynor Village and buy this cape from Martin the Master Farmer.


4. Crafting Cape

Crafting Cape from OSRS

The Crafting Cape offers an unlimited amount of teleports to the Crafting Guild, and puts you in the nearest proximity to any bank in OSRS.

This cape is used by many high-level players since it substantially decreases the total time needed to get to any bank.

And the crafting guild bank will be useable with this skill cape, even if you don’t have the Falador Hard Diary complete yet.

How to Get: Buy this from the Master Crafter at the Crafting Guild in Falador.


3. Slayer Cape

Slayer Cape from OSRS

One of the rarer skillcapes in OSRS, the Slayer cape has a really cool effect that can help you while hunting for a specific slayer monster drop.

It provides a 10% chance of being given the exact same task you just completed.

This is useful since you can farm certain boss tasks or monsters if you get lucky!

Note you will need the cape on your person or equipped for the effect to work.

How to Get: Speak with Duradel in Shilo Village to buy this cape.


2. Construction Cape

Construction Cape from OSRS

Now this cape is one of the ultimate utility capes in OSRS, as it provides an unlimited amount of teleports to your Player Owned House.

This is incredibly useful for almost everyone, since most players use their house as a base of operations.

Your teleports, ornate pool, and items are generally stored here. And being able to warp back an unlimited number of times just makes life easier!

How to Get: Speak with any estate agent in OSRS to obtain this cape.


1. Max Cape

Max Cape Render from OSRS

I think we all saw this one coming.

This cape is incredibly tough to get and is the best skillcape in OSRS hands-down.

You’ll need level 99 in every single skill, which is a massive feat!

But why is this cape so good?

Well, it offers the benefits of every single skill cape in the game, all in a single cape!

So all the effects of the capes listed above are in this cape, as well as the effects of every other skillcape. Crazy.

This is the ultimate utility cape if I’ve ever seen one.

How to Get: Speak with Mac, located west of the Warrior guild to buy this cape. It costs 2.277m (2,277,000) so it’s a lot pricier than any of the other skillcapes.

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