How Do You Get The Ghostspeak Amulet in OSRS?

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The Ghostspeak Amulet can be obtained from Father Urhney during the Restless Ghost quest. After it’s given to the player, or after finishing the quest itself, it may be obtained from the same NPC if lost.

When worn, this necklace will allow players to communicate with ghosts, which would otherwise yell incomprehensible ghastly sounds.


The Restless Ghost

The ghost’s resting place / Old School RuneScape
The ghost’s resting place

The Restless Ghost is a free-to-play quest with no requirements.

It’s also pretty short and simple, so it’s worth knocking out if you haven’t already!

For this guide’s purposes, we’ll only cover the first section of the quest, which grants the Amulet to the player. You do not need to finish the quest to get the amulet.

And this all is a short walk away from Lumbridge Castle, so no need to bring anything!

Aereck’s (Red) and Urhney’s (White) Locations / Old School RuneScape
Aereck’s (Red) and Urhney’s (White) Locations

In order to get the Ghostspeak Amulet, you’ll have to start the quest by talking to Father Aereck inside Lumbridge Church.

He’ll tell you about his ghost issues, and to seek Father Urhney for help.

Urhney lives in Lumbridge Swamp, south of the castle, in a small diagonal house. Talk to him about Aereck’s issues, and he’ll grant you a Ghostspeak Amulet for free!

This is used during the quest, but you’re free to keep it afterwards.

Father Urhney location screenshot / Old School RuneScape
Father Urhney location screenshot

Tip: You can obtain multiple Amulets by drop tricking: basically dropping your amulet on the ground will make Urhney believe you don’t own one, and he will grant you another.

Keep in mind that this won’t work if you have an Amulet in Death’s coffer, your bank, or your inventory.

We recommend getting multiple, just in case!

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