OSRS Ironman: How To Get an Amulet of Glory

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Ironman players can obtain Amulets of Glory in one of three main ways:

  • Crafting them from scratch
  • Hunting Dragon Implings
  • Glory (t) from Treasure Trails

In this guide we’ll cover each of these methods, what they consist of, and the levels required to obtain your Amulet of Glory.


Option 1: Crafting From Scratch

Cutting Dragonstones / OSRS
Cutting Dragonstones

The simplest and most direct way to obtain your Amulet of Glory is to craft it through the Crafting skill, like any other piece of jewelry.

This will require 80 Crafting to create your Dragonstone Amulet, after which you’ll need level 68 Magic in order to enchant it.

While being the most direct method, it is definitely not the easiest, since 80 Crafting is a significant grind for Ironmen. This is due to the amount of resources they must obtain for such a high level.

Additionally, they will need to obtain a Dragonstone from either the Rare Drop Table or Taverley’s crystal chest, which needs two pieces of a key in order to be opened.

Crafting a Dragonstone Amulet / OSRS
Crafting a Dragonstone Amulet

On the other hand, once the pieces are obtained, it takes mere seconds to create the amulet – which has no randomness or rates to worry about:

  1. Craft a gold bar + dragonstone into an amulet
  2. String the amulet with a ball of wool
  3. Enchant the strung dragonstone amulet

As a result, if you have the items and the levels, this is definitely the way to go!


Option 2: Hunting Dragon Implings

Puro Puro’s Implings / OSRS
Puro Puro’s Implings

Another popular option is to hunt Dragon Implings in Puro-Puro, accessible by any wheat field with a crop circle (random) or by the wheat field in Zanaris (always).

In here you’ll find a large amount of implings running around.

You’re looking for Dragon Implings, which are quite rare and require 83 Hunter in order to be captured.

When released, there’s a:

  • 1/19 chance to receive 3 Amulet of Glory
  • And a 1/19 chance to obtain 2 Dragonstone Amulets
Elnock Inquisitor in Puro-Puro / OSRS
Elnock Inquisitor in Puro-Puro

While looking for Dragon Implings, it’s recommended to catch a couple of other implings as well. This is not only because of their loot, but because Elnock Inquisitor, in the center of the area, will trade them for empty impling jars.

This means you’ll never run out of resources, and you can stay for as long as you need.

Also, this method is an RNG-heavy grind; 1/19 is a rather great drop rate for OSRS, but Dragon Implings can be quite hard to find – and you may also find some competition for them.

On the other hand, lucky players could obtain their Amulet of Glory very fast. While grinding to 80 Crafting would have taken lots of time and resources.

Finally, even if a player is unlucky here, they’ll still be able to accrue lots of useful resources from the “failed” Dragon Implings, such as alchables, seeds, bones, and bolts.


Option 3: Glory(t) From Treasure Trails

Digging Up Hard Clues / OSRS
Digging Up Hard Clues

The last option for Amulets of Glory is to obtain an Amulet of Glory (t) from a Hard Treasure Trail.

This option is the least recommended method, and is likely to be a byproduct of your other efforts as you play the game.

Hard Caskets can offer trimmed or ornamental versions of already existing items, which serve cosmetic purposes along with their usual functions.

One such item is the Amulet of Glory(t), at a chance of 1/1.625 per Casket slot. This is highly rare due to being an unique reward, but holds a similar market value to regular Glories.

Glory(t)’s appearance when equipped / OSRS
Glory(t)’s appearance when equipped

For these reasons, it’s recommended not to farm Hard Clues for the sole purpose of obtaining Amulets of Glory.

However, lucky players may find one in their Casket, or hardcore players may choose this grind due to the distinct appearance.

If one were to get a Glory through Hard Clues quickly, there would theoretically be no requirements in order to obtain them – Hard Clues do have requirements, but it is possible to complete one as a level 3 account if lucky enough to get easy steps.

Whichever the reason, if this is the path you choose, good luck!

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