How Do You Get The Salve Amulet in OSRS?

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The Salve Amulet is obtained by collecting Salve Shards (at least 1) and then using a Ball of Wool on the shard.

But there are some prerequisites: first you’ll need to complete the Haunted Mine quest, in the land of Morytania. This quest requires a variety of items and skills, along with completion of Priest in Peril.

While wearing a Salve Amulet, all Melee damage done to undead enemies is increased. This effect can be further enhanced with Tarn’s Diary, and extended to Ranged and Magic damage by imbuing your amulet in Nightmare Zone or Soul Wars.

Since the entirety of Morytania and its questlines are members-only content, all versions of the Salve Amulet are off-limits for Free players.


Haunted Mine’s Location and Routes

Haunted Mine Location and Routes / OSRS
Haunted Mine Location and Routes

The Haunted Mine is located just west of Burgh De Rott, in southern Morytania. To get there quickly we recommend the following routes, ranked from best to worst:

  • Morytania Legs teleport to Burgh (Green line)
  • Fairy Ring (BIP), then running south (Red line)
  • Teleport to Canifis (i.e. Kharyll), then running south (Yellow line)
  • Varrock Teleport, then running east and then south (Cyan line)

Teleporting to Varrock is heavily not recommended since it’s quite far away and will most likely require some form of energy restoration.

Additionally, be careful when traveling through the Swamp, since Ghasts may rot your supplies.


How To Get The Salve Amulet

The Crystal Mine / OSRS
The Crystal Mine

First you’ll need to complete the Haunted Mine quest. This is extremely detailed and deserves its own guide, so we recommend following a quest guide due to its complexity.

But once that’s done, your last step will be to obtain a Salve Shard, after defeating Tarn Razorlor.

You can then use a Ball of Wool to convert the shard into a Salve Amulet, which can be worn in the neck slot.

Tip: It’s recommended to get multiple copies of these if you can!

Shortcut to the Mine / OSRS
Shortcut to the Mine

After you finish the quest, you have two options:

  1. Either redo the light mushroom puzzle and go all the way down (strongly not recommended)
  2. Or use the shortcut directly south of the Mine’s entrance (pictured above). This will take you directly to the crystals!

When you’ve got enough crystals, simply teleport away and make them into amulets.

With that said, what are Salve Amulets good for?


About the Salve Amulet

Salve Amulet stats / OSRS
Salve Amulet stats screen

The Salve Amulet raises your Attack and Strength by 16% when attacking undead monsters.

This bonus stacks with the Void set and Dragonbane effects, but does NOT stack with a Slayer helmet.

And this bonus is raised to 20% when the Salve Amulet is enhanced, and the effect is extended to Ranged and Magic styles when the Amulet is imbued (These are explained further below).

When both bonuses are applied, the item is converted to a Salve Amulet (ei).

It’s strongly recommended to at least get it enhanced, and we’ll show you how.


Enhancing the Salve Amulet

Tarn’s Lair’s Entrance / OSRS
Tarn’s Lair’s Entrance

Pictured above: the entrance to Tarn’s Lair

Enhanced Salve Amulets are obtained after completing the Lair of Tarn Razorlor’s miniquest.

In it, you’ll have to traverse a dungeon full of enemies and traps and slay the Tarn boss.

The entrance is inside the Haunted Mine, right after entering the cave.

Since the dungeon is quite complex (and full of strong enemies and vicious traps), it is HEAVILY recommended to use a Slayer Ring here.

This is because the ring can teleport you to Tarn’s Lair, which completely skips the dungeon and puts you at the boss room entrance. Simply rub your ring and head through the door.

Tarn’s Room / OSRS
Tarn’s Room

Once you defeat the boss, you’ll obtain a nice chunk of experience. And you can then enter the chamber behind it.

In here you’ll find Tarn’s Diary, which you can read and take with you.

Enhancing a Salve Amulet / OSRS
Enhancing a Salve Amulet

Using Tarn’s Diary on your Amulet will enhance it, empowering the boost up to 20% permanently.

Tip: Tarn’s Diary doesn’t degrade. So you can enhance as many amulets as you’d like.

If the Diary is ever lost, you can pick it up again from the same room in Tarn’s Lair.

But it’s recommended to keep it in your bank, just in case!


Imbuing the Salve Amulet

Imbued Salve Amulet stats screenshot / OSRS
Imbued Salve Amulet stats screenshot

Imbue your amulet will give the same boost (either 16% or 20%) to all combat styles.

To do this, you must purchase the imbue from either of these areas:

  • Nightmare Zone (located in Yanille)
  • Soul Wars (located in the Isle of Souls)
Nightmare Zone Imbues / OSRS
Nightmare Zone Imbues

Either of these will yield the same result and will be permanent. The difference lies in the activities.

  • Nightmare Zone is a PvM-oriented activity where you can refight quest bosses
  • Soul Wars is a PvP minigame where you fight other players

The Nightmare Zone will require 800,000 points per imbue, while Soul Wars will consume 320 Zeal Tokens per imbue.

Both are somewhat similar in regards to farming time, so pick whichever activity you enjoy most!

Note: If you ever lose your imbued Amulet, you’ll have to farm points again to get another one. As a result, it’s recommended to not bring it to PvP zones or other activities where you could lose it permanently.

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