The Hardest Quests in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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Questing is an important part of any OSRS account.

This is because there are ton of items and locations locked behind quests. Best in slot items like Barrows gloves, and areas like the Elven Lands, are locked behind some of Old School’s most challenging quests.

As of this writing, there are over 147 quests in OSRS, all with varying levels of difficulty.

A true adventurer will set out to complete all of them. But which are the hardest? Especially since a select few of these quests are Master or even Grandmaster in difficulty.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Then let’s have a look at some of the hardest quests in all of Gielinor!


12. One Small Favour

One Small Favour OSRS game screenshot

Has anyone ever asked you for a small favor, and then another one?

Oh and maybe just one more?

This quest is just one small favor for what feels like every person in the entire game.

You’ll be running around OSRS doing everyone favors, and it goes on and on. Be prepared to run all over RuneScape solving everyone’s problems.

This quest is experienced and requires 36 Agility, 25 Crafting, 18 Herblore, and 30 Smithing. Take a bunch of teleports to make this quest goes by a bit faster, as it’s not so much hard, as it is long.

Once completed, you’ll get some experience lamps worth 10k experience each, and some quest points.

How to Start: You can start this quest in Shilo village.


11. Legends’ Quest

Legends’ Quest in Old School RuneScape

As one of the oldest quests in OSRS, this will grant you entrance to the Legends’ Guild, provided you can make yourself, well… a Legend!

This very long quest will have you venture deep into the Kharazi Jungle looking to introduce yourself to the locals, and walk away with a very special totem.

Legends’ Quest is a Master level quest, and requires 107 Quest points to even start. As well as the completion of a ton of other quests such as Hero’s Quest and Underground Pass.

You’ll also need 50 Agility, 50 thieving, 52 Mining and 50 Strength.

Only attempt this once you feel ready for a challenge and are confident at questing.

How to Start: Head on over to the Legends guild when you are ready and meet all of the requirements.


10. Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster OSRS Quest

Recipe for disaster (RFD) is the longest quest in the entire game, made up of 10 sub-quests, tons of requirements (such as 175 total Quest Points), and the completion of many master level quests.

So you’ll need to be an experienced player to complete this behemoth.

But completing this unlocks the Barrows Gloves, the best in slot all-round gloves in OSRS.

RFD is a long term goal for many mid-to-high tier accounts, as the barrows gloves are a pivotal upgrade which are required for many PvM areas.

Be prepared for a tough boss fight at the end. You’ll be able to exit between bosses to resupply if needed.

How to Start: Speak with the Lumbridge Chef who’s preparing a massive feast for the most prominent figures in OSRS to start this crazy quest!


9. Haunted Mine

Haunted Mine Quest in OSRS

I bet many of you are wondering why an experienced quest like Haunted Mine takes this spot on this list.

Haunted Mine is a medium length quest. However, the boss fight at the end is very tough.

Since this quest is done almost exclusively by lower-to-medium level accounts, the difficult of this boss can easily overwhelm unprepared player.

Dying or teleporting out also means you’ll need to traverse the entire Haunted Mine from scratch!

So yeah, this can be very time consuming.

How to Start: Speak to the Zealot outside the Haunted Mine, as you exit the swamp on the way to Mort’ton.


8. Underground Pass

Underground Pass OSRS game screenshot

Underground Pass is the quest that first unlocks the Elven Lands of Tirannwn.

This takes place in, well…The Underground Pass, and you’ll be in there for a few hours trying to navigate your way through.

What makes this quest so tough is that there’s no way to resupply unless you choose to start over. Which many players are forced to do.

If you tough it out, you’ll be trapped within until you finish the quest. And it is not an easy one.

You only really need level 25 range to complete this quest, but you’ll struggle unless you have 40+ agility to help you navigate the shortcuts within.

How to Start: Speak to King Lathas who is in the Ardougne Castle.


7. Regicide

Regicide Old School RuneScape Quest

As the sequel to Underground Pass, this quest will give you a proper introduction to the Elven Lands.

Regicide is a very long one, as it’ll require you make your way through the entire Underground Pass not once, but twice!

You’ll also need to navigate through the very tricky forest of Tirannwn, which is full of traps capable of poisoning or even killing you.

And just note that you’ll need at least 56 Agility and 10 Crafting to start this quest.

How to Start: Talk once again to King Lathas in Ardougne Castle.


6. Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father OSRS Quest

Sins of The Father is the fifth installment to my favorite quest line in OSRS: the Myerque Series.

It will have you exploring the Vampyre city of Darkmeyer.

And I’ll say that Darkmeyer is beautifully designed, with the city looking dark and desolate.

The quest itself is long. It’s a master level requiring you to fight multiple bosses, with a final boss who has a combat level of 413!

During this boss fight you’ll need to dodge multiple attacks such as lightning bolts, capable of hitting you for up to 40 damage.

So this boss will be a very tough fight for low-to-medium level players.

You’ll also need a variety of skills above 50, such as Slayer, Magic, Attack, Agility, and Crafting, to even attempt this quest.

How to Start: Speak with Veliaf outside of the church in the town of Slepe.


5. Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure Quest in OSRS

This is probably one of my all-time favorites quests.

Desert Treasure has you traveling across RuneScape collecting various diamonds that are needed to unlock a pyramid deep in the desert.

You’ll face 4 very powerful bosses located all over the map.

From the icy tundra of northern Trollheim to the crypts of the Morytania Swamps, you’ll need to best some powerful enemies to obtain the diamonds they carry.

There’s also the chance of a stranger appearing anytime you’re carrying the diamonds, who’ll then try and kill you with a dragon dagger… so always be wary!

For Desert Treasure you’ll need to have at least 53 thieving, but I would recommend higher. Also you’ll need 50 magic, 50 firemaking, and 10 slayer.

Completing this quest unlocks an entirely new spell book containing the powerful Ancient Magicks.

How to Start: Speak to the archaeologist who’s wandering around the Bedabin Camp.


4. Mourning’s End Part II

Mourning’s End Part II OSRS game screenshot

I have never met a player who enjoyed this quest.

It’s beautifully designed, and the Temple of Light is a fantastic idea.

But… wow. What a pain this quest was.

The entire quest is a massive light puzzle which requires the player to bounce light to various pedestals to unlock various doorways and floor panels.

My personal advice is to use a quest guide for this. It’s extremely difficult without one. And it is probably the most intricate puzzle in all of OSRS.

Make sure you have a high agility level too, as there’s an infamous ledge you have to pass which has a notoriously high fail rate.

Anything over 65+ is recommended.

Also make sure you take gear with a high prayer bonus, as you’ll be praying melee almost the entire time.

How to Start: Speak to Arianwyn in Lleyta located in the Elven lands. This is part of the elf quest line.


3. Song of the Elves

Song of the Elves in Old School RuneScape

The top 3 quests in this list are all Grandmaster Quests, and require high stats, very strong PvM skills, the ability to solve challenging puzzles, and good reaction times.

Song of the Elves (SOTE) is the last quest in the elf quest line, and the direct sequel to Mourning’s End Part II.

Here you’ll solve another light puzzle, re-enter the infamous Underground Pass, and hold off an enemy army. And then face the final boss (which I won’t spoil here).

But just note that this boss can dish out a hit of your max hitpoints-1, leaving you at just 1 health!

This can be extremely scary for Hardcore Ironmen.

But this boss is weak to magic attacks, so a trident is a good choice here with high healing food.

The quest is very long and requires a ton of level 70 + skills such as Agility, Construction, Farming, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, and Herblore.

Having high-end gear and access to stamina potions will also be a very big bonus.

Completing the quest unlocks the elven city of Prifddinas, which has some unique content such as Zalcano and The Gauntlet.

How to Start: Talk to Elmond who lives in East Ardougne.


2. Monkey Madness II

Monkey Madness II Old School RuneScape Quest

As the direct sequel to Monkey Madness I, this Grandmaster quest is broken up into five chapters with a heavy focus on combat and puzzle solving.

You’ll need very high stats to start this quest, such as 70 Crafting and 69 Slayer.

So yeah, it’s not for newer players.

You’ll be facing multiple demi-bosses here, such as Kruk in chapter 2 who can easily kill an unprepared adventurer, as he hits extremely hard and uses multiple attack styles.

Just getting to Kruk is a challenge, since you’ll need to navigate a set of deadly tunnels.

Chapter 3 has the player completing an extremely intricate puzzle aboard an airship.

What makes this so tough is that if you’re spotted, you’ll need to start all over again. So good timing and planning are an absolute must if you wish to complete this.

At the end of the Quest you’ll face the final boss (no spoilers!)

He’s very difficult, and has 3 phases that you must defeat.

His third and final phase is quite the challenge. And even veteran players die during this fight. It’s easily the second strongest quest boss in OSRS.

But completing this Quest unlocks the ability to fight Demonic Gorillas who drop the very useful Zeynte Shard.


1. Dragon Slayer II

Dragon Slayer II Quest in OSRS

We all remember Dragon Slayer I from F2P, where it was the hardest quest we had.

Dragon Slayer II is even harder, by a mile, and claims the spot of the hardest quest (as well as the hardest Grandmaster) in OSRS.

To start this, you need a whopping 200 Quest points, a ton of quest completions, very high combat stats, and many high skilling levels such as 75 Magic and 70 Smithing.

As a throwback to Dragon Slayer I, you’ll be scouting the world for three key pieces needed to unlock a secret room on a new island, Lithkren.

When a new dangerous menace to the world appears, you’ll need to unite the strongest and bravest adventurers to face off against this new threat.

Obtaining the key pieces will mean fighting multiple bosses, solving puzzles, and surviving dangerous environments.

Everything will lead up to the final battle which will see you face off against multiple dragons.

And the true final boss has 4 phases, 1200 health, and is a massive level 608!

As the strongest quest boss in OSRS, he has multiple moves, some of which are instant kills.

But with determination and nerves of steel you should be victorious!

How to Start: Go to the Myths Guild and speak with Alec Kincade who’s located by the front door.

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