How Do You Get To Varrock Sewers in OSRS?

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The Varrock Sewers are located directly beneath Falador, in the Misthalin province. There are no requirements to enter this area, other than traveling to Varrock itself.

Since Varrock and its surrounding area are available to free-to-play players, the Sewers are available to them as well.

In fact, they play a part in the Demon Slayer quest!


Teleports & Routes to Varrock Sewers

Routes for getting to the Varrock Sewers (Map) / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 3 ways of getting to the Sewers entrance, listed below from best to worst:

  • Varrock teleport and running north
  • Ring of Wealth teleport (Grand Exchange) and running around the Castle
  • Amulet of Glory teleport (Edgeville) and running south, then east

The Varrock teleport is the easiest way of getting there, since it leaves you in Varrock Square which is just a short walk away.

Ring of Wealth leaves you a bit further away, but the run takes less than a minute.

Amulet of Glory is generally the worst option since it’s quite far away, but it could actually be the best one depending on where you’re headed. We’ll explain more about this below.

It’s worth noting that Wealth and Glory are members-only teleporting options.

Varrock Sewers map / OSRS

The Varrock Sewers are directly connected to Edgeville Dungeon through an Agility shortcut.

This means that with 51 Agility, you may cross over to the other side, which is faster than running around the Sewers side.

The fastest teleport for this would be the Amulet of Glory.

Additionally, you can use a Paddewwa teleport, but these are inconvenient and more expensive.

While not pertinent to Varrock Sewers, you’ll also meet Vannaka through this route.

This low-mid level Slayer Master may help you get started on your Slayer efforts!


Bryophyta’s Lair

Entrance to the Bryophyta Boss / OSRS

At the deepest section of Varrock Sewers you’ll find the entrance to Bryophyta’s Lair.

This is RuneScape’s Moss Giant boss, and one of the two bosses available to F2P players.

With a combat level of 128, this is one of the toughest challenges for Free players. In order to open the gate, you’ll need one Mossy Key per attempt.

These keys are dropped by Moss Giants at a rate of 1/150.

Upon Bryophyta’s defeat, she’ll drop a decent amount of loot in form of alchables and runes.

For members, she may also drop herbs and seeds, along with a small chance for Bryophyta’s Essence, worth around 6 million coins!

Routes to Bryophyta (Map) / OSRS

To get to Bryophyta, the quickest route (only available to Members) is through the Edgeville Dungeon.

While this requires some Agility levels, it has the added benefit of having a bank along the way, making everything faster.

For free or low-leveled players, they’ll need to go to the Varrock manhole and run all the way through the dungeon.

This is a slower process, so it’s suggested to bring some form of run energy restore.

And that’s it!

Other than Bryophyta and some quests, the Varrock Sewers don’t offer much content.

Nevertheless, this is a form of endgame content for free-to-play players, so there’s always movement around this area. Whenever you’re ready just grab your gear and come meet Moss of the giants.

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