Where Do You Get Red Spiders’ Eggs? (OSRS)

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Now that Red Spiders’ Eggs have been removed from the Nightmare Zone rewards chest, the supply for them has been considerably reduced, with their price rising nicely.

The fastest place to get lots of these eggs is in Edgeville Dungeon, but we’d like to suggest a few different options for obtaining them: a mixture of Wilderness collecting, bossing, and even a F2P alternative in the Varrock Sewers!

We’ll cover all these methods below with tips for all players.

Red Spiders’ Eggs are most commonly used to create Restore and Super Restore potions, with Herblore levels 22 and 63 respectively.


Option 1: Varrock Sewers (F2P Friendly)

Red Spiders’ Eggs spawns in Varrock Sewers / OSRS

For the first option, there are two egg spawns next to each other in Varrock Sewers, in front of Bryophyta’s Entrance.

You should world hop as much as needed in order to fill up your inventory, then teleport to a bank and repeat.

But if you’d rather not world hop, they do respawn every 55 seconds.

Red Spiders’ Eggs routes in Varrock Sewers (Map) / OSRS

There are two routes you can take, depending on your membership and Agility level.

The best route (red line above) would bank at Edgeville, run to the Edgeville Dungeon and through the pipe shortcut (Requiring 51 Agility), and then teleport back with an Amulet of Glory (Edgeville).

If that’s not an option for you then we do have an alternative (green line above). With this route you can bank at Varrock East, go through the sewers manhole, and run through the whole dungeon until you reach Bryophyta’s lair.

Then after filling up your inventory, teleport to Varrock and run to the eastern bank.


Option 2: Forthos Dungeon Spawns

Forthos Dungeon spawns location / Old School RuneScape

Forthos Dungeon has the highest amount of Red Spiders’ Eggs at 11, respawning every 50 seconds.

This means you can (almost) fill your entire inventory in two respawns.

Moreover, it’s also pretty close to a teleport.

Bad news is that the room is full of aggressive Level 75 spiders in a multicombat area.

As such, Protect from Melee is pretty much required as you run through the horde of Temple Spiders.

Forthos Dungeon location (map) / OSRS

Getting there is pretty simple with a Xeric’s Talisman (Xeric’s Glade) and a short run.

Another option is to use the Hosidius teleport of Kharedst’s Memoirs and run south, but at that point you should have a Talisman already.

But then you can go down the ladder and head barely south. Collect as many eggs as you can, teleport to any bank, and repeat.


Option 3: Edgeville Dungeon Spawns (Wilderness)

Spawns in Edgeville Dungeon / OSRS

Edgeville Dungeon has 6 sets of spawns, surrounded by aggressive Level 34 spiders.

While you may be discouraged by the Wilderness, this is also the fastest place to gather these eggs.

This is because you can use a Looting Bag within the Wilderness, doubling your inventory and reducing the amount of banking you have to do.

Getting to Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon (Map) / OSRS

This route is somewhat similar to the Varrock Sewers one.

Make sure to bring your looting bag!

Head down through the Edgeville Dungeon, pick as many eggs as you can carry, and teleport out with an Amulet of Glory.

While you don’t have to go deep at all, this is still the Wilderness – so don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose.


Option 4: Bossing (Sarachnis and Venenatis)

Fighting Sarachnis (Left) and Venenatis (Right) / OSRS

This last option would be fighting the two spider bosses in RuneScape, since both of them can drop Red Spiders’ Eggs in large quantities.

While bossing will net you fewer eggs per hour than other options, it will result in large profits over time, along with a chance for pets.

Venenatis is found in level 30 Wilderness and can be considered a PKing hotspot, but can drop 500 noted eggs at once (1/42 drop). There are also advanced ways to defeat her without taking damage, if you’re up for the challenge!

Sarachnis can be much easier and safer once you learn the mechanics, but they also give a smaller profit and a smaller amount of eggs. Upon her defeat, you might receive a Giant Egg Sack too, which gives 100 eggs when opened. While the amount is lower, it’s a pretty common drop of 1/20, so you might see them semi-often.


Stacking Eggs

So these are all the main methods we’d recommend for gathering Red Spiders’ Eggs.

As there is a bit of variety, feel free to pick whatever works best for you.

But if you’re going for large amounts, we recommend mixing them up so you won’t get burned out!

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